How To Make A Photography Studio In Your Closet

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Wouldn’t it exist great to have your own photo studio at home (or at your bazaar) to take your own photos?

What if I told you that it could be washed for less than $100?!

Great and

professional looking photos are the single most of import thing for your online boutique.
 You volition demand awesome photos to exist able to compete with other online boutiques and to exist at the same level of and then many other online boutiques out at that place.

The practiced news is that

you lot don’t need to be a professional lensman to take professional looking photos!

And if y’all’re anything like me, you don’t desire to spend a fortune on trying to reach professional person photos.

I’m always trying to come up with ways to practise a lot of things for my boutique with a “DIY” mentality without having to incur a high cost.

Recently, I take been creating listings for my Poshmark closet to sell unworn items from my closet. I have been taking these photos with my iPhone half dozen+ so I tin upload them right of manner in the Poshmark app. Here are some of the photos I was able to have with the items I purchased for my photograph studio:

top in photo studio

shorts in photo studio

When just starting out, you don’t demand to purchase an expensive camera and really can utilise any smartphone or other photographic camera y’all may take to take your photos with. If I’grand non using my iPhone 6+ for photos, I besides accept an Olympus that I employ.

In social club to build your photo studio for less than $100, here’s what you will need to get started:

Cull Your Lighting

Since I was planning to have my photo studio in my habitation which has (and I’thou not kidding) the worst lighting ever, I knew I was going to have to buy some boosted lighting to really help brand my photos look great.

I chose the Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W Day Light Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit past LimoStudio LMS103 for $49.50 (pictured below) mainly because it was a price constructive choice and it got skilful reviews on Amazon because quite frankly, I don’t know much about photography lighting. I also dearest that it comes with a storage bag and when it’southward broken down information technology takes upwardly very trivial space.

I gear up the lights and umbrellas at different heights adapted to striking the garment at the right angle for the best looking photos. I tested out a few photos earlier figuring out how to exactly angle the lights for the wait I wanted.

Choose a Backdrop

The expert news is that in that location are a TON of different backdrop options available. You lot can choose just a manifestly white background or choose colors, textures, etc. I liked the distressed forest look, then I chose a printed paper background.

I went with newspaper instead of vinyl again for the low toll and because I wasn’t sure if I was going to totally love information technology or maybe want to endeavor out a few backgrounds before finding ane that I really liked.

I chose the Ella Bella Photography Backdrop Newspaper, 4’x12′, Vintage Wood  (pictured beneath) for $10.39 to try out for my get-go photograph shoot.

Since the backdrop was 12′ long I cut it to the size I needed and taped it to my living room wall. I’k sure in that location’southward a meliorate style to hang it, but I was as well excited to accept some photos to think also much virtually information technology and the record worked out just fine. The piece of the backdrop that I cut off I used for the floor to have photos of accessories or shoes.

Optional: Hangers

I decided to purchase some overnice wooden hangers to hang my merchandise. Information technology merely looked SO much ameliorate than my plastic hangers could have always looked 🙂

I used the hangers for listings in my Poshmark closet, merely I also have a mannequin that I plan to use for my bazaar’southward website.

The hangers below were a pretty expert deal at $6.99 for the top hangers and $9.99 for the pant hangers. (For the link, click images below) I casually hammered a smash in the wall to hang the hangers on – once again probably a better solution for this, but information technology worked just fine for me.

For a grand total of $76.87 I was able to build my fiddling photo studio

and get some pretty bang-up pictures using my iPhone.

I am very happy with how my photos turned out. I plan on ownership another contrasting backdrop shortly to take more than pictures for my boutique’due south website.

Equally you can see,

there is a lot you can practice for nether $100 to accept awesome photos for your boutique’southward website.
 Yous can even use your new photo studio for your kid’s portraits, art projects, showing off your blistering skills, or so many other things!

photoshop ps

How To Build a Photo Studio for Less Than $100

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