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How To Get The Most Out Of A Photography Mini Session

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Whether youʼre new to photography or a seasoned pro you have either heard of mini sessions or offered them yourself.

I accept to be honest.

I am always so curious virtually what other people offering for their mini sessions, why they cost them the style they do, and how successful they really are.

Because of my ain curiosity, I wanted to give yous a little insight into my last mini session feel. If youʼre considering offer mini sessions, or changing up the way you already exercise them, my goal is to help shed some light for you on what worked and didnʼt work for me on my final go effectually.

I started offering mini sessions a few years ago around the holidays in an effort to give people the opportunity to book a session with me at a reasonable price. Plus, I was getting a ton of emails asking me if I would do them. At first I was hesitant considering I really honey being able to get to know my clients and the thought of a mini session with complete strangers kind of bothered me a fleck but I decided to go forth anyway and requite it a endeavor.

My first experience with mini sessions was dandy at all. My clients were great but I quickly realized that they were a lot of work and not the all-time in profit. Every bit a result, I decided that I would only exist offering them once a twelvemonth during the holidays. This was the all-time fit for my business, right? I would constantly run into others offering miniʼs for pretty much every occasion. Themed minis, seasonal miniʼs, you lot proper noun it I saw it. It got me thinking if I was doing something wrong? I thought nearly this for a while, actually a whole year, and offered miniʼs again during the holidays. This time I offered less and booked up in 5 days. WOW!! Ok, I was excited! My clients were awesome and I yielded higher profits this time around.

I wanted to give yous a little bit of groundwork on my mini session experience. The first few years I offered miniʼs I did betwixt 10-15 sessions. I had done enough to know that mini sessions are something that I donʼt particularly like doing, but I exercise like giving people the opportunity to book me at a more affordable price.

This past May, I did my most contempo mini session shoot. I ordinarily simply offering them during the holidays only this time it was unlike and I really wanted to help raise some money for the Help Heal Isaac foundation. Profit wasn’t a concern with these minis as my hope was that people would want to help such a great cause!

I advertised them and they sold out in 2 days! I brought along an assistant to the shoot (thanks Carri Wolle) which was so helpful to me. Everyone that signed upward for the sessions was crawly and I had two returning clients, one boyfriend CMʼr (Carrie Hoener), and and then ii people that had just heard about the sessions.

Most of the sessions went smoothly. One did not get and so well and we spent most the entire twenty minutes just trying to get the littlest 1 to stop crying when I looked at him. Iʼm not really that scary in person, I promise!
Everything turned out great in the stop and I am proud to say that I will be donating $288 dollars to The Help Heal Isaac foundation because of these mini sessions!

I got some swell photos for the families and helped a great cause!

Then, why in the earth did I merely tell you all of this and non only cut to the proficient stuff? Because itʼs of import for you to see my first mini session experience and my nigh recent 1.

Here are a few things that I learned nigh mini sessions.

  1. Donʼt get into mini sessions expecting to brand a ton of money. They are a lot of work during the shoot, the processing, and the presentation. Yous need to have realistic expectations of what y’all intend to make and if it goes beyond that, nifty!
  2. Empathize that people that book mini sessions like to take advantage of the more affordable option to get photographed by you lot and so donʼt have it personal if they donʼt buy anything else except for what is included in the session or i image. Itʼs not you and they well-nigh likely really loved their pictures.
  3. Just considering itʼs a mini session doesnʼt mean that you canʼt be just similar you would on a regular shoot. Think that this is also an opportunity for you to gain a client for life.
  4. If you are including digital files, prints, cards, etc in the price of your mini session make certain that it is worth it for yous. Cost out exactly how much it will cost yous and go from at that place.
  5. Do not count on print orders from mini sessions. Near of the time people buy more only sometimes they donʼt. Price your sessions as if no i would buy anything else from you and exist happy with that price. For this last mini session I priced it at $150 for 20 minutes and they got 1 eight×x print. I did this because I wanted them to become away with something in their easily. Normally I price them at $250 and they get one digital file sized to a v×7.
  6. Donʼt put the wrong directions down. Yes, I did this and canʼt believe I did!
  7. Pick a cause or clemency to donate to and course your mini sessions around that. I really loved doing this and I call back that my clients did too. Not just was I getting to accept photos but I was donating coin to a cracking crusade. It actually made me experience so great! I challenge you lot to try it.

In closing, I accept fun with my mini sessions and Iʼve gained some great clients this mode. I will most probable go along to only offering them during the holidays or if I decide to donate to a cause/clemency throughout the twelvemonth. Mini sessions can exist fun and rewarding. Only get into them with realistic expectations of what y’all will gain and have a clear thought of what y’all want to offer. Simply nigh of all, take fun!

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Melissa is a portrait photographer based out of San Diego where she lives with her husband and two sons. Her high school darkroom is where her photography journey began and it has continually evolved over the years, particularly after becoming a mother and realizing “that time flies and then quickly. She currently shoots with a Canon 5d marker ii and a diversity of prime and zoom lenses. I strive to capture non merely the big picture, but also the piddling things.” Her passion is conspicuously her family and photography only she loves comfortable pants, coca cola, Bon Jovi, cinema popcorn, and cheese-less pizza.


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