How To Get Sunburst In Photo

By | 14/08/2022

The sun rays are such a powerful and cute thing to capture. They testify up through a lens way better and safer than our ain eyes. Capturing starburst photography is a fun mode to photo those rays. This is not just created using the sun but any kind of lite! I hope it is easier than information technology looks and you can practice information technology, let me show you lot how!

What is a starburst consequence in photography?

The starburst photography effect is when you are able to capture the individual light rays in a shot. It usually cease upward looking like a star, hence the proper name. This can be done using the dominicus or any kind of light. This is technically a light diffraction. Or a bend in the low-cal source.

Many landscape photographers employ this handy skill to enhance their photos. It can take a commonly boring photo and elevate it and bring in more detail. It’s just some other mode to showcase how beautiful our world is!

Image of a brown building with the sun peeking around the corner creating a starburst photography effect.

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What are the starburst photography settings?

Fix your aperture equally high as it can go

I would recommend starting at
This will allow y’all to really get a large starburst. The higher the number, the bigger the starburst and more rays you will catch.

You can get the event if your f-stop is open wider it merely doesn’t have the same big starburst lines.

Recommended setting
a tripod

Slow down your shutter speed

To create the starburst issue, your photographic camera needs to be able to pick up the low-cal source. So later you lot set your aperture, go to shutter speed and adjust appropriately. This volition get you a big and tack sharp sunburst.

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Keep your ISO depression

You may be working with low light when trying to capture starburst photography. To minimize the noise in your photograph, try to properly betrayal without adding too much ISO. Unless your camera is capable of working in depression lite and using ISO without the grain then go ahead!

Recommended setting
a tripod

If yous don’t take a tripod, you tin can definitely even so capture the starburst upshot.

Shutter speed

Without a tripod you are going to want to go along you shutter speed no faster than one/125. First endeavor to steady your hand and body on something stable to help avoid photographic camera shake.

Raise your ISO

Since your shutter speed is going to have to be faster to avoid any blur from your hands, you are going to take to compensate for that light using your ISO. Also your aperture existence so loftier, you volition need the aid from ISO to properly expose your photo.

How to make a starburst in a photograph

Partially cake the dominicus with some other object.

If y’all are shooting during the day you lot are nearly probable going to exist using the sun to create the starburst upshot. To be able to get the rays, you will demand to detect something to partially block the sun. Look for a fence, a tree, or a person. Anything volition work but place the sun behind the subject simply a little bit.

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A bell partially blocking the sunny of a blue sky day with clouds in the sky creating a starburst photograph.

ISO 160, f18, ss 1/160

Encompass your lens with your hand

Use your hand to shield the light (like you shield your optics from the sun) that is pouring into your lens. Gear up your focus on the object or the foreground.

Then adjust your settings. In one case you have your settings fix and so you can move your hand and let the lite pour in. Don’t worry if your light meter goes a little crazy once you lot motion your paw, just take your shot and watch the starburst effect appear!

ISO 320, f14, ss 1/eighty
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Don’t indicate your camera directly at the sun

Aye nosotros need to identify the lord’s day backside the subject, but brand sure non to point your lens directly at the sun. This could cause impairment to your lens and to your eye. Use the tip above and place some other object in front of the light, this will permit you to protect your gear and eyes.

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A sunset silhouette of a man holding out his hand to hold the sun that is in a starburst effect.

ISO 500, f32, ss 1/100

Use a tripod for starburst photography

If shooting at night exist sure to use a tripod since your shutter speed will be slower in order to get your photo properly exposed. Or if you are similar me and take your tripod to Tokyo Disneyland only to be told you aren’t immune to apply it, you can set up your bag on some bushes as a brand shift tripod.

The Disney castle lit up at night.

ISO 250, f32, ss 25.0
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Experiment with starburst photography

I of the best means to actually learn this fashion is to practise. Pick a time twenty-four hours or night and focus on that for a week. Look for different subjects to cake the calorie-free during the 24-hour interval. At night try to recreate an ambiance at your favorite outdoor restaurant or lawn patio.

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A lit up sign at night showing multiple starburst effects.

ISO 320, f22, ss 0.5

One thing you could exercise is prepare your tripod on one subject and take the same exact shot just adjust your f/ number to run across how it changes the starburst.

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