How To Hand Write Over Photography Prints

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Hi guys! Call back how I told y’all that we’re teaming up with Adobe Photoshop Elements this summertime? Well, this is the first postal service from that series! I’chiliad super excited to share Photoshop techniques with you. For my first tutorial, I decided to tackle i of the biggest reader requests we go. In this article I’ll share the easy steps for adding your own handwriting to photos using Photoshop Elements, plus my own personal tips!

Bamboo TabletI use a Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet to add handwriting to my photos. A few months back I posted about information technology (here, without instructions) and many of y’all asked for additional tips and tricks! At that place are many dissimilar tablets
you tin can purchase to draw in photoshop. I chose this tablet considering it’s budget friendly and like shooting fish in a barrel to travel with. I often travel and piece of work outside of the domicile. I love that I can take this little tablet with me everywhere I get. I honestly use it every single day.

NOTE: If you exercise non have a tablet you tin can nonetheless use your mouse to add handwriting. It may not be every bit smooth, but for smaller things like a eye or an arrow it will still work using these instructions.

1. Choose your photo + open up it in Adobe Photoshop Elements.
When choosing photos to add handwriting to I similar to choose photos with some white space. I even take photographs (especially DIY) with this white space in mind and then that I can add handwriting in Photoshop.

two. Cull your brush. Adjacent, select the size, opacity and color.
I labeled these in the screen shot higher up… A. Brush tool- At that place is also a drop down menu at the top where yous can choose unlike brushes (seen below). B. Size- I e’er try at least two or 3 sizes afterward choosing a brush. I try to make my photos look like they were fatigued on by pencils or markers, so I keep the sizes very pocket-sized. C. Opacity- Past reducing the opacity of your castor you tin make your lines announced darker or see through. I often reduce the opacity when I underline words. D. Colour- Choose the colour you desire to depict with. I ordinarily utilise black of white, but you lot can cull any color past clicking on the square.

HOW TO ADD HANDWRITING 2.5*Here’s what the castor menu looks like. When you offset start using the tablet don’t exist afraid to spend a lot of time testing all the unlike brushes. This is a huge part of the learning procedure and developing your own taste!

three. Zoom in and endeavour dissimilar brushes. Cull your favorites!
You tin zoom in by pressing Command and + at the same fourth dimension. I ordinarily zoom in when writing to go a ameliorate view of my handwriting. When you are zoomed in you can come across the differences between each brush much more clearly.

4. Endeavour dissimilar colors for your handwriting + drawings.
I mentioned this in step two, but let’south have a closer look. When you click on the color icon (the black/white squares on the sidebar above) you can choose colors for your drawings. Choice of color is super important. If you choose to branch out from black and white you will want to spend some time experimenting with how the colors look on your photograph.

5. Have fun + experiment! The possibilities are endless!You tin can likewise utilize your tablet as your mouse. Once y’all become comfortable with it you’ll be surprised how often you want to use it. 🙂

Choosing default brushesI have downloaded other brushes from the internet to use, but I still use the default ones daily. They are great. Above is an example of a bunch of different brushes from the default bill of fare. Experiment with opacity, size and colour to give them the look at feel you want!

Here are 3 quick tips for calculation handwriting to your photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The offset fourth dimension you lot employ your tablet it will feel a footling awkward, similar to trying to draw with your mouse. When I purchased my first Bamboo tablet I forced myself to exercise cartoon and writing for several nights in a row until my designs looked like existent newspaper/ink designs. Don’t get discouraged it if takes a niggling while. If you practice you lot volition experience comfortable using information technology very quickly!

2. Save Original Photos

I save nearly all of my original photos without handwriting or drawings to them. This is an of import habit to keep because often handwriting tin can be super specific. For example, the image in a higher place worked not bad in our Sister Style post, but if I hadn’t saved the images before adding the handwriting they would exist pretty much unusable for any other purpose. The biggest reason why I save all of my original photos is considering I use many photos from my web log for my family unit photo albums (without handwriting, of grade).

three. Mix Fonts + Handwriting

Don’t be agape to mix it upward! I love the way handwriting looks when juxtaposed with a nice make clean font. Try mixing and matching for an even more interesting and professional person expect.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’ve learned something new that y’all tin can apply. Please let me know in the comments if you have a asking for a future Photoshop tutorial. XO. elsie

Cheers then much to Adobe Photoshop Elements for collaborating with me on this article! You can follow them here… Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Pinterest


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