How To Have A Consistent Style In Photography

By | 05/01/2023

How to Achieve a Consistent Look and Feel in Your Photography

A recognizable way is needed for a strong brand every bit a photographer

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Whether yous are a high-cease wedding photographer or a budding Instagrammer, having a consistent expect to your images is the cardinal to growing your following and building personal brand recognition.

Unless you lot are doing corporate headshots, this doesn’t mean every shot

should exist the aforementioned pose with the same lighting. It is more about a consistent await to your images that may be difficult to describe but easy to recognize. Browse the portfolios of a successful wedding and family photographers, and you lot will meet a recognizable design. Await at the height photographers on Instagram. Every image has a await. You could identify the photographer from just looking at the image.

This commodity is about how to achieve that consistency in your images, so you can build your personal make.

Gear Selection

Many people believe that to take great images, you need an expensive, high-end, full-frame DSLR camera. This is just not true, but you will need a camera capable of manual settings and interchangeable lenses. And the correct lens is the primal. Zoom lenses are keen for vacations and family snapshots, but if yous want consistently great images that people volition know as yours, yous need to become a good prime lens and utilise your lens of choice for every image.

The best news is, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are 50mm f1.eight lenses out there that are very good and very inexpensive. Learn how to compose with that same prime number in every shot and zoom with your anxiety to get a consistent looking image. And composition is central to branding your look. Shoot non just with the aforementioned focal length, but go along the compositions like. Do you shoot headshots, full-body, or somewhere in between? Ane thing to go on in mind with a focal length of 50mm or wider, don’t get in too close. This can give a distorted look to the face. Unless that is the look you are going for.

Even though the ii images beneath are quite different, they both have the same look and feel. I shot seven models for ii days; over 1,000 images, but with the same background, lighting, camera settings, and focal length. This gave them a brand; a look.

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You need to familiarize yourself with how to shoot in transmission mode, especially if y’all use studio lighting or fill up-wink. But for natural light images, you tin shoot in aperture priority. This is because discontinuity, more than any other cistron, affects depth-of-field. And a consistent depth-of-field will greatly affect the consistency of your images. If y’all shoot with a longer focal length, this too will affect depth of field, and also the perspective.

Many photographers similar a narrow depth-of-field where everything except the bailiwick is out of focus. Others, especially destination shooters, will desire everything in focus. Decide which is your style and stick with it.

When shooting outdoors, I prefer a long focal length and medium discontinuity to give consistent pinch and depth-of-field.

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If you are a wedding photographer, then you go where the job is. But if your specialty is general portraiture or family photography, then frequently, you get to cull the location.

While y’all don’t want every image to accept the verbal same background, there should be some consistency in the locations. Scout areas local to you and accept a set of convenient and breathtaking locations bachelor for your shoots. Yous are likely to finish up with a small set of become-to backgrounds that can make your shot. This is specially easy when doing inner-metropolis portraiture.

Think about the time of day and location of the sun. You want to identify a diversity of locations that work in the forenoon, mid-mean solar day, and tardily afternoon sun. Also, consider the seasons. That beautiful background of green shrubbery will not await and then good in the dead of winter. Having both variety and consistency in your locations is a balancing deed that you lot will need to master.

In the city, I like to find a colorful wall or even graffiti to shoot against.

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Photography is all about calorie-free, but yous need to remember about consequent lite. If y’all are a portrait photographer, find some glorious window light and shoot with Rembrandt lighting in listen. If you like to shoot on location, you lot demand to exist aware of the directionality and quality of the light. If y’all shoot fashion, that full-on, bright low-cal from a dazzler dish may be your affair. Lighting more anything else will brand your piece of work. I know ane lensman that always uses carve up-lighting in black and white, shot tight. Another uses colored gels to create her signature look. Their wait and personal brands are easily recognized.

Well-nigh photographers will tell you that early morning and late afternoon provide the nigh flattering lite, but that may non be possible. If you frequently have to shoot outside at mid-twenty-four hour period, there are 2 ways to handle it. Decide which works best for you and your style and stick with it. One is open shade, where y’all place the subject field under something that keeps them in the shade, but the sunlight is yet coming in to provide skillful lighting. The other is dorsum-lighting where you put your field of study with their backs to the sun. This may require reflectors or make full-flash, only is a brilliant fashion to get very nice light on the subject while maintaining a consistent style. Non that many photographers tin consistently pull off backlighting, then establishing a personal brand using that way would be easier to ain, if yous can chief the light.

If you want to be a successful photographer, develop a following, and brand yourself. A personal brand is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. The proverb is true, build information technology and they will come. Build a recognizable style and stick with it, and the clients will seek you out.


Some other fox is to develop a “signature shot,” a particular pose, prop, or even post-process that you use in every session. This can add together to creating a recognizable style and personal make. Beneath is a pose I have used in almost every portrait session I take done if a pair of sunglasses is user-friendly.

Develop your own and stick with information technology. The best way to exercise this is by ever shooting quality work in a consequent and recognizable manner.


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