How To Hang Backdrop On Stand

By | 27/08/2022

Selecting backdrops is one of the easiest ways to add personality and style to your studio photography and videos.

Whether yous are shooting portraits or products, the backdrop behind your subject tin can make or interruption your image. Chaotic backgrounds are distracting and draw attention away from your subject. And if you’re attempting to sell products online, a cluttered image may cause you to lose sales.

Selecting a properties may seem like a relatively simple task. Even so, there are many types and styles of backdrops available in different sizes, patterns, and materials.

Properties Size Options

There are a few things to consider when choosing a backdrop size, including the size of your studio and the size of your subject. Portrait subjects should typically exist pulled at least 3’ away from your backdrop to prevent shadows and allow for easy lighting. Of course, this distance your subject will be from the properties will be contradistinct when taking overhead or backlit/loftier key shots. Below, nosotros’ll discuss both the length and width restrictions of common backdrops.

  • 5’ x 7’ Properties: A 5′ wide by 7′ long properties is a bully size for headshots and ¾-length portraits. These backdrops are like shooting fish in a barrel to manage and require minimal space to ready. These backgrounds are ideal for event photographers who often work in busy spaces or for photographers working in a small domicile studio.
  • 5’ x 12’ Sweep Backdrop: A 5′ wide by 12′ long backdrop is designed to sit at seven′ tall with 4-feet of backdrop sweeping forth the floor. This length of backdrop is perfect for full-trunk portraits of a single person, likewise as headshots and ¾-length portraits.
  • 8’ ten 8’ Backdrop: An 8′ wide by 8′ long backdrop is a perfect size for small groups and horizontal portraits. It was created for photographers that need to work fast and travel light to capture wide-frame photos.
  • 8’ x xiii’ Sweep Properties: An viii′ wide by xiii′ long sweep backdrop offers the same benefits as the 8′ x viii′ backdrops as well as full length portraits.
  • 9’ ten 10’ Backdrop: A 9′ broad by 10′ long backdrop is what can be establish in most professional studios because of its versatility for shooting full-length portraits, family portraits, and larger production shots.
  • 9’ 10 20’ Properties: With a nine′ wide by 20′ long properties, you’ll be able to cover just about every manner of portraiture and product photography. These backdrops are great if you desire to photograph a larger family full-length or have a video shoot that requires move. These long backdrops are not bad for when you desire to pull your subjects far from your backdrop as well.

Backdrop Color Options

In that location are endless choices of groundwork colour and impress selections. The choice you make depends on the mood and story that you’d like to portray with your photograph or video. Here are some resources for selecting the proper fashion of backdrop:

  • Solid Color Backdrops:Solid backdrops are bang-up for clean, sleek headshots and are a simple way to add colour or dimension to your shot. Check out: Getting the Best Headshot Expressions on a Solid Backdrop
  • White Seamless Backdrops:
    White backdrops are neat for easy photo compositing for headshots, stock photos and product photography and for creating a clean, high-fundamental, professional looking portraits. Bank check out: Creating Composite Images on a White Backdrop with Masking Manner
  • Black Backdrop:Black

    backdrops are cracking for
     depression-key, rich looking professional photos and capturing stunning portraits.
  • Green Screen Backdrops:
    When you lot’re looking to identify your subject in a location that is not hands accessible and also allows you lot to use whatever digital image as a background. Picket: Greenish Screen Basics
  • Textured Backdrops:
    Printed backdrops help add a touch of way to your shots and add a dynamic feel to an otherwise typical photoshoot. Check out Creating Classic Portraits with Printed Backdrops

Backdrop Mounting Options

There are many systems bachelor for mounting backdrops, including some DIY solutions and some more than professional person options. Below, nosotros’ll discuss the about popular solutions to help you determine which selection is best for you.

Wall Hooks:  The most elementary way to hang a backdrop is by using
wall hooks. This solution is suitable for people using smaller and lighter backdrops. 5 x 7-foot X-Driblet Backdrops. While you lot tin can install these into your wall, we recommend picking up a pack of removable wall hooks to protect your walls. They are unremarkably under $x USD per pack.

Ten-Drop Backdrop Stand:The
X-Drib Backdrop is an platonic properties mounting solution for traveling photographers or those with express space. The 10-Driblet Frame features telescoping arms with hooks that gather chop-chop and easily to mount five′ broad backdrops. This cocky-standing system is extremely lightweight and has a small footprint for utilise in virtually any location.

The X-Drib frame has five hooks that pull 10-Drib Backdrop taut to eliminate wrinkles and shadows. This arrangement weighs a mere three pounds and its expandable behave case tin fit upwardly to 3 five’ x 7′ backdrops.

X-Drop Pro Properties Stand:The patent-pending
X-Drop Pro Properties Stand features a heavy-duty frame that’s convertible to support 8′ X-Drop Pro and 5′ X-Driblet backgrounds, adjustable in depth for tight spaces, and collapses to fit in the trunk of your car. Its space-saving design tin can be assembled by 1 person in minutes. Perfect for traveling photographers, studios, video, photo booths, interviews, school photographers, events, and more than. Uniform backdrop sizes include X-Drop Pro eight′ x viii′ and 8′ ten 13′ sweep backdrops, along with 10-Drib 5′ x vii′ and 5′ x 12′ sweep backdrops.

Collapsible Backdrop Stand:
2-in-one Collapsible Properties is an ultra portable option for video and photo with a reversible 2 sided background. This reversible double sided v’ x vi.five’ backdrop provides a smooth and seamless look for professional person-quality portraits, product photography, podcasts, vlogging, video conferencing, broadcast, online gaming, and more.

The collapsible backdrops are easy to mount with the light stand clip designed to piece of work with any pop-upwardly background or collapsible reflector.

Backdrop Support System:A traditional
properties support system
is the most common mounting solution for photography studios. The properties support system consists of a three-department crossbar and two light stands. By utilizing two of the included crossbars, the backdrop support arrangement can mount backdrops up to 7-feet wide. By utilizing all three crossbars, this system tin can mount backdrops up to ten.v-feet wide. The included stands tin can extend up to 12-feet high for photographing tall people, high movement, or products.

The properties support system typically mounts backdrops that feature a pole pocket. This pocket simply slides onto the crossbars. Backdrops without a pole pocket can also be mounted to the backdrop support system with jump clamps. Spring clamps (AKA A-Clamps) can be found at any hardware store and typically but toll a few dollars. These clamps are great to have around your studio, equally they also permit you to clamp backdrops taut at the bottom to eliminate wrinkles or shadows.

This system is secure, long-lasting, and versatile. However, this backdrop mounting solution requires a bit of room and could become a bit difficult to employ if you’re shooting in a small home studio. We recommend this solution for larger spaces and professional person studios.

The Backdrop Back up Arrangement’s included 12-foot stands tin can likewise be used for mounting lights or other accessories.

Properties Material Options

Choosing the material that your backdrop is constructed with tin can make a huge deviation on the appearance, care, and durability of your backdrop. Below, nosotros’ll discuss the most common properties materials and what advantage each has.

Material Backdrops:

Printed fabric backdrops
solid-colour wrinkle-resistant backdrops
offer a wide variety of benefits and perform similar paper. Fabric backdrops are reusable, portable and more environmentally friendly than paper backdrops. These 100% polyester backdrops are reflection-free, machine washable, and easy to transport. Considering of their ultra-matte surface, these backdrops are easy to light.

Matte Vinyl Material:Our about cost-constructive option,
matte vinyl backdrops

are a cracking choice for doing anything messy similar children’southward cake smash shoots or pet photography. The surface can be wiped clean with a clammy cloth. These backdrops can be rolled for storage and are non affected by humidity.

Lightweight Canvas Material:Lightweight canvas backdrops are a scrap thicker than our vinyl backdrops. These backdrops are not automobile washable just tin be spot-cleaned using h2o and gentle detergent. These backdrops are extremely matte and are easy to light. Our art canvass options can be rolled for storage.

Backdrop Tips & Tricks

Blurred Background:By shooting with a more shallow depth of field, yous will create a blurred backdrop. The trick tin can be used when shooting on any backdrop and creates a soft, unobtrusive groundwork placing more than attention on your subject.

Avoid Shadows:1 of the near common properties mistakes is in the shadows. To eliminate unwanted shadows on your backdrop, it is best to start by placing your subject field about 3-anxiety in front of information technology and and then adjusting from at that place. Depending on lite placement, this should eliminate whatever awkward shadows.

Loftier-Primal Lighting:
For a fresh or clean appearance, go with high-cardinal lighting. High-key lighting will “blow out” your properties and focus attending on your subject. To do so, evenly light a solid white backdrop ensuring that the light is reading at least 3-stops college than the lite on your subject.

Low-Key Lighting:For a dramatic or edgy appearance, go with low-key lighting. Easygoing lighting also focuses attention on your subject by surrounding them in shadows instead of low-cal. To exercise this, y’all want to ensure that your solid black properties is at to the lowest degree iii stops darker than the light on your subject. With low-cardinal lighting, you also need to ensure that none of the lite from your discipline is hitting your properties. Grids and flags are very helpful for this.


Setting up your studio or on location photo shoot is easy every bit long as y’all familiarize yourself with the variety of options for background sizes, colors and mounting systems. Not only will this give you become more command of your shoot, but you lot are also non tied downwardly by one option for a properties.

Bachelor Options

v′ x 7′ Solid Backdrops

five′ x 12′ Solid Sweep Backdrops

9′ x 10′ Solid Backdrops

ix′ x 20′ Solid Backdrops

Popular v′ x 7′ Printed Vinyl and Sheet Options

Popular v′ ten 7′ & viii′ ten 8′ Printed Material Backdrops

eight′ x viii′ Solid Cloth Backdrops

viii′ ten thirteen′ Solid Textile Sweep Backdrops

2-in-1 Collapsible Backdrops

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