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How To Photoshop Instagram Photos

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With Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, you can recreate all the popular edits used past Instagram influencers. Meet how!

Don’t simply sit dorsum and admire the latest photo editing trends; y’all, too, can have an influencer-worthy Instagram. Adobe Photoshop gives you everything you need to make deep, detailed edits to your photos similar a pro, or use Lightroom CC and edit on the go.

Cheque out these pace-by-stride instructions on how to recreate all the latest Instagram editing trends in Photoshop and Lightroom CC.

Grainy Picture

A huge editing trend on Instagram correct now is the grainy film. I of the more subtle edits, the grain film adds texture to a photo, giving information technology a softer appearance. It’s an easy style to brand a photograph wait somewhat vintage and hide imperfections.

Lightroom CC

If y’all’re editing on the go, using the Lightroom app on your phone to create a grainy film is a cakewalk. Go to the last tool titled “Presets”, click on the drop-down menu of options and select “Grain”. From at that place you lot can choose from a light, medium or heavy grain effect.

Learn more about creating your own Lightroom presets in this tutorial.


When using Photoshop, the effect is called “Racket” rather than “Grain”. First, go to the elevation menu and click “Filter”. Next cull “Dissonance” > “Add Noise”. This will open a dialog box that allows y’all to choose the intensity of the effect.

Disposable Camera / Analog Picture

Edit Instagram Photos Analog Film

The analog film look, or more normally compared to a disposable camera-like feel, is every bit simple as utilizing Photoshop’south layers. Beginning, you will make your photo into its own layer. Next, create a 2d layer, which will be a “gradient fill”. From there you lot tin apply the “slope editor” to adjust the color, angle and opacity of your effect. This gives y’all the ability to command where the colors sit on the photo, something other apps cannot do. Lastly, using the “Text” tool, y’all can add the appointment in the corner.

Color Aesthetics

Having a color aesthetic on your page has become important on Instagram. Beige, blue and pinkish are some of the more than trendy looks. Not only is information technology pleasing to the eye; it gives your profile a personality. A color aesthetic can be hard to achieve if you lot’re using premade filters. With Photoshop and Lightroom CC, you lot have the ability to change a range of elements making information technology easy to fit the await and feel you’re trying to attain. This is washed with “Adjustment Layers”. Learn more about aligning layers in this tutorial.

Basic Edits

In both Photoshop and Lightroom CC, you take the power to adapt elements like brightness, dissimilarity, exposure, shadows and more. The dissimilar healing tools allow you to practise things similar shine or blur out imperfections, remove blemishes and reduce cherry-red eye.

Lightroom CC makes basic editing easy with Presets, which are quality, premade filters that plough minutes of editing into seconds with one click.

Edit Instagram Photos High Contrast Vintage Turquoise-Red

For more tips on bones photo editing in Lightroom, cheque out this tutorial.

If you’re interested in how to take not bad shots at night, see the tips in this article.

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