How To Move Focus Point Fast During Wedding Photography

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Your focus settings are one of the virtually important settings on your camera.   If focus doesn’t hit where yous intended it to, your image can take on an entirely different meaning, or the emotional weight of your epitome can get lost.

There are several decisions yous will make that will affect focus, so let’s walk through each of these below.

i.  Focus Point Selection: Use Single Point Focusing

Today’s cameras offer many automated and semi-automated focus point option modes, simply I firmly believe that selecting your focus indicate using Spot/Single Point focusing is the near effective and authentic way to execute your vision.

After setting your camera to the Single Indicate focus style within the camera’s carte, you will use the cameras arrows to toggle to the focus point that you desire for each paradigm.

When shooting wide open with a shallow depth of field, y’all volition utilise your focus point to select the point of interest for the image. This allows you the opportunity to not just become tack-sharp eyes, but you tin use your focus points to get creative and land focus on story-telling elements such as whisps of hair or entwined easily.

As with all manual photographic camera settings, it can take a footling fourth dimension to adjust to  moving your focus indicate with every shot, but the difference in image sharpness, and focus accuracy is so pregnant that it is absolutely worth the practise.

To become accepted to moving the focus box around apace, endeavor practicing while y’all are watching goggle box at night.  Don’t worry about creating fine art – but keep moving your photographic camera around your room and toggling the focus box to unlike objects within the room until information technology feels intuitive to place the focus box where you want it.  The more than y’all unmarried point focus, the easier it will get!

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ii.  Why Not To Choose Focus/Recompose

Sometimes people ask me most the center signal focus and then recompose method.  I am not a fan of this method, with the master reason existence that if you are shooting wide open, it increases the hazard that you will miss focus.

When you focus/recompose, most likely there is a slight alter in distance between where the center point focus locked and where you place focus when you lot recompose.  When shooting wide open up (I commonly prefer to shoot at 1.iv-two.eight), your depth of field is very narrow, so fifty-fifty a slight change in distance can lead to a miss in focus.

Further, eye signal focus usually grabs the object closest to the camera.  In the case of a portrait this may be the olfactory organ, when in fact you want the focus to be on the eye.

So, while it may seem similar one more step when you are already setting ISO, white balance, shutter speed and discontinuity on the fly with fast-moving subjects, it is absolutely worth it to switch to spot/unmarried point focusing.

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3.  Set Your Camera To Continuous Focus

Once your camera knows where to focus, the side by side step is determining how it volition focus.  In that location are three options: Single, Continuous, and Manual.  When photographing small children information technology is usually best to utilise continuous focus (AF-C for Nikon, and Al Servo for Catechism) to ensure the focus can go along up with your fast moving subjects.  For portraits and nonetheless life Unmarried  can potentially yield a sharper result, however, you lot may find is easier to always continue your focus on Continuous.

The only exception to this is when it is necessary to employ Manual.  Transmission focus can be intimidating and information technology is certainly slower, but there are times information technology tin can assist you get a shot the camera might otherwise struggle with.  For example, if you lot are shooting into the sun, or you are up shut with a macro lens, or even if y’all are working to capture a self-portrait, the automated focus modes might struggle to lock focus.  Switching to transmission focus can help you override this to go the desired shot.

iv.  Set Up Back Push button Focus

Dorsum button focus works miracles by separating the focus and the shutter release, thus allowing you to focus and shoot almost simultaneously. This may not seem like much, but when photographing children, every millisecond of the moment matters.

For example, if yous desire to focus on the way a small child is holding on to her mother’s manus as they walk abroad from you, you can move the focus point to their hands, and then with your thumb holding downward back push button focus, AF-C volition track focus on them fifty-fifty as they are walking. When you see the moment you want, printing the shutter release and focus should exist right where you want it.

If you lot are unsure how to set dorsum button focusing for your camera, there are many quick totals on YourTube depending on your photographic camera model.  I shoot on a D750 and to prepare dorsum push button focus I only had to go into my camera’s menu and reassign the AE-L/AF-L button to back push button focus.

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5.  Do A Focus Test

If you lot are trying each of the above and y’all are still missing focus, you might want to try setting up a controlled test to make certain focus is hit where yous intent information technology to.

Set up up ii to 3 objects at different distances from the camera (relatively in direct line), and fairly shut to each other.  Information technology can as well help if you set upwards a tape measure along this line running from your bailiwick to where you lot are shooting from.  The record measure out volition help you see where focus hit in the event it didn’t hit where you expected it too.  Then try focusing on each object individually and checking to be certain focus landed where yous placed information technology.

​​​​​​​If you are shooting with a Sigma lens, I recommend checking using their scale doctor, which I take outlined in this tutorial Here.

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Hope this helps!



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