How To Remove Haze In Lightroom

By | 20/08/2022

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Existent Estate photographers often have to shoot exterior views of backdrop in unfavorable conditions conditions, which may effect in hazy photographs. The dehaze tool in Lightroom (only available to the Artistic Cloud subscribers) solves this issue. Learning how to dehaze in Lightroom 5 volition also assist you tackle hazy photos effectively.

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  • How to Dehaze in Lightroom 5 Using Three Methods
    • Using the Effects in Basic Console
    • Using the Tone Curve
    • Using Dehaze Presets
    • Adjusting the Dehazed Prototype
  • Dehaze Slider in Lightroom half-dozen and Upwardly
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How to Dehaze in Lightroom five Using Iii Methods

Images with the source of light right behind the focus, mist, or fog crusade sections in your photos to go hazy. Sometimes a slight brume looks absolutely beautiful, giving the photo an ethereal effect, something which a photographer would intentionally reach. If the haziness is taking the effect of your photograph up a notch, it is totally unobjectionable.

Even so, fog or brume often diverts attending from the focus, which becomes a trouble. For example, in the sample image that we have used below to demonstrate the dehaze process, the sun shines behind a section of this dwelling house, masking an area that should be conspicuously visible.

If you lot want to remove haze similar this from images, y’all can easily do it in Lightroom Classic CC. Although the best fashion to do information technology is past using the dehaze slider, sadly, it isn’t available to Lightroom five users. Still, y’all can mimic the daze slider’s effect by using any of the three methods mentioned beneath.

Hazy photo of a house exterior

Using the Furnishings in Basic Panel

Amongst the iii methods for dehazing photos in the absence of the dehaze slider, this way gives the best results in the terminal prototype. You need to sympathise the touch of Bones Panel sliders in society to remove haze from your photograph. When used correctly, these adjustments volition raise your photos, reducing haze finer.

if your image is in RAW format, you lot will be able to encounter the editing furnishings better than those on JPEG format images.

  1. Import the hazy paradigm into Lightroom using the
  2. Go to the
    module by selecting it from the elevation correct section, or press D on your keyboard.
  3. Now adjust the following sliders as recommended. You will notice these sliders in the
    sections later on expanding the
    Basic Console
    found on the right hand side.


The offset aligning you lot demand to make is to bring downwards the
slightly without affecting the image quality. Depending upon the amount of brume in your image, reducing exposure will bring meaning comeback as the brightness decreases. You can either increase the exposure by moving the slider to the left or input a value in numbers for a precise outcome.


The lack of definition due to haziness tin be rectified past increasing the
of your image. Motility the clarity slider to the right to increase it as required. As the increment in clarity makes the outlines of objects prominent, it volition eradicate the brume to a significant limit.

Clarity alone brings dorsum the verve in your images as it affects both the light and dark areas of the image. Different the hazy photo, which looks gloomy, your terminal prototype volition wait punchier due to this adjustment.


Next, you need to increase the
to improve the unclear parts in your paradigm. To become the verbal wait y’all want, consider using this slider in combination with the Blacks and Dissimilarity slider until yous are satisfied.


slider actually helps to bring out the details in the image. Subtract the slider until y’all strike the correct residual.


The dissimilarity of the epitome volition be impacted after you make the above adjustments. Bring back the contrast by moving the slider upwardly until you see the haze gone. It will also make your highlights and shadows much more than distinguished.

Adjusting Basic Panel sliders for editing hazy image in Lightroom 5

The alterations that we did to a higher place brought the desired changes quite effectively. This proves that not having the dehaze slider is non really a limitation in your epitome processing in Lightroom.

Dehazed image using Lightroom 5

Using the Tone Curve

Another way to dehaze a photo in Lightroom is by using the
Tone Curve. The tone bend panel intimidates newbies as they find it hard to master. Nonetheless, information technology is a very useful and time-saving characteristic that allows quick editing.

Learning to use Tone Curve will add another feather to your cap to brand you a Lightroom expert. Also, even if something goes wrong, yous can always disengage your settings.

The tone bend helps y’all adapt the light and nighttime areas in the image. If you are using a linear point curve, your adjustments will be more controlled. Switch to the custom tone curve past clicking on the button present on the correct side below the adjustment sliders in the Tone Curve panel.

Adjusting the tone curve in Lightroom 5 to decrease the haze in the photo

Here is how we adjusted the tone curve to subtract the haze in the photograph. You tin can run into that the adjustments are made at three points, giving the curve an S shape.

Dehazed image by adjusting the tone curve in Lightroom 5

Using Dehaze Presets

Although the dehaze tool is not present in Lightroom 5, you can download dehaze presets available for free. Some of them practice a pretty proficient chore at removing haze from the images, just like the dehaze slider. The good matter is that yous can dehaze multiple photos using these presets in a affair of seconds.

Adjusting the Dehazed Image

Whether yous dehaze a photo using the Bones Console, Tone Curve,  or via a preset, there are some further adjustments you may need to brand. As an outcome of these edits, your photograph’due south sharpness and noise may go impacted.


Under the
panel in Develop module, yous tin see the section to adapt image sharpness. You tin can increase sharpness by bringing up the
slider slightly. It will add a lot of definition to your photo.


Dehazing oft causes an increased noise in your image. However, refrain from reducing the dissonance as well much by adjusting the slider accordingly.

Dehaze Slider in Lightroom half dozen and Up

Although the methods nosotros described give satisfactory results to bring a hazy image alive. However, the dehaze slider that is available in Lightroom six and in a higher place is definitely a compelling feature for this purpose.

It is recommended to update your software to a newer version and subscribe to Creative Cloud to unlock this handy feature. Non only will it practise a improve job, simply it also saves you the time you spend on balancing several adjustments.


If you have to edit images with a hazy effect in Lightroom 5, you can implement any of the methods mentioned to a higher place. Keep in listen that different images may require different values in adjustments. Just keep on experimenting with the settings until y’all successfully dehaze your image.