How To Launch A Photography Facebook Page

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A Facebook fan folio is a profile created for a business organisation or event that other users can “Like” and promote to their friends. You can create a fan page for your photography concern and use it to showcase photos, announce specials and communicate with current and future customers. Setting upward a Facebook fan page for your photography business organisation is free and uncomplicated to do, and can exist set with a level of privacy appropriate to your business.

Step 1

Create a personal Facebook page if yous don’t already have one, then create a Facebook fan page for your business past visiting the “Create a Folio” link (see Resources).

Stride 2

Click the page type that best describes your photography business. Select “Company” from the drop-down category box, then enter the name of your photography business concern into the “Proper name” field. Read the Facebook Terms of Service, check the box if you lot agree with the terms, then click “Get Started.”

Step 3

Click “Edit Page” on the left side of your fan page. Fill out every bit much information equally you want to make publicly available; none of the fields are required, and yous tin get out as many blank every bit you want. Remember that all information entered volition exist made bachelor for anyone to see. Click “Save Changes” when finished, then click “View Page” to get back to the chief page.

Step 4

Click “Upload Picture” on the main page of your business organisation folio and upload the picture yous want to be your Facebook fan folio’s principal image. This is the motion-picture show that will announced next to your name whenever you comment or start a discussion.

Step 5

Click “Advise to Friends” if you lot want to ship your fan folio to your Facebook friends. Check the name of each friend yous want to message, then click “Send Invites.” Click “Import Contacts” to upload a list of email contacts if yous would rather transport a fan page asking to everyone y’all know at the same fourth dimension. Facebook has a 5,000-email limit.

Step half dozen

Mail service testimonials on your page from electric current or past customers, or enquire a client to join your group and leave a review on your photography business’southward fan page. Offer an incentive for customers to leave a review, such as a disbelieve or free print.

Step seven

Hold a contest specifically for your Facebook fans, such as a gratuitous photography session for the fan who gets the largest number of people to “Like” your folio.

Step 8

Post coupons on your Facebook folio that aren’t available anywhere else. Remind customers via a newsletter, website or notice within your store that special discount coupons are available each month exclusively on your photography business’south Facebook fan page.

Step nine

Add a link to your Facebook fan folio to all of your business organization cards and newspaper advertisements, and to your e-mail signature.

Step 10

Enquire a local concern almost a “link swap,” offering to advertise its services on your Facebook page if it volition do the aforementioned for you. For example, ask a local print shop to advertise your photograph business organization on its own fan page, and annunciate that business concern on your fan folio in return.

Footstep 11

Create photography tutorials and post them as public notes on your fan page to concenter web search traffic. Create tutorials that focus on your visitor’south niche. If your photography business specializes in portrait photography, for example, post a tutorial on taking portrait photos.

Step 12

Create albums to showcase specific types of photography y’all offer. Create a “Nature” album, for example, to showcase nature photos. Add a link to your company on each photograph using a photo editing program, and encourage your fans to tag themselves in your photos. A tagged photo will announced on that person’s wall where his friends tin see it.


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