How To Make Smart Object Editable

By | 20/10/2022

“Could not complete your asking considering the smart object is non directly editable.” This is an fault that oftentimes occurs when using Photoshop. What does this error mean? What caused this error? And how to set it? Check this postal service to find the answer you want.

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A smart object is a special type of layer that contains image data. It is designed to contain all the original features of the layer and enables you to perform thorough, non-destructive editing on the layer.

Editing smart objects is non as simple every bit you lot think. Some users are lament that they encountered the “Could non complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable” mistake when trying to cut or delete selected parts from an image in Photoshop.

 the smart object is not directly editable error

According to an investigation, this specific mistake occurs on CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and all CC versions of Photoshop.

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Reasons for Could Non Complete Your Asking Because the Smart Object Is Not Directly Editable

Based on the data nosotros collected, several conditions will cause this error bulletin:

  1. The image layer involved in the selection is locked. The most mutual cause of this problem is when the selected paradigm layer is locked or partially locked.
  2. The layer involved contains vector data. This problem may also occur if you want to delete the selection containing vector data.

How to Gear up Could Non Complete Your Asking Because the Smart Object Is Not Direct Editable

If yous are looking for a manner to solve this specific problem, then you are lucky. This article will provide you lot with 3 different ways to help y’all solve the “Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable” error.

To successfully solve this problem, please follow the methods below in order until you lot come up across a solution that can effectively solve your problem.

Method 1. Unlock the Epitome Layer

No matter when you receive the mistake “Could not consummate your request because the smart object is not directly editable”, the simplest solution is to open up the wrong image and unlock the image layer in Photoshop. Afterwards that, you can delete, cut, or modify image option. This method is effective in many cases.

Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock the image layer:

Stride ane. Open Photoshop on your PC.

Step 2. Load the paradigm showing the mistake message.

Step 3. Before making the selection, get to the
tab using the right-hand side card and click on the
icon to unlock the partially locked layer.

unlock the image layer

Step 4. After the layer is unlocked, select the area that you lot want to cut, copy, and delete. Check if the fault is still occurring.

If you’re however seeing the same error, movement forward to the next method.

Method 2. Convert Smart Object to a Normal Layer

Another possible reason for the error “Could not complete your request because the smart object is not directly editable” is that the smart object contains data in a not-destructive container file. Therefore, you are not allowed to directly edit this smart object file. The solution to this problem is to convert the smart object to a normal layer.

Here’south a quick guide on how to convert the smart object to a normal layer. The commencement thing is to run Photoshop on your calculator. And then follow one of these ways.

Way 1. In the
panel, double-click on the
Smart Objects

Way 2. Navigate to
Smart Objects
Edit Contents.

select Edit Contents

Way 3. Get to
and select
Edit Contents.

By performing whatever of the to a higher place means, you can convert the smart object to a normal layer. Now you can attempt to edit the smart object again. If information technology fails, attempt the third method.

Method 3. Rasterize the Layer

Another reason for the “Could not complete your request because the smart object is not direct editable” fault is that you are trying to use a filigree-based tool on the shape layer. The solution is to rasterize the layer then that you can use raster-based tools. And this method can be practical to most situations.

Hither’s a quick guide on how to rasterize the layer:

Stride 1. Open the Photoshop app on your device first.

Step ii. Right-click on the layer that is showing the mistake message and select
Rasterize Layer.

select Rasterize Layer

Footstep 3. In one case the smart object has been rasterized, you lot tin can try repeating the same procedure that was triggering the issue to check if the mistake has been solved.

That’s all methods nosotros have summarized. Nosotros promise these methods tin can assistance you lot get out of trouble.

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Nigh Photoshop Smart Object

What is a smart object in Photoshop?

A smart object is a special layer that can be truly non-destructively edited in Photoshop.

When you convert a normal layer to a smart object, the content of the original source layer will be saved separately as a file in the file. No affair how many smart objects you lot edit, the original source content will remain unchanged.

Smart objects can contain raster and vector content and tin can piece of work similar ordinary layers. You can arrange their size or transform them, apply filters, or add adjustment layers. You can also make selections and utilise masks.

What makes it even more useful is that you can too access and edit the source content at any fourth dimension. Just double-click the thumbnail of the layer in the Layers panel.

What are the benefits of a smart object?

  • Perform a nondestructive transformation. Yous can scale, rotate, skew, distort, perspective transform, or warp a layer without losing the original image data or quality.
  • Handle vector information, such every bit vector illustrations in Illustrator.
  • Perform nondestructive filtering. You lot can edit the filters applied to smart objects at any fourth dimension.
  • Edit a smart object and automatically update all its linked instances.
  • Utilize a layer mask that is linked to or non linked to a smart object layer.
  • Try various designs with low-resolution placeholder images and so replace them with the final version.

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Bonus – Other Common Photoshop Errors

In improver to the error we mentioned above, Photoshop users take encountered some other errors. The following will briefly introduce some mutual Photoshop errors. To make things easier, we as well list their causes and solutions for your reference.

1. Could Non Complete Your Request Considering of a Plan Error

The “Photoshop could non complete your asking because of a programme mistake” error warning is often caused by the generator plugin or the settings of Photoshop forth with the file extension of the image files.

a program error

In some cases, the error message only appears for a specific image file, while other image files tin can be loaded well. The reasons and solutions for the above error message will be discussed below.

iv possible causes:

  • Photoshop Preferences is the almost common cause of the error message.
  • Some other cause of the fault message can be the extension of the image file.
  • A locked library folder can also issue in the error bulletin.
  • The generator plugin establish in the Preferences window can also cause the error message.

4 practical solutions:

  • Reset the Preferences of the Photoshop application.
  • Change the extension of the prototype file.
  • Unlock the library folder.
  • Disable the generator plugin which is institute in the Preferences window.

2. Could Non Complete Your Request Because It Is Not a Valid Photoshop Certificate

Several users claim that they got the “Could not consummate your request considering information technology is non a valid Photoshop document” fault when trying to open up PSD and PDF files with Photoshop. And this error is reported to occur on both Mac and Windows computers.

it is not a valid Photoshop document

2 possible causes:

  • The almost common cause of this fault is that the file is saved with another extension.
  • Some other known cause of this mistake is that the PSD file is corrupted.

2 applied solutions:

  • Change the extension to the right extension.
  • Open up the file with a dissimilar photo editor, such as GIMP.

3. Could Not Consummate Your Request Because of a Problem parsing the JPEG data

As we all know, Photoshop volition parse all imported images to enable multiple functions and make certain functions possible. Still, some users take experienced a special situation in which users cannot import pictures from their desktops.

The error bulletin notes: “Could not complete your request because of a problem parsing the JPEG data”. And this fault is not limited to only JPEG files. It may also occur in PNG or GIF files.

a problem parsing the JPEG data

One possible cause:

This error is usually associated with the problem in the extension of the image.

3 applied solutions:

  • Open the paradigm via Paint and then save the film in the correct JPEG format.
  • Open the image in your default photograph viewer, rotate the picture, and then shut it without making any changes.
  • Accept a screenshot, ingather out the unwanted area, then save the terminal film.


Did the in a higher place methods help you solve the “Could not consummate your request because the smart object is not direct editable” error? If yous call back this article is useful, delight share this commodity with someone who suffers from the same problem as you lot.

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Smart Object Is Non Directly Editable FAQ

Why does Photoshop say that smart object is non direct editable?

Co-ordinate to the survey, ii conditions volition crusade this error message. The first 1 is the image layer involved in the option is locked. The second one is the layer involved contains vector data.

How practise I make a smart object editable in Photoshop?

Hither are 3 practical approaches to make a smart object editable in Photoshop.

  • Open the wrong image and unlock the image layer in Photoshop.
  • Convert the smart object to a normal layer.
  • Rasterize the layer.

How do you crop a smart object in Photoshop?

  1. Select the smart object under the
  2. Choose the
    tool from the left console.
  3. Drag any edge of the image to ingather it.
  4. Use the checkmark icon on the top to save the alter.

How can I brand a smart object?

Here are 4 useful methods to make a smart object.

  • Open an epitome every bit a smart object.
  • Open raw files as smart objects.
  • Convert a layer into a smart object.
  • Identify an prototype as a smart object.