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By | 16/08/2022

Best Smartphone for Video


The smartphone market place is full of great phones, just non every cellphone is equal. Some are better for capturing video and playing information technology dorsum than others. Some phones make editing your videos easier and others accept features sectional to them. When you’re checking out the prices of smartphones the LG V30 and the iPhone 8 Plus aren’t in the same league only when you bank check out the specs, you’ll observe that these two phones are rivals for your money. Each is feature-packed and offers hardware and software that other phones can’t friction match which is why the choice of which smartphone’southward best for video comes down to these ii.

LG V30 vs iPhone 8 Plus

With 25 percent more than RAM than the iPhone 8 Plus at 4GB compare to 3GB, you’d wait the LG V30 to be faster than the iPhone 8 Plus but it’s not. The iPhone features Apple’s A11 Bionic scrap with its neural engine which is manner faster than anything Qualcomm currently produces. In terms of storage, both phones can be bought with 64GB of memory only you can get up to 256GB with the iPhone. Anyone familiar with iPhone will know that you can’t add together SD cards so 256GB is the limit whereas the LG’due south memory can exist expanded with a microSD carte up to 2TB.

Although the iPhone 8 Plus is a bigger phone, it’s 5.five inch brandish is smaller than the 6-inch screen on the LG V30. At that place’s a lot of bezel on the iPhone which is a design cue of Apple’s phones as they normally have the ID sensor as function of the chin bezel and the built-in stereo speaker at the top. Past contrast, the LG has very piddling bezel, which is the current trend for phone designs. If you desire an iPhone to rival the LG for screen size, purchase the iPhone X which comes with a v.8-inch display thanks to a near edge-to-edge screen design.


Which has the best camera? Which machine has the best bombardment life? Both are important if yous desire to use them to capture those special moments. Although the V30 has a larger battery at 3300 mAh compared to 2675 mAh, each phone has the same battery life at shut to 12 hours. You become wireless charging with both phones likewise. In terms of cameras, the iPhone’southward front-facing photographic camera is better at 7MP compared to the V30’s 5MP but both feature dual lens rear cameras. Both shoot in 4K but your videos and pictures will expect amend when captured with the LG’s 16MP telephoto lens and 13MP broad-angle lens rather than the iPhone which offers 12MP for both lenses.


Apple tree’s iOS offers regular software updates and security patches which y’all won’t find with the LG. If y’all want the same experience on Android, you’ll need to buy a Google Pixel phone. When you check out the App Shop or the Play Store you’ll see a difference there besides as Android users have around 3.v meg apps available to them while those on Apple’s iOS simply have 2.5 one thousand thousand apps to choose betwixt. Y’all’ll also detect more costless apps on Play Store than the App Shop but all the best apps are bachelor for both phones.

Winner and Loser

With fingerprint sensors, wireless charging, big screens and great cameras both phones are great for capturing and playing back video. Just to get the nearly out of the iPhone you’ll need to spend shut to $1000 to buy the 256GB. The LG is $200 cheaper and its memory can exist expanded far higher than the iPhone for a lot less than the $200 saved on the buy cost. When both phones are so similar, why pay more than? If yous’re a big Apple tree fan, buy the iPhone X. That’s the best iPhone on the marketplace at this time.