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How To Make White Background For Product Photography

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How to Make a Pure White Background For an Image

A blank or solid background can make the subject of a photo popular. This high contrast technique is sometimes required for profile or passport photos. When you lot add a pic to a website or social media, that image should conspicuously present what yous take to show. Adding a pure white groundwork not only helps viewers focus on your subject, but also helps the image blend into a white webpage background.

Information technology can be challenging to create a pure white background on your ain, especially if you’re creating product images. Typically, you need a white backdrop, expensive lights and Photoshop.

But, you don’t need all this professional stuff to make a professional background. You tin remove the background from your image and replace it with a pure white canvass. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a pure white groundwork with a complimentary tool called Kapwing. Here’s how information technology works:

  1. Fix
    your photo
  2. Upload
    to Kapwing
  3. Remove
    the background
  4. Download
    the photograph

ane. Gear up your photograph

First up, you’ll demand a photo. If yous already have one, move onto the next step. If not, I’ll share some tips with you to prepare the perfect photo for a white background.

Since we’re making a white background, information technology’south skilful to take the picture against a white surface. Try to find a pure white surface like a
furniture summit
or a
piece of newspaper. Past using an existing white background, your subject volition have a nice shadow that you can exit in the photo to go far
appear more realistic.

An apple against a white backdrop.
The picture I took for this tutorial.

As for the lighting,
natural lite
through a window works great. Just brand sure the frame is fully lit and so the white surface matches the white background we’ll add together afterwards. If you have a soft box calorie-free or another type of lighting equipment, use that. Professional lighting helps produce a more pure white groundwork for later steps.

Once you’ve got a decent motion picture fabricated, you’re ready to purify the background. If you desire to dive deeper into creating the perfect paradigm, check out this guide on how to accept product photos.

2. Upload to Kapwing

At present, open the Kapwing studio and
click to upload
your photograph. In one case it’s uploaded, y’all may need to rotate the epitome using the tools on the right side. Also, change the background colour to white.

A screenshot of the Kapwing Studio, with the image of the image of the apple in the center.
The image uploaded onto Kapwing.

3. Remove the groundwork

Next, select the image and open the ‘Erase’ tool on the right. Zoom out so you can get a full view of the photograph. Within this tool, you can cull between the Magic Wand and the Eraser. The
Magic Wand
selects areas of similar colour and removes them at once. The
gives y’all exact control over which pixels you delete.

A screenshot of the erase screen within the Kapwing Studio, with the background of the apple removed.
Using the Magic Wand and Eraser tool to remove the background.

But, utilize the Magic Wand to delete big chunks of color and the Eraser to get close up and chisel out the subject in the photograph. If you desire to
preserve the shadows
we created in the previous step, don’t cut out the field of study. Only remove the surrounding background; your existing background should alloy into the new i.

When you’re washed erasing, click the scarlet “DONE” push button and caput back to the studio. Hither you can realign your photograph to the middle and alter the crop to get a better frame for your subject field.

If you desire more help with the erase tool, check out this article about how to remove background from images.

Screenshots showing the Kapwing sidebar, the crop window, and the export button.
The process of cropping an paradigm to finalize information technology and so exporting information technology.

four. Download the photo

Once yous’re finished editing, click ‘Export Paradigm’ at the meridian right and wait for information technology to procedure. Finally, your image with a pure white background is fix for download. Go alee and relieve it to your device or share with your audience on social media.

Now your pictures will prove off exactly what viewers demand to see without any ataxia. If this guide helped y’all, be sure to subscribe to the
Kapwing Resource
folio; we’re constantly writing new tutorials and features to help you lot brand the nearly out of Kapwing. And, bank check out the related articles to keep learning:

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