How To Isolate Color In Lightroom

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How To Change Color In Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile is an astonishing tool for editing photos while on the go, but how tin can you change colors with this app? Unlike Lightroom on Desktop, in that location aren’t the regular HSL adjustment panels that you might exist used to. Instead, Lightroom mobile uses something chosen Colour Mix to change colors. This tool operates the same manner equally the regular HSL adjustment, only using a different name. In this post, you’ll learn a few techniques to utilise the colour mix for quickly irresolute colors in Lightroom Mobile.

To change colors in Lightroom Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the “Color” adjustment.
  2. Press On “Mix” in the height correct corner of the Color Panel.
  3. Select the specific color you desire to target.
  4. Arrange the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance values.
  5. Now your colors are changed!

There are a few subconscious tricks to changing color in Lightroom Mobile. Whether you want to arrange the entire image, change color selectively, or target a specific color range, it’s all possible with the colour mix tool.

Let’s bound into the different techniques you tin can use so you’ll exist a color-changing wizard by the end of this tutorial!

Using The Color Mix Tool

The Color Mix tool is exactly the same as the HSL panel in Lightroom desktop. If you’re already comfortable with editing photos on your computer, a lot of this will experience 2d nature.

But don’t worry, even if you just utilize Lightroom Mobile, color mix is simple to larn and very intuitive.

– Accessing The Colour Mix Tool

Once you take your photograph open in Lightroom Mobile, tap on the
adjustment in the bottom toolbar.

This will bring up all your color-related adjustments to edit your photo with. At beginning, you’ll just see aligning options such as white balance and saturation. Notwithstanding, there are some additional options waiting at the top of the color panel.

Looking to the top right corner of this panel, click on the

button. This will open the color mix tool so y’all tin can begin changing colors.

– How Color Mix Works In Lightroom Mobile

Before y’all start using this tool, let’south intermission down what everything means. The most important part to think is the different color range options. All the colors you lot tin edit are in a row of colored circles. Past tapping on the particular colour you desire to effect in your photograph, y’all’ll be able to beginning adjusting that colour range.

The colour you have selected volition be filled with solid colour, while the others are only outlines. This makes information technology like shooting fish in a barrel to place which color range you’re working with.

Within each color range, y’all’ll accept access to 3 dissimilar sliders called Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. Together, these three adjustments can finer edit and change colors with ease.

Here’s what they all practice:

  • Hue:
    Changes the item tone of a colour. For instance, xanthous could be changed to orange or greenish by adjusting the hue slider.
  • Saturation:
    Alters how rich a colour appears. With a high saturation, color will look bright and extremely colorful. A low saturation will give a color a more than greyness look.
  • Luminance:
    Shifts the exposure of a item color. With a college luminance value, your color will get brighter, while a low luminance will make it darker.

Past sliding your finger along each of these sliders, you’ll brainstorm to change how certain colors await in your photo.

– Targeting Specific Colors

Although you tin pick between different colour ranges, yous might not be certain which range y’all want to impact. Sometimes closely related hues such as orange, yellow, and red tin fall nether the same umbrella with this tool. Rather than going through each colour range individually, you tin sample a colour hue to adjust them all at in one case.

Tapping the
crosshair icon
at the peak of the color mix panel, tap on an area of your photograph that you desire to change the color of.

With a item area sampled, drag your finger up or down to adjust the specific color you’ve sampled.

In the center of your screen, you’ll run across what color you have selected, making it easier to know if you’re targeting what yous were hoping for.

The default aligning selected with this tool is the Hue adjustment. However, y’all tin switch betwixt the Saturation and Luminance options as well. Just tap betwixt the options at the bottom of your screen to select which value yous desire to accommodate.

Then the next time y’all target a color, you’ll exist using a different adjustment to edit with.

Using the crosshair to target specific colors in your photo is a much easier manner of changing colors in Lightroom Mobile. Rather than going through all the colour ranges and working with the sliders, you tin can simply click on the color you want to edit and drag your finger.

For mobile photo editing, this is my favorite way of doing things!

How To Modify Sky Color In LR Mobile

You can hands change the colour of your sky using ane of two methods.

The first method
uses the color range options. Since the heaven is blue (obviously), it’s going to sit down somewhere in the cyan or bluish ranges.

Past selecting one of these options,
arrange the hue slider
to alter the color of the heaven.

Y’all tin become more stylized looks by playing with the saturation and luminance sliders as well.

The second option
uses the crosshairs and is a petty bit faster. By borer on the crosshair push button, sample your sky and move your finger up or down to alter the hue.

Rather than having to deal with different color ranges and doing a scrap of guesswork, sampling the sky directly helps to speed upward the procedure.

How To Alter Color Selectively In Lightroom Mobile

If you’re using Lightroom mobile without a artistic cloud subscription, y’all will non accept access to the selective aligning brushes and filters in the app. This is a little bit of a pain; however, you lot can nonetheless become a lot of colour editing done with the standard color mix tool.

Y’all can learn about the best (and almost affordable) creative cloud offers for photographers in this post.

Now, if you’re on a paid creative cloud subscription, and then you’re all ready for using the selecting adjustment brush. Without this tool, it’south not possible to specifically target different parts of your photo.

For this instance, I’m going to use selective color to change the color of habiliment. In this image, that will be the skirt our model is wearing.

– Accessing Your Selective Adjustment Tools

Kickoff, tap on the
choice at the bottom of your toolbar.

Then click the blue push button with the plus icon at the superlative of your screen.

Here you tin can choose betwixt the aligning brush, radial filter, or gradient filter by borer on whatsoever three of these tools. For doing selective color adjustments, the
adjustment brush
is going to be the most useful tool.

– Creating Your Selection

With the adjustment brush selected, you’ll take three brush settings options to work with.

Going from top to bottom, they provide the following options:

  1. Castor Size:
    Changes how large your adjustment castor is. For more specific adjustments, a smaller castor size will brand it easier.
  2. Plume:
    Effects how soft the edge of your brush is. With a 100% feather, you volition have a very soft edge to your brush. A 0% feather creates a hard edge, perfect for going around specific edges in your photograph.
  3. Flow:
    Changes how strong your castor adjustments are applied. Imagine this like changing how difficult you press a pencil to paper. The less flow, the lighter the brush will exist painted on and vice versa.

Each of these settings tin can be changed by tapping on them and sliding your finger up or down. This is typically how all settings are adapted in Lightroom Mobile.

With your settings in order, brainstorm painting over the area of your photo that you desire to selectively change the color of. In this example, I’ll exist painting over the skirt.

Every bit you create your pick, a red highlight indicates where your selective adjustments will accept identify. The goal is to have this highlight cover everything that you want to alter the color of.

Once your selection is finished, you lot can refine it by going back and forth between the castor and the eraser tool.

– Irresolute The Colour Of Your Selected Area

To begin irresolute color, click on the
option in your lesser settings bar.

Scroll down to the Hue slider and brainstorm to motility it around to change the color of your selected area.

In one case y’all have the right colour yous’re looking for, turn on the
“Use Fine Adjustment”
button to assist fine-tune the look of a specific color.

Additionally, yous can add together more specific color hues with the “Colour” bar. This volition overlay a particular color over your image to help improve the overall upshot. This selection isn’t always necessary, only worth keeping in mind.

One time you’re done, click the check box in the bottom corner to commit to your changes.

And with that, yous’ve successfully learned how to change color in Lightroom Mobile! There are a variety of piece of cake ways to get the job done, but each i has its pros and cons. For general color changing, the crosshairs work extremely well for fast, targeted color adjustments.

Even so, if you want to modify something very specific, like the color of clothing or an object, you need to use a selective adjustment. The aligning brush tends to be the best tool for this since you tin exist very specific with how and where the adjustments take place.

With a bit of extra practice, all of these steps will get musculus memory. Shortly enough, you’ll exist changing colors in seconds with the help of Lightroom Mobile.

Happy editing!

– Brendan 🙂