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By | 14/01/2023

Model Posing Cliches: Stale or Useful? Ameliorate Your Model Photography With Tried and Truthful Poses

Some model poses seem to popular upwardly everywhere repeating beyond different mediums and across decades. Many photographers deride these posing cliches, but these cliches can be useful on mode and other model shoots, especially when working with new models still learning how to move. They can help create serviceable images when y’all are stuck for ideas or when you lot need shoot a serial of good looks in a short period of time.

Developing a working vocabulary of cliche poses can exist worth but as much as coming up with the latest and greatest pose. Here one pose is held by four different models on four very different shoots.

Experienced models generally have a repertoire of beautiful poses they can draw on to bring a shot to life. Coming up with a list of modeling cliches can avert getting stuck for the next direction when working with new model can save a shoot. On portrait shoots which subjects who are wholly unfamiliar with posing, the cliche listing tin provide a the basis for a rapport to motility a shoot along. Even more than experienced photographers that need to work quickly to get a variety of poses on a shoot can benefit from familiarity with cliches. After all, they did not get cliches if they didn’t work creating attractive lines and favorable trunk positions. These poses became popular considering they worked and were repeated. Experienced models tend to have a group of poses they can rely on and can rattle off a serial of poses to pull off a expect. This is especially useful when shooting catalog days with 30-plus outfits.

I started noticing the need for a battery of different poses that I could directly a model through in a quick series when I was shooting for prom apparel clients where nosotros just needed to get many dresses on and off of the model over the grade of the 24-hour interval and capture a variety of different poses with each. With repetition the model and I worked out a number of poses that she could by gracefully flowing from 1 pose to the next so that the fourth dimension on gear up for each dress was minimal and we were able to get through our challenge for the solar day. I chose to use more humorous names to the poses when I gave directing and posing workshops for photographers.

My humorous names for posing cliches helped embed the directions for my workshop students just they often elicited an energetic expression the model as well. Every photographer tin create their own list of names for their favorite poses. My listing of poses has things on it like the
Home Alone, the
Pageant Pose, the
Barbie Artillery, and
Rock-A-Bye-Infant. Some of my other names are a piddling more descriptive, if possibly a niggling less amusing. The
Surprise Confront, the
Pilus Whip, the
Wonder Woman, the
depict the pose in their names.

Here are some of the cliches I have relied on:

Hand and Arm Poses:

  • Barbie Arms –slightly bent arms that fall away from the body to testify waistline making model await slimmer.
  • Counting Fingers
    -model with hands together at waist property fingers as if counting.
  • Rock-A-By-Baby –model cradling arms as if holding a baby frames limerick on waist up shot and gathers cleavage to increment size.
  • Hands on Guns –model rests hands on top of each hip as if they were on holstered guns.
  • Grab Handles –model grasps bra or bikini straps for at-home or teasing poses.

Face, Head, and Hair Poses:

  • UpDo –model holding longer hair upwardly with one or two hands giving the impression of a different hairstyle also slimming waist.
  • Ear Pull –simply grabbing ear or resting mitt at jaw line.
  • Home Lonely –model cups face between hands like the famous pose from the 1990 movie.
  • Headache –model raising arm to place mitt at ear or temple tends to lengthen body and slim waist.
  • Pilus Impact
    -Simple touch at the ends of hair or hiding hands into hair makes a nice activity for models with dainty pilus.
  • Tick Tock –slight or neat tilt of the head in one direction for one shot followed past similar tilt in other direction for following shot adds action to expression and tin lift pilus.

Body and Leg Poses:

  • Hip Twist
    -model turns hip slighting away from photographic camera but returns shoulders square to photographic camera reduces waist line.
  • Pop-A-Hip/Push-A-Hip
    -from standing position model moves hip out to side. Pose tin can be varied past an arm pushing hip.
  • Pageant


    -model continuing with full weight on 1 leg with opposite leg bending knee across standing leg and heel raised from floor, arms slightly bent with hands on hips as if on stage for pageant.
  • Pin-Up
    -like the menstruation pin-up models, ane hand on hip and one paw at ear.
  • Wonder Adult female
    -familiar stance with legs standing apart and hands on hips with elbows wide similar the comic and tv heroine pose conveying strength and slimming waist.

Finally in that location is the model walk. Different from the runway walk, the model walk or fake walk is like traveling and getting nowhere. Beneath the model appears in move each fourth dimension, but is really not leaving her spot. This is helpful when shooting in studios with limited space and it keeps the model easily in focus. This requires cooperation from the model brainstorm a walking or jumping motion without traveling forwards and simulate walking positions with their arms and legs around a predetermined spot. Jumping lightly from one pes to the other adds fifty-fifty more activity. Using a fan can heighten this effect.

Even with less experienced models and photographers there is logic repeating poses that work time after fourth dimension. A meliorate model will bring more actuality and grace to each pose, no matter how many times they or other models have done it in the past.


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