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Pitching to brands can seem incredibly daunting. It makes people feel icky, pushy, uncomfortable… all kinds of emotions. Just I’chiliad here to show y’all that pitching to brands and businesses is the ULTIMATE marketing motility, that it tin be easy, and that y’all can do it without feeling like an icky machine sales person. Let’s dive in.


Why should you fifty-fifty want to pitch yourself to businesses?

Substantially, if you want to progress and get the work you dream of, you sort of accept to put yourself in front of those people! It’southward very easy to assume in this social media age that the work is only going to e’er come to usa. I did, for a very long time. You see influencers online receiving gifts, and paid jobs, and it seems like these all just cruel into their laps. Sometimes they do, but the vast bulk of the time, they took a lot of hard work.

So, rather than expect around at home, producing crawly content, or letting our skills become to waste product while we wait for someone to electronic mail u.s. asking to piece of work with them… I suggest we take matters into our own hands!

I wrote my first “cold email” or “pitch email” about three years agone. I actually can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. But at that place was a LOT of fearfulness in the way. Fear of rejection. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fearfulness of not being skillful enough. I had all these horrible ideas in my caput that I’d go an email back from my dream client telling me that “Yous’re not practiced enough to work with us.”

But approximate what? That never happened. In fact, the contrary happened.

Why I Finally Started Pitching To Brands (And Why You Should Too)

I finally started to pitch myself by accident. I had been tagging brands that I wanted to work with on Instagram for quite a while (and I still practice this). That was how I first started to work with Joules. They spotted some of my work, and DM’d me to ask if we could collaborate on something for them. Of course, I said yes.

However, later on that initial project was washed, the line went tranquillity. I didn’t hear from them for a little while, and I started to think my time working with them was over. Until i summertime when I had a project idea in heed, and I knew that information technology would suit Joules as a brand really well. I found my contacts electronic mail and in about 3 minutes, wrote her an electronic mail pitching my idea to her. She replied quickly, and positively, and before I knew it, they began approaching me for work.

By sending out that pitch email, I gained a new client… and some new found confidence!

How To Actually Write A Cold Email / Pitch E-mail

And then allow’s map out exactly what yous need to exercise to successfully send an email pitch to a business organization you lot want to work with.

one. Know Who You Want To Work With

This is pretty obvious, but offset past
making a listing of everyone you want to work with. I created an Excel spreadsheet where I inputted each brand. I actually have a few spread sheets now, split into dissimilar target markets (lifestyle brands, nuptials brands, more than corporate brands, etc). You can exercise exactly the same with yours. This spreadsheet will come up in mitt afterward on…!


2. Find The Email Addresses

Unless you’re trying to target modest business owners, information technology can exist quite hard to source the exact electronic mail you need. Ideally, you want to email someone on the marketing squad, or social media team (or whatever team is relevant to your business). Withal, most large businesses don’t listing anything other than their global contact electronic mail. So what exercise you lot do?

There are 2 options. Start, discover out who does their PR and contact them. This works well for bloggers and influencers… less for anyone else.

The 2nd selection (and the one I employ) is to
search for people on LinkedIn! It’s not always perfect, and it can be a guessing game, only I literally find the visitor I want to work for on Linkedin, and run across who works there. I’m almost always looking for someone in marketing or social media. Once I’ve got their name (and checked that they still work at that place), I jot their name downwards.

This is where I can get a chip tricky… people won’t requite out their piece of work email addresses on LinkedIn. You demand to become clever and figure it out. How I’ve done this in the past is head to the brands website (ie. britain) and looked at the end part of their email address. In this instance information technology’south Then, information technology’s a matter of trying the person yous found’s proper noun in front of that e-mail address!

Sometimes it’s Sometimes it’s In that location’due south no piece of cake mode effectually this… you only accept to try unlike addresses, and see which 1 doesn’t bounciness back. This is what I’ve done many times, and I near e’er – eventually – go through!

three. Tag Brands on Instagram

At present, this isn’t direct cold email, but I felt it needed a mention in this post. I’ve had a lot of success in
getting the attention of brands simply past tagging them in my posts
! That might lead to them reaching out and wanting to share my epitome, or actually working on something with them. At the end of the day, you’re getting their attention, and sometimes fifty-fifty a direct contact. That could atomic number 82 to you beingness able to pitch to them in future!


iv. Brand Your E-mail Personal

Now, I think information technology’s totally fine to have a template that you use for each email you ship out. However, I practice call up its super important that
each email you lot send is personalised.
Include the proper name of the person you’re emailing, tell them why you love the brand, include a personal anecdote. If you simply share the aforementioned email over and over, it will seem generic and cold. Trust me (I get emails similar this), people can smell a template from a mile abroad!

five. Offer Them Something

Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. If y’all received an email from someone request you to “book them for this job” or “here’s why I’d be slap-up for this job” without them telling you how they could help you, you wouldn’t be interested in booking. It’southward super of import that within your pitch electronic mail, there is a focus on
what you tin exercise for them.
Not what they can do for you. The email should be entirely almost them, their business organization, and how you tin can serve them. It could be a costless shoot to get the relationship started, it could be a free post on your Instagram grid, or perchance a mention on Instagram stories. I’ve plant in the past that by giving something away to outset with, and request for little, if nothing, in return, is the all-time way towards peaking their involvement, and beingness able to show them what yous can practise. This is the technique that I have personally used in the past, and it has lead to these clients coming back and booking me in the future.

If costless doesn’t sit well with you, that’s totally fine. Recall of a few ways you could help them out, and add loads of value to what you offer.

6. Why are you a good fit for them?

Whilst you need to offer something to them, I think it’southward also super important to
be articulate well-nigh why you’re a skillful fit. Share previous work you’ve done that is similar to their brand, prove off your social media stats, or name previous clients. It can experience uncomfortable to big ourselves up, only you don’t demand to do a lot. Just a line or ii about how you’re a good fit for their brand is all you need!

7. Keep your e-mail curt

As an ex mag editor who received hundreds of emails a day, I can tell you right now that
people don’t similar getting long emails. They simply don’t take time to read them! Keep your emails short and sweetness. ii or 3 short paragraphs is all you need. You tin can elaborate on any points after the potential client has replied to your pitch!


8. Direct Link to your work

Don’t forget to
share examples of your
work to them! This is so easily missed out, but make sure that any links you include to your portfolio/blog/website are actually linked! As I said before, these people are busy and you want to make it every bit easy as possible for them to come across your work.

9.  Go on Track Of What Y’all’re Doing With A Spreadsheet

This has been the game changer for me when it comes to pitching. As I mentioned earlier, I created a spreadsheet where I include the names all of the brands I desire to work with. On that spreadsheet I have three other columns:

1 is a “To Do” column  where I jot downward what I have to practice. i.e. “Electronic mail Gap.”

2. is a “Contact Info” cavalcade. Here I write downwards the names of the people I’ve found, and their task role. That fashion, I never forget or lose track of anyone.

3 is a “What’s Been Washed” column. I proceed rails of what I’ve done already i.due east. “Emailed on 1st Jan 2022” or “Followed up on fifth Feb 2022.”

Each time I exercise whatsoever pitching, I open my spreadsheet and go along runway of every activity I take. This stops me from sending two emails out to the aforementioned person, helps me proceed track of when I sent my original pitch, and when I followed upwardly.

10. Follow Upwardly

Post-obit up is totally ok to do, and in fact you should exercise it. People are busy, emails get read on iPhones and forgotten about. It’s nothing personal. So sometimes if you don’t hear back after your first email, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like what you do or want to work with you. I encourage you to follow up subsequently about a week to a week and a half.
Something forth the lines of “How-do-you-do ____, I hope you’re well. I’1000 merely following upwardly on the email I sent y’all last week regarding ____. Please see information technology attached beneath for your convenience.” Brusk, sweet, to the point.

If you lot don’t hear dorsum for another week or two, it’s probably a sign they’re not interested. Don’t take that to heart, every bit it’south never personal when information technology comes to piece of work like this. Simply focus on keeping going, jot down when you send that follow up electronic mail, and
in a few months, try once more!

11. Don’t Surrender or Be Disheartened

It tin be tough when you spend an afternoon emailing loads of people, only hear back from ane or two, if any. But the reality is that you’re not going to exist for everyone. Some brands may dearest your work, but not need you lot correct now (that’s happened to me), others merely won’t recollect yous’re the correct fit, or they already work with someone like you. But the thing is,
you don’t need them all to get back to you! You only demand a few. If every concern I emailed wanted my services, I’d take a problem – too many clients to manage!

So keep at it. If you don’t hear dorsum, try again.
Don’t surrender on your dream.

There y’all accept it! A guide on how to common cold email/pitch yourself to brands and businesses. I really hope that this helps yous, and gives you the confidence that yous need to put yourself out there. It’southward honestly essential to all businesses, especially service based ones, so delight requite it a get! Kickoff small, and build your mode up. You’ll exist surprised past the results 😉

I’d love to hear any further questions you may accept, or whatever thoughts on all of this. So please feel free to comment your questions in the box below!


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