How To Make Money On Snapwire

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Snapwire is a website that promises to pay you for creating custom visual content for major brands. Then, if yous are a photographer, videographer, or graphics designer/artist and are looking for an actress source of income, you lot might want to consider joining this site.

But before y’all striking the sign-up push button, I would recommend you read this Snapwire review commencement. That’s because information technology volition verify if the site is really legit or if it is a scam you demand to stay away from.

This review will also show y’all the full details of what the site has to offer so you know exactly what to await and can determine if it is really worth joining or not. And then, let’s get the brawl rolling, shall we?

  1. What is Snapwire and what does it offer?
    • The earning opportunity – Briefs
  2. How practice you get paid?
  3. How much money can you lot make?
  4. Can you lot apply it on mobile?
  5. Who can join Snapwire?
  6. Can you get support?
  7. Final Verdict

What is Snapwire and what does it offer?

Snapwire is a micro-job site that will pay y’all for providing creative content for its clients. It is indeed a legit site since it will actually pay you for doing and so.

Now, in society to fully empathize how this site works, we have to first accept a look at the earning opportunity it offers. This will as well give yous an idea of its earning potential. So, here’s how to earn from Snapwire.

The earning opportunity – Briefs

Snapwire simply offers one earning opportunity which is called briefs. This is the term Snapwire uses for the jobs information technology offers. Before you can start working on briefs though, you have to complete four steps.

Before you can start working on briefs, y’all have to ready your business relationship.

You first take to log in to the site and fill out your profile. Then, you accept to set up a payment method (I volition talk near their payment methods later). Once you’ve gear up up your payment method, yous will then accept to create your portfolio. And if possible, y’all also have to include your references.

In one case everything is set, Snapwire will review your business relationship. If everything is in order, you volition now become a creator for Snapwire. Then, y’all only have to log in to the site and view all the available briefs.

If you see a brief you are interested in, just click it and it volition take y’all to the details page where you can see the “Utilize” push. Before you hit that button, I recommend you carefully read all the details of the brief and so you will sympathise what the brief is asking you lot to exercise. Most of the briefs will require you to provide photos or videos.

If your application is accepted, y’all tin then start working on the task. Each cursory will have a deadline. For photoshoots, there volition be a specified appointment for the photoshoot. You tin can reschedule the shoot merely simply if unforeseen circumstances affect your ability to show up to the shoot or provide the deliverables before the deadline (if the brief doesn’t require a photoshoot).

Snapwire keeps runway of how many briefs you reschedule or cancel later accepting, and it will affect your admission to briefs in the future. So, you should just cancel or reschedule briefs when there is an emergency.

When you’ve submitted the deliverables for the brief, Snapwire volition review your work. If everything is in order, you will receive an email notifying yous that your content has been accepted and the payment will be posted as soon as possible.


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How do y’all get paid?

For every brief you lot complete, you lot will earn a certain amount and it volition be credited to your Snapwire account remainder. The practiced matter about Snapwire is, you lot don’t need to accomplish a payout threshold to withdraw your earnings. Y’all will immediately go paid once the brief is approved.

snapwire payment options
You take the option to go paid via Stripe or PayPal.

You take two payment options to choose from. You lot tin cull to get paid via Stripe or you can get paid via PayPal. Once the cursory is approved, the make or company that hired yous will postal service the payment and information technology will be deposited directly to your payment method of option.

Yet, you will not receive the total amount considering Snapwire volition receive a cut of your earnings. You volition unremarkably see how much Snapwire will receive in the brief details page. So, don’t expect to receive the full amount when you go paid.

Only I do like the fact that y’all don’t take to exercise anything to receive your earnings. It makes the payment processing a scrap simpler. Plus, I as well like the fact that they offer payment via PayPal and Stripe since both are very convenient payment options.

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How much coin can you lot brand?

You stand up to earn a pregnant corporeality from every cursory you consummate. You volition normally earn around $100 or more than for every cursory you consummate. But, in my opinion, I remember that would simply be fair considering the services yous need to return to earn.

The amount you can earn from this site will mostly depend on how oftentimes you lot can complete briefs. And that volition entirely depend on your location. In my feel, sites like this will mostly offer enough of opportunities in countries similar the U.s.a., UK, and Canada where there are plenty of brands and companies that avail of Snapwire’southward services.

Plus, yous besides have to consider the urban center y’all live in. Since the briefs offered are location-based, if yous live in a city where there aren’t a lot of brands affiliated with Snapwire, then you will most likely not exist able to work on briefs regularly. In fact, you lot’d be lucky to if you get to work on ane cursory a month. This is the only major downside of Snapwire, in my opinion.

booking preferences on snapwire
You can gear up your piece of work availability to increase your chances of getting work.

The best thing you lot can do to maximize your opportunity to work on briefs is to set your work availability (refer to photo above) equally you can actually set when you lot can work on briefs. This will help increase your chances of getting matched to a brief.

Just overall, I would say the earning potential of Snapwire is pretty expert only if y’all live in a major metropolis in countries similar the US, UK, and Canada. If you alive somewhere else, and so at that place might not be a lot of opportunities for you lot to earn.

Tin you use information technology on mobile?

Snapwire has a mobile app you can download and so yous can sell your photos/services anytime and anywhere. The app is available for download from both Android and iOS app stores.

snapwire app
The Snapwire app is bachelor for both Android and iOS devices.

Using the app can help you apply for briefs a lot quicker. So, you won’t have to wait to get home and open your computer but to apply for a cursory. This can significantly assistance improve your chances of landing briefs, which in plough, volition assist you earn more.

Their app is very convenient as well, so yous won’t take a hard time getting used to how it works. If y’all plan to go a Snapwire creator, I would suggest yous as well download their app on your mobile device.

Who tin can join Snapwire?

Snapwire is available more than or less worldwide. So, you lot can become a creator regardless of where you live. You lot simply have to exist at least eighteen years of age to join.

snapwire registration
To become a creator, y’all merely have to fill out their sign-upwards grade and verify your registration.

To join Snapwire, you accept to go to their website and click the Go a Creator option on their carte. You lot volition then accept to click on the “Employ At present” push button. So, y’all need to fill out the sign-upward form. To complete the sign-upwardly, you can choose to go the verification lawmaking via e-mail or via SMS.

One time you’ve verified your registration, you tin can log in to the site. Just as explained before, you lot will have to follow a few steps to go started as a creator. So, you can’t showtime earning equally soon as yous’ve finished registering. You lot’d accept to wait a while (typically around 24 to 48 hours) once you’ve finished all the steps.

Also, even though Snapwire is available worldwide, as I’ve explained before, the availability of the briefs will depend on your location. In some areas, there won’t exist any briefs, while in some, in that location volition be enough.

Can you lot get support?

If you take whatsoever questions nigh the site or if y’all encounter any technical problems, you can outset check out their Help page. Information technology discusses nigh of the important topics yous demand to know about the site.

If you lot can’t find the answers, you can send their support squad a message by clicking on the “Support” link on the left side of their dashboard. A popular-upwards window will appear and you can merely fill out the course.

Now, if you want to get in bear upon with the brand or company you lot are working for in a brief, yous tin can just become to the brief folio and click on the option to chat with the brand/company.

Overall, I would say Snapwire has a good support arrangement in place for its members. I particularly similar the fact that y’all tin communicate with the brand/visitor you lot are working for direct.

Final Verdict

Snapwire is a legit micro-task site that specializes in providing opportunities for photographers and graphics designers/artists to earn extra cash. Information technology offers a couple of interesting features simply it also has some limitations you need to consider.

Let me cease this review with a summary of its pros and cons to give you an overview of what the site has to offering. And then, you tin decide if this site is a adept fit for yous or not.



  • Offers an interesting mode to earn
  • High rewards
  • Offers payment via PayPal and Stripe
  • No payout threshold


  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • It takes some time earlier you can outset earning

Snapwire, in my opinion, is a niche platform that is mainly intended for creatives like photographers and graphic artists/designers. If you don’t belong to that group, then this site is non for you. But if y’all practice belong to that group, this can be a proficient way to earn actress cash.

You just have to be very patient because it’due south quite hard to land a brief and you will have to look for some time earlier you can get-go earning. But I exercise similar the fact that you lot don’t need to reach a payout threshold in society to withdraw your earnings.

Now, if you are just looking for a simple mode to earn, so I would recommend you
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instead. The sites on this list all offer skillful earning potential and you can first earning right abroad no matter your background.

Plus, yous will definitely observe a site you tin can earn from regardless of where you live.

If you take whatsoever comments, questions, or have any experiences with Snapwire yourself, I would dear to hear from you lot in a comment below.