How To Morph Photos In Photoshop

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Introduction to Morphing in Photoshop

Morphing is a feature in Photoshop that tin can be utilized in animations and motion pictures to change or morph a single picture or form into some other past adopting a flawless transition. This feature permits you to contort the objects on the prototype, or the whole prototype itself, to any form or shape you demand. Morphing besides has a huge demand in the printing manufacture like newspapers, magazines, motion picture banner, poster, etc., whether information technology is moral or not. Morphing can be washed for the digital images to produce amusing, scaring or drawing-similar images with the use of Adobe Photoshop. This technique can be utilized to produce 1 of a kind expressions or disguised profile pictures.

How to Morph Pictures in Photoshop?

Below are the steps to create morphing in photoshop:

Step 1:Open your Adobe Photoshop. Select an paradigm to work with. Here we will utilise the koala behave epitome.

Morphing in Photoshop - 1

Step two:The side by side footstep is to select the liquify tool from the carte bar. Click on Filter, and so Liquify.

liquify tool

Step three:
One time you click on Liquify, you will get a liquify window, equally shown below.

liquify window

Footstep four:Once you become the liquify window, left-click (now a circumvolve cursor) on the areas you want to morph, the cursor can likewise be dragged beyond the image to morph the regions of the photo where the cursor goes through. Click on OK after yous are done with morphing. The size of the circle cursor is adaptable. Y’all can practise it by hit the left bracket ( [ ) to reduce the size and the correct bracket ( ] ) to increase information technology.

Morphing in Photoshop - 4

How to Apply Face Morphing?

Face up Morphing is pop nowadays in the entertainment manufacture. Face Morphing tin signify blending and stitching some of the pixels of both the faces. So here nosotros will use two images of football stars Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes. At present to morph or swap faces in Photoshop, brand sure both the faces are facing a like direction and have a similar caput tilt. Try to become the angles of both the faces as matching as possible and so that it does not look fake.

Morphing in Photoshop - 5

Here we will exist putting Wayne Rooney’due south confront on Paul Scholes’southward. Below are the steps to morph faces in Photoshop:

Step 1:The first thing that we volition do is select the lasso tool to make a choice around Wayne Rooney’s face. You can select the lasso tool by pressing Fifty on the keyboard or past navigating to the toolbar.

lasso tool

Step 2:
Make a option of the face after you select the lasso tool.

selection of the face

Stride three:
Afterward the selection, press Ctrl + J for Windows and Command + J for Mac to indistinguishable the layer. Now we only accept the confront, and we will proper noun information technology Face.

Morphing in Photoshop - 8

  • Then click on V on the keyboard to select the move tool. Click and elevate on the confront and elevate it over to the other tab where y’all take Paul Scholes’due south image and release the layer there.
  • It is a good idea to ever work with a confront that is larger than the confront you are trying to swap out. You will have the advantage of distorting and scaling pixels and not take any pixelation.

Step 4:
The next step is to lucifer the size of both faces. To do that, press Ctrl + T (Transform) for Windows and Command + T for Mac. Nosotros will bring the opacity to fifty%, which is present on the layers console and and then bring it over Paul Scholes’due south face up, every bit shown below.

opacity to 50%

Step v:
Use the eyes to match the face. Match the corner of the eye with the face and use it equally the scaling position. Hold Alt so click the corner of the center to make a new pivot point and so scale it to lucifer the face past holding Shift + Alt + click.

Match eye

Step 6:
If you lot are doing face morphing, it is always a good idea for both faces to have similar skin tone, colour, etc., and then when you merge the layers, information technology looks ameliorate. To do that, select the face, and then click on Image, and so Adjustments and Match Color. Select the Paul Scholes image as the source and layer as the background.

Match Color

Morphing in Photoshop - 12

Morphing in Photoshop - 13

Pace seven:
This does not wait good because the background has black, ruby-red, and green color that we don’t need; you simply desire the colour that is on the face. So to select just the face agree Ctrl + Command and click on the face thumbnail in the layer section and select the pixels.

Morphing in Photoshop - 14

  • One time the option is done, echo the same steps by clicking on Paradigm > Adjustments > Match Color and selecting the source and layer every bit before and adding some fade to it. Add a little gaussian blur to match the skin tone.

Step eight:
Now press Ctrl + Command and click on the face layer thumbnail to make the selection. As well, create a duplicate layer of the background and proper name it equally indistinguishable.

Morphing in Photoshop - 15

Footstep 9:
At present select the indistinguishable layer, click on Select, then Alter and Contract and select 5 pixels.

Morphing in Photoshop - 16

Step 10:
And so select the duplicate layer and hide the other layers, and press delete.

select the duplicate layer

Step 11:
Now unhide the face layer, hold shift and select both face and duplicate. Then become to Edit and Auto-Blend Layers, select the alloy mode to be panorama and check both Seamless Tones and Colors and Content-Aware Fill up Transparent Areas. By doing this, Photoshop automatically blends the tones and the colors, as shown below.

Morphing in Photoshop - 18

Step 12:
Final Image.

Morphing in Photoshop - 19

In this style, you can morph 2 faces in Adobe Photoshop.


Morphing can find itself to be useful in blending two or more than pictures into a new picture show. It is substantially utilized in appending special effects in blitheness and motion pictures. It is besides extensively utilized in interactive user interface designing and games. Morphing effects have become better from the days of their early utilization and are more propelled towards producing less apparent furnishings that seem to be more pragmatic.

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