How To Post Photography Services On Facebook Marketplace

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Ask the nearest person what they think of sales people and I’ll bet they respond with comments alike to “slimy” or “con-men”. Sales has a bad rep, simply a business organisation without sales ceases to exist a business.

So how does this relate to photography? Well, unless you’re a high-flight photographer to the rich and famous, you’re probably like the rest of the states: a local photographer with local clients.

Sharp photography skills are essential to running a photography concern, but focusing on skills lonely and leaving concern skills to mistiness is a recipe for disaster.

In this commodity we’re going to await at seven easy tactics yous can put in place today that’ll get your services seen past more local clients. None of these tactics are difficult, all are effective. And so unless you want to continue downwards the familiar path of a starving artist, buckle up and take note.

1. Your Website

In today’south day and age there are zero reasons for y’all to non have a website. From children who can only simply read to grandparents with failing eyesight, everyone uses the internet.

Improve yet, websites take never been easier or cheaper to setup and run. Even the well-nigh non-technical of people can setup a website in just a few clicks with today’due south engineering science. So unless you’re shooting counterpart, you probably know your way around a computer.

So why should you accept a website?

  • Having a website means you’ll prove up in search results, particularly if yous’ve optimized your site for
    local search.
  • A website enables y’all to evidence off your best pictures in all their glory.
  • Your website is a office of your brand, a gorgeous website will install trust and conviction with potential customers.
  • A website gives you the opportunity to present clients with detailed information about your services. Of course a Facebook page is great, merely you’re express to what Facebook allows your to show.

Are websites hard to setup?

Absolutely non. There are enough of photography specific services that enable photographers to build their own websites. Check these out:

  • SquareSpace →
  • Dunked →
  • Wix →
  • Or for the more advanced,
    ThemeForest →

2. Instagram

Instagram marketing is perfect for photographers!

One common tendency I encounter on Instagram is professional person photographers have disproportionately larger followings than regular users. Simply equally Instagram is a photograph-sharing app, this should be no surprise.

If you lot’re not using Instagram for the beloved, you lot gotta be using it for the concern.

Instagram now has the option to open a free
dedicated concern account
which gives yous in-depth statistics on your followers and who is viewing your pics.

With over
600 one thousand thousand active monthly users, you tin be pretty confident that members of your local community are using Instagram, which is a huge opportunity for you to find new customers.

And you have a natural reward. As a professional lensman your Instagram shots should stand out from those posted by regular users. This’ll help y’all get more eyeballs on your pictures and assist you to chop-chop develop a following.

Take pictures of local attractions and geotag the location when posting. When other users check into the same location, they’ll too come across your pictures.

If you take beautiful photos of your local surface area, local attractions and local businesses, you’ll no doubt build a following of local people.

So why’south this of do good to you?

Firstly Instagram is a visual platform. It’s the perfect place for a photographer to show off their photography skills.

Secondly, the more than frequently local people see your work, the more than front of mind y’all’ll be. When those people demand a lensman, you’ll be the 1 they remember.

…whilst we’re talking Instagram, don’t forget to follow

3. Watermarks on Your Photos

Watermark your photos!

Don’t ever feel guilty about watermarking your images, especially if you’re distributing them without payment. I’ve spoken with photographers in the past who feel that a watermark ruins the image and some who plain can’t be bothered.

Every time yous post a picture to your website, social networks or anywhere else on the web, you’re no doubt going to receive a lot of gratuitous attending.

In fact, the more attention yous receive, the more probable it is that some unscrupulous netizens will try and use your images for their ain proceeds.

Without starting a debate on copyright, watermarking your pictures tin exist a quick and piece of cake style to protect your content and go you the credit you deserve.

Should one of your pictures go viral in the local community, having your name, logo and/or contact details in the corner could terminate upwards driving a stream of new customers.

four. Use Offline Promotion

Use flyers and posters for offline promotion

1 of the simplest ways to advertise your business to local people is with printed advertisements. Does that sound old school? Well it shouldn’t. According to a study past GFK, print advertising
provided the highest ROI
for every euro spent when compared to TV, radio and online.

Using Facebook ads is a great option, just online advertising can be technical to setup and an expensive waste product if you get it wrong.

is incredibly cheap and incredibly simple.

Equally a photographer you should be pretty well versed with Artistic Deject and apps like Photoshop. So knocking upwards a quick flyer or poster for your business shouldn’t be a challenge.

If information technology is, or if you’re stuck for fourth dimension, websites like
offering hundreds of readymade templates to help you lot create eye-communicable impress advertisements in just minutes.

five. Make Friends & Strategic Partnerships

Create Strategic Partnerships

Being paid with exposure can be a hot topic in the creative community and for skillful reason besides. But when done right, giving some of your fourth dimension and skills can pay off in dividends.

Creating strategic partnerships with local businesses can get your name in front end of your target market at niggling to no price.

Consider this: You’re a portrait photographer and your target market is young families in the local expanse.

To get your name in forepart of this market, you lot could offer some of your photos – peradventure a photograph of a laughing child or a immature family unit – to be used free of accuse in a local child-friendly restaurant.

Placing your name and/or url underneath the pictures is a fantastic mode to drum up interest for your services.

This may seem like a far-fetched idea but this has been a long time exercise in the hotel manufacture. Local artists ofttimes offer their works to exist displayed for free in exchange for the opportunity to sell them to hotel guests.

6. Local Facebook Groups

Use Facebook groups to market your business

One of my hobbies is road tripping around Europe and I recently launched a website about
camper vans. The auto market place is huge and getting traffic from search engines alone is damn about impossible.

So instead of focussing on search traffic I opted for social media, specifically using Facebook Groups to launch my website. With only a handful of posts on my site, Facebook groups launched my site from zero to 1,000 visitors per solar day in less than a month.

How was this possible?

Well, the best matter most Facebook groups is that they hold a captive audition of people who take said “Yes! I am interested in this subject!”, whether it’s camper vans or your local town. When you make a mail service with something specific to the grouping subject area, interaction is naturally very high.

In that location are Facebook groups for well-nigh every type of niche, involvement and location, and I’m certain there are groups for your location also.

Pretty much every city, town and village has its ain local customs groups on Facebook. These range from buy, sell and swap type groups, to seasonal events and niche interests.

Some examples of Facebook groups in my home town, Leyland:

  • Leyland Memories – a group where people share old photos of the boondocks.
  • Leyland Events – a group for people sharing upcoming event details
  • The Leyland Hub – a group for sharing ideas and comments well-nigh the town
  • 20+ Leyland Buy Sell Bandy groups – there are dozens of groups for selling items and services

So what’s the point of this?
Well these are merely examples of what local groups look like. Take a look on Facebook and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of your own.

For someone who is trying to sell a product or service to local people, these groups provide a perfect captive audience. So how do you become about taking advantage of them?

When marketing on Facebook you need to follow i rule: social media is about being social.

The moment you go for the hard sell or blatantly mail an advertizement, people’s eyes will glaze over and you’ll likely exist kicked from the group.

To fully capitalize on the power of Facebook groups, endeavor to offer something of valuable give-and-take or something that’ll involvement people.

As a photographer, this could exist sharing a picture you’ve taken in the local surface area or a picture of local people.

Invite people to give y’all their feedback and hash out the photo. Don’t make the postal service directly about your photography service. Instead only watermark the epitome with your details as mentioned earlier.

You’ll be surprised how effective this can be. Before you know it people volition exist commenting “How much practice you charge for a family portrait?”

vii. Be Better Than the Competition

Continue to learn about photography

“Develop a passion for learning. If you exercise, y’all will never cease to grow.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo

If the new yr isn’t the ideal time to set yourself some goals then I don’t know when is. Make 2022 your twelvemonth of learning, improving, and being better than yous were the mean solar day earlier.

Take some fourth dimension out to
learn new photography tips, larn
how to use your camera amend, or
how to improve your post product skills.

Whilst “be meliorate” may be an annoyingly passive “tip”, information technology is nonetheless true and waiting to be seized upon. It is easy to get stuck in your means and go accustomed to what y’all accept and what you exercise. New is much harder, and scarier.

Whether you follow i of these tips or all of these tips, I hope they help you amend your concern in 2022.

Adept luck, and all the all-time for the new year!


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