How To Preview Original Photo Lightroom

By | 06/08/2022

Once y’all end editing your masterpiece in Lightroom or Lightroom mobile, the before and subsequently lets you lot relish in the kick-butt edit you simply created. The problem is, how can you really see the before and after of a photo in Lightroom?

To view the before and after of a photo in Lightroom, make sure you’re in the Develop Module and press Y on your keyboard to toggle the side-past-side before and afterward view. To view the before prototype by itself in Lightroom, printing the \ key instead.

With that said, at that place are many means to customize your before and subsequently views in Lightroom. In this mail service, you’ll learn about each of the options available, along with helpful keyboard shortcuts to speed upwardly the process.

If you’re a Lightroom Mobile user, the steps will be a lot unlike since you obviously don’t take a keyboard. To skip ahead to the Lightroom Mobile section of this post, click hither.

How To Come across Before And After In Lightroom

There are a multifariousness of views you can access to see the before and afters of your photos. Before you effort whatever of the following steps,
brand sure that y’all are in the Develop Module of Lightroom. You cannot view the earlier and afterwards in other modules in the program, such as the Library.

– View Total Size Earlier Prototype

To view your earlier paradigm in total size,
printing the \ key

on your keyboard for both Mac and PC. This will toggle your paradigm to simply display the earlier of the edit.

Yous can easily tell that you’re in the before view by the “Before” tab that appears in the upper right corner of the preview window.

To leave this view, press \ again to become back to viewing your most recent editing adjustments.

– View Before And After Side By Side

Sometimes it’s better to get a side-by-side comparing when looking at your before and after images. There are two different ways yous tin do this. The first way is by clicking on the
Y|Y icon
in your toolbar.

If you lot do non see your toolbar,
press T
on your keyboard or go upwardly to
View > Prove Toolbar
to reveal it inside the Develop Module.

To speed upward the process a bit, you can also employ the keyboard shortcut
Shift + Y
on both Mac and PC.

In this before and after preview option, y’all will see the before paradigm on the left side of your screen, with your current edit on the right. For portrait-oriented photos, this view works specially well since it fits the shape of tall images. You lot can easily tell which is which past the before and later labels in the corner of each preview.

In all honesty, you will probably never employ these labels since your edit is ever going to be the kick-butt version of the two photos, amiright?

– View Earlier And Subsequently Top & Bottom

For mural-oriented photos (aka horizontal images), the side-by-side preview can brand your images expect slightly smaller. To get a better view, the top and bottom before and after preview is better suited.

To access this view,
printing the arrow beside the Y|Y icon

in your toolbar to reveal alternate viewing options.

From the options that appear,
choose “Earlier/Afterward Pinnacle/Lesser.”

If y’all prefer keyboard shortcuts, you can printing
Option + Y
(Mac) or
Alt + Y
(PC) to toggle the summit and lesser before and after view.

This view stacks your images one on height of the other. The before paradigm will be on top, with your edited image on the bottom. Once more, yous can use the before and after labels to tell them apart if needed.

– Vertical Split Screen Before And Afterward

Now, what if you lot don’t want to see your entire photos side past side? Perhaps you’re looking for a nice before and after view right down the heart. With the horizontal dissever-screen view in Lightroom, you can practise only that.

To access this view, press the arrow abreast the Y|Y icon
and select
“Before/Afterward Left/Correct Split.”

Yous tin can besides printing Shift + Y on both Mac and PC. With this shortcut, you may end up in the side-by-side view, but by pressing this shortcut twice, it will switch over to a split-screen view instead.

Just every bit with the side-by-side view, the earlier image volition be on the left, with the after image on the right of the dissever.

– Horizontal Split up Screen Before And Afterward

If you demand a split up-screen earlier and after in Lightroom, simply the vertical view isn’t floating your boat, a horizontal split-screen volition do just the trick.

To admission this view,
printing the arrow before the Y|Y icon

in the toolbar and press
“Earlier/After Peak/Lesser Separate.”

To get to this view with a keyboard shortcut, printing
Selection + Y
(Mac) or
Alt + Y

You lot might have noticed that this shortcut is the same as the top and bottom before and after view. Nevertheless, if y’all had previously selected the acme/lesser dissever selection manually, this shortcut volition automatically go to this same view.

If this shortcut takes y’all into the standard top and lesser view,
press Shift + Y
to toggle to the horizontal divide-screen view instead.

Tin You Slide Earlier & After Previews In Lightroom?

Lightroom does not accept sliding before and after previews available in the program. Instead, you volition have to utilise the Left/Correct Split option by pressing Shift + Y. This offers a before and after preview going down the middle of your prototype, simply it cannot slide back and forth.

Every bit tempting every bit it may seem with the horizontal and vertical split-screen options, Lightroom has yet to brand it available. In other programs such as Luminar, this feature is included. So if this missing characteristic ruins Lightroom for you, peradventure it’s time to look for some other program.

Ok, maybe we are existence a chip dramatic…

How To View Lightroom Before And Afters In Full Screen

To view the earlier and later of your edit in full screen, right-click on your paradigm and choose Create Virtual Copy. Select the virtual copy prototype and press Command/Control + Shift + R to reset it. Press F on your keyboard to total screen and utilise the arrow keys to toggle the before and after images.

Unfortunately, there is no way to use the previous shortcuts yous learned while in the full screen viewing mode of Lightroom. Instead, you need to use a workaround that involves creating a virtual copy.

In brusque, a virtual copy creates a duplicate of your file, but but inside of Lightroom. The actual file itself does non become duplicated on your computer, and so you don’t need to worry about storage infinite!


on your edited image and cull
“Create Virtual Copy.”
An exact duplicate of your image will be created that can be found directly beside the original image in your toolbar.

Select the newly created virtual copy and reset information technology by clicking on the Reset push button beneath the editing panels. You can likewise press
Command + Shift + R
(Mac) or
Control + Shift + R
(PC) to reset the virtual copy back to the original country likewise. This volition accept off all of the edits y’all added and reset information technology back to the original image.

Y’all will have two indistinguishable images, one version with your edit, and a virtual re-create serving every bit the before image. To full screen your image,
press F
on your keyboard or become to
Window > Screen Way > Full Screen Preview.

Before image in full screen preview.

With the epitome displayed in full screen, printing the left or right pointer keys to toggle betwixt your earlier (the virtual copy) and the after images. With the arrow keys, yous are switching between the two photos in your filmstrip.

Later on in full screen preview manner.

To exit full screen mode, press F again on your keyboard. If you no longer need the virtual copy, you can delete it by selecting it and pressing the delete key.

How To Change The Before State Of A Photo In Lightroom

To change the before state of an image in Lightroom, first admission the History console. Choose a history land yous wish to employ, click on it, then press the “Copy Afterwards’s Settings To Before” button in the toolbar. At present select the most contempo history land to reset the After image to its final look.

With that said, there is a lilliputian bit to elaborate on to make this procedure a piddling bit clearer. I’ll also get into some other style of changing the before await of an image with the aid of snapshots in Lightroom.

– Using The History Console

To beginning things off, enter your desired earlier and later view in Lightroom with whatever of the methods y’all learned earlier. In this case, I’ll
printing Y
to toggle the adjacent before and after.

Now open your History panel, which tin can be establish on the left side of your screen. Inside this panel is all of the adjustments y’all’ve made to your edit since y’all began, including exporting. By clicking on whatsoever of these history states, your after epitome will change to this detail phase in the editing process.

For at present, find a history land that you lot desire to use as your earlier paradigm.

With a history state chosen, press the
Copy Afterward’s Settings To Beforebutton found within the toolbar. This volition copy the current state of your after image onto your earlier. Now you lot volition have two matching images based on the history country yous chose previously.

Going back to the History panel, select the most recent history state at the very top of the list to modify your after image back to its well-nigh contempo edited version.

Your before image will show the old history state you just copied over, while the after image will display the near current version of the photo. This is an like shooting fish in a barrel way to change the before land of a photograph in Lightroom, even if you forgot to create snapshots.

– Using Snapshots

Snapshots are a great way to speedily access previous history states without searching through the history panel. By creating a serial of snapshots, you tin can quickly toggle between unlike editing stages to use as your before prototype.

You tin create a snapshot while you edit by clicking on the
plus icon in the snapshots panel

to create a new snapshot. Set a name that you’re happy with and
click create.

Your new snapshot will appear in the snapshots panel that saves that item phase in your edit quick access subsequently on.

As a second option, you lot can create snapshots from history states equally well. Past
your desired history state, select
Create Snapshot
to save that history state equally a new snapshot. The goal here is to create a snapshot to apply as a new earlier comparison for your current Lightroom edit.

At present it’s time to use your snapshots to change the earlier state of the before and after preview. Past pressing Y to admission the before and after preview, right-click on your snapshot and choose
“Copy Snapshot Settings To Earlier.”This applies your snapshot settings onto the before paradigm for easy comparison with the current edit!

Snapshots are handy for irresolute the before image in Lightroom, and it’southward worthwhile to create one for any major footstep in your edit. For example, you could create a snapshot afterward brightening adjustments, another i subsequently color adjustments, and a third after selective adjustments. This way, information technology’southward easy to compare your photo to any stage in the editing process.

Before And Afterwards Keyboard Shortcuts In Lightroom (List)

The earlier and subsequently keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom are:

  1. \ – View Before Image Only
  2. Y – Before/Later Next
  3. Choice/Alt + Y – Before/After Elevation/Bottom
  4. Shift + Y – Before/Afterward Separate

As a final viewing pick to continue with these 4 shortcuts, you can also
press Shift + Tab

to hide all panels. This is an alternative workaround to the full screen preview method I mentioned previously. Although you don’t technically get a “full” screen, it does a great task enlarging your images while in whatsoever of these before and after previews.

Before And Subsequently Not Working In Lightroom – How To Fix

If the before and after preview is not working in Lightroom, brand sure that you are in the Develop Module. To admission it, click “Develop” in the upper bar or press D on your keyboard. Now press Y on your keyboard to toggle the earlier and subsequently of your epitome.

When you lot are working in any other Lightroom module such as Library, Map, Book, Slideshow, etc., before and later on previews are not available. Instead, they tin only be accessed while in the Develop Module.

In one case inside the Develop Module, y’all tin can click on the
Y|Y icon

in the toolbar to toggle the before and after manually. If this toolbar is not visible,
press T

on your keyboard to bring information technology back into view.

With these simple tips, you tin quickly solve any before and after issues you take in Lightroom.

How To See Earlier And Later In Lightroom Mobile

To see the before and after in Lightroom Mobile, click and concur on your photo to toggle the “Before” image. After letting go, your photograph will automatically switch back to the “After” version of the prototype. You lot can exercise this multiple times to go back and forth between before and after previews rapidly.

Unlike Lightroom desktop, viewing before and afters in Lightroom Mobile is far more than straightforward. The caveat to this is fewer preview options, such as the side-past-side or superlative and bottom displays found in Lightroom desktop.

Now you know everything at that place is to know about seeing the before and after of a photo in Lightroom or Lightroom Mobile. All that’s left is to start making your edits look ameliorate than e’er with some eye-catching adjustments.

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Happy Editing,

Brendan 🙂