How To Loop Live Photos

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Taking a Live Photo on your iPhone captures a curt snippet of video only before and after yous snap the pic. These video clips bring your photo library to life past playing out every bit you swipe through your drove. But they also unlock the potential for adding cool new effects to your photos.

Live Photo effects allow y’all to play the video in a loop, bounce it back and forth, or combine all the frames together into a long exposure shot. What’due south more, these Live Photo effects are incredibly easy to utilize, as we’ll bear witness you beneath.


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  • Add Live Photo Effects in the Photos App
    • How To Add together Live Photograph Effects on an iPhone or iPad:
    • How To Add together Live Photo Effects on a Mac:
  • When To Use Each Live Photo Issue
    • When To Utilize the Loop Effect
    • When To Utilise the Bounce Effect
    • When To Utilize the Long Exposure Result
    • When To Use the Live Effect
  • How To Share Live Photo Effects
  • Edit Your Alive Photos to Perfection

Add Live Photo Effects in the Photos App

The easiest manner to added furnishings to your Live Photos is using Apple tree’s Photos app. This app comes pre-installed on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So if yous can take Live Photos on your device, you can edit them in Photos.

The Photos app is also a bully place to edit your photos and videos in other means.

How To Add together Live Photo Effects on an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the
    app and tap the Live Photo you lot want to add an effect to.
  2. Slide the photo up to reveal more than options and details for the photo.
  3. Under the
    section, you lot should see a preview for each Alive Photograph effect.
  4. Simply tap the Alive Photo outcome you want to use:
    Bounciness, or
    Long Exposure.
  5. Return to this screen at whatever time to try out a dissimilar effect or go back to the Live selection.

How To Add Live Photograph Effects on a Mac:

  1. Open up the
    app and click the Live Photo you desire to add an effect to.
  2. Click the
    push button in the tiptop-right corner to reveal editing controls for that photograph.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, open the
    dropdown box and choose a different Live Photo effect:
    Bounce, or
    Long Exposure.

Live Photos effects dropdown menu on Mac

When To Use Each Live Photo Effect

Knowing how to add together furnishings to your Live Photos doesn’t mean you know effect to choose for each photo. Each effect works in a different fashion and work best with a different kind of image, which we’ll explain for yous below.

Dissimilar Live Photos, which spend virtually of their time looking like normal still images, a Alive Photograph outcome is always playing, so you want to brand sure you lot become it correct to keep your photo library looking its all-time.

If you really don’t want to brand any decisions yourself, Apple recommends Live Photograph effects to use for different pictures in the For Y’all tab of the Photos app.

Otherwise, follow our tips below to option the all-time consequence for each photo.

When To Use the Loop Effect

Live Photos Loop effect of dog walking in water.

A Live Photo captures about 1.v seconds of footage either side of the still photo. Choosing the Loop effect plays that footage circular and round in a loop, creating a polish fade between the starting time and the end.

This effect is sort of like a GIF, which keeps playing the same clip over and over again.

The Loop consequence is best to utilise when yous’ve captured a really dynamic piece of movement, like someone throwing ball or jumping over an obstacle.

However, if that movement is at all repetitive in nature, information technology might be even amend suited to the Bounce effect.

When To Use the Bounciness Effect

Bounce effect of dog twitching his ear.

The Bounce effect switches between playing a video frontwards and backward. You might accept come beyond an identical event with the Boomerang effects in Instagram.

Bounce works best with repetitive movements that offset and end in a similar position, similar a dance or a head shake.

That said, you can also utilise Bounciness for larger, one-off movements if they still await adept in contrary.

The Bounce effect is often smoother than the Loop effect because information technology doesn’t need to fade together the first and concluding frames.

When To Use the Long Exposure Outcome

Long exposure from Live Photo

The Long Exposure effect mimics what would happen if you could keep the shutter open up on your photographic camera to take a long exposure photo. These images mistiness all the movement from the video into a single, nonetheless image.

It’s best to use the Long Exposure effect for relatively static photos that only have ane or two elements of movement. Otherwise, everything in the paradigm turns into a large blur.

Long Exposure works particularly well for waves, waterfalls, traffic, and other subjects that move in a repetitive and predictable way.

When To Use the Live Effect

Of course, you tin can also choose to employ the default Live effect for your Live Photos, and this is the best option in many cases.

The Alive consequence is best to utilise if you mainly want to focus on a unmarried still image, merely y’all all the same want a snippet of movement when you load it, to bring life to it.

This is skilful for portraits or people or broad landscape shots where at that place isn’t much motion. But the Live effect is too groovy for action shots where y’all’d rather keep it as a still image than a repeating effect, like when someone strikes a pose in the middle of a spring.

It’southward no good adding cool effects to your Alive Photos if you can’t share them with anybody. Although it’due south easiest to share Live Photo effects with other iPhone or iPad users, you can even so share your cool furnishings to most social media platforms.

To share a Live Photo, after calculation an consequence to it, open the image in the
app and tap the
icon in the bottom-left corner.

In the Share Sheet that opens, y’all’ll see a row of suggested contacts at the superlative with icons representing the apps to share your photograph with.

In the second row of the Share Sheet, you lot’ll meet all the dissimilar apps yous can apply to share your photo. Tap one of these, then select the person you want to share the photo with or start creating a post with that photograph for social media.

If yous tin can’t find the app you’re looking for, scroll to the right edge of the second row and tap
More, then tap
to add together any other bachelor apps to the listing.

Most apps catechumen Live Photo furnishings into short videos before sharing them. If you desire to keep your image equally a Live Photograph instead, make sure you share it over iMessage or AirDrop; y’all can only send Alive Photos to other Apple users.

If an app you want to share your epitome with doesn’t back up Alive Photo furnishings, it volition simply share it as a all the same image instead.

Edit Your Alive Photos to Perfection

Adding a playback result to a Live Photo is simply 1 style to edit it. You can besides alter the Cardinal Frame, suit the colors, crop the frame, or shorten the timeline.

All you need to do is tap the
button in the Photos app to unlock all these controls. Check out our full guide to learn about all the ways you lot can edit Alive Photos.

Then tell united states of america what your favorite Live Photo consequence is in the comments below!