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How to get from inquiry to booked in your photography business

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How To Go From Inquiry To Booked In Your Photography Business

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Getting booked
. That’s what nosotros all desire, right? Simply sometimes going from enquiry to booked in your photography business is not as easy equally information technology sounds; especially when you’re only starting out. There’s SO much to exercise, and so much try put into merely GETTING the client to your contact form; that most of the time nosotros give up or allow upwardly the slack later we get the lead.

But, the thing is — nosotros can’t afford to.

How to go from inquiry to booked in your photography business

We’ve got to actually close the sale if we want the money, and that’southward exactly what we’re chatting most today.

I’m going to be sharing exactly how to go from inquiry to booked in your photography business. So, if you’ve been struggling, lean in. I gotchu. Let’south become to it.

Step 1: Set upward a loftier-converting Contact Form

You’ve got to prepare a high-converting (and lead-qualifying) contact form. There’s a difference betwixt a contact class that has a few uncomplicated questions and one that gathers the information necessary for you to connect and start building a relationship.

In my contact course, I’m request several unlike things that help me larn more than almost the potential client, but as well allow me to respond back with personality, and build some connection points right off the bat.

Let’s expect at my teaching contact form first. Of course, I’m asking for their name, number, and email address; only I’one thousand also asking for their social media handles and what they’re struggling with most. This information is necessary for me to maximize our time together, and also to start building them out a custom plan to skyrocket their business concern! Plus, it gives me much more to work with in my initial research response.

And so we’ve got my couples contact course.

We meet fields for:

  • Proper name
  • Their partner’s name
  • The all-time e-mail
  • Their telephone number
  • Where they want their shoot to take place
  • When they want their shoot to accept place
  • More details nigh them
  • The best take a chance they’ve had together
  • How they heard nigh me
  • Anything else they want me to know

I’thousand asking these questions because I want to start building a relationship, (and chatting well-nigh more only cost,) from the starting time. That’s super important to me and my process in going from inquiry to booked in my photography business organisation, considering my clients aren’t but “clients.”

Pro tip: Use a CRM (client relationship managing director) to host your contact form inside of. This manner, yous tin can activate a workflow automatically! If you’ve never heard of a CRM, or don’t take i, HoneyBook is hands down my FAVORITE.

This is what my contact grade looks like in HoneyBook:

How to go from inquiry to booked in your photography business

We see the aforementioned fields here equally we do on my site. So, let’s say someone fills out my contact grade on my website. Yay!

When someone fills out that form, it will immediately popular up in HoneyBook letting me know that I got a new inquiry. (The bell at the top right volition have a red “1” notification. Their project volition prove upwards in the “Project” pipeline below, at the very top.

Then, I can click into information technology and transport whatever files, or electronic mail templates, etc. that I demand to send to them from at that place! It’due south AMAZING, and yes you need it.

Maybe you lot’re thinking, “Okay, merely what if I don’t have a website? Not a problem. HoneyBook allows you to even host your contact form on their servers as a landing page, and you tin can even plug it into your link in bio on IG if yous desire! 🙂

Yous can try HoneyBook for free hither, and if y’all determine to sign up; that same link will give you l% off your kickoff year of HoneyBook! 🎉

Step 2: Brand your initial inquiry response stand out.

Chances are, that potential customer has likely reached out to multiple photographers, and if you all reply back the same fashion, they’ll but begin to shop based off of price and not value. (Which is what we DON’T want!)

Y’all’ve got to stand out. Asking “different” questions on your contact form will automatically help and start this process, but the way in which you respond will really set y’all autonomously. Feel free to infuse your personality, and drop the “uber professional” vibes. Exist a person, and have a heart. It will help either attract or repel — and that’southward always a good matter. 🙂

Pro tip: To get from research to booked in your photography business, try to reply ASAP. Yous desire to be the beginning that got back to them, AND with emotion. The way in which you’ll practice this apace, (without feeling like you accept to be glued to your telephone 24/7,) is yet again — through a CRM! You’ll use the e-mail templates section, and build one out for each stride of your procedure.

The email templates that (in my personal stance,) are admittedly necessary for your photography business are:

  • Automobile-responder email (sends right after someone inquires)
  • Response to Inquiry/brochure, etc.
  • Proposal email
  • Official Welcome + What to habiliment electronic mail (can be split up if need be)
  • Timeline for session
  • Prep for the session (sending whatever other relevant details/info over)
  • Day of reminder
  • Thank y’all + day after details
  • The blog is alive email
  • The gallery is live email
  • Testimonial asking
  • Follow up email #ane
  • Follow upward e-mail #ii
  • Out of office email template (for when you’re on vacay, etc.)

Now, you can add all kinds of electronic mail templates to this listing, totally feel costless to! I just feel that this is a really practiced place to beginning. 🙂

Stride 3: Evangelize your pricing

I saw a huge increment in bookings one time I poured more time and energy into the way I was presenting my pricing.

In short, don’t merely list your numbers in a simple, one-page .pdf. Anybody is doing that. Instead, find a way to showcase your pricing that both communicates the value you bring, and explains why you’re the best choice.
(Bonus points if yous can make information technology an interactive experience!)

Pro tip: If you’re non a designer and this stresses you out; I gotchu. In that location’s a characteristic within of HoneyBook called “Brochures,” and they make the process a bit more than elementary for clients to progress from an research to booked. Yous can present your potential clients with your brochure
(which has the different collections you offer in information technology,)
then they can cull the drove they want from the brochure. So, HoneyBook will automatically create a “proposal” file from their pick on the brochure, and and then earlier you know it, you lot’re getting paid!

Stride 4: Make information technology easy for them to sign the contract and pay you.

If the process to
book you is besides complicated, chances are they’re not going to.  We desire this to exist equally simple as possible, with the smallest amount of “barriers to entry” every bit possible.

After they’ve responded to your initial research response, (which would’ve had your pricing in information technology,) and they’ve told you which collection they wanted, you’ll want to send them what’s called a “proposal.”

Proposals are 1 of my MOST favorite features in HoneyBook. This is where our virtual cash register dings.
(Like, for real. The sound the mobile app makes is a CHA-CHINGGG, and money rains down. Information technology’s FUN.)

Proposals are basically the telescopic of the projection, the payment programme, and the contract all wrapped up in one pretty piffling document! Your client will see the telescopic (what’s all included in what they’re getting,) the contract, and then the payment plan. It walks them through it step past step, and is SO easy.

It besides updates you when they’ve viewed each part, and then you know where they’re at in the process!

If you lot don’t take HoneyBook, you lot could search on Creative Market for a proposal template, and utilize a payment processor and DocuSign, (or some other digital contract signing service,) simply a CRM will be And then much more organized and seamless. Truuust me. 😅

(Plus, HoneyBook released a new payment option this year, that with my code simply makes it like $4.50 a month. FA REAL.)

Step 5: Get used to sending follow-up emails.

If you don’t hear back from the client within 72 hours of sending over a proposal (or even the initial inquiry response,) transport them a follow-up e-mail.
Chances are, they haven’t seen your email nonetheless. Maybe information technology got cached in their inbox-city, or maybe they saw it and meant to respond but it slipped their mind!

Either way, normalize following upward in order to go from research to booked in your photography business.

Virtually experts propose following up, upwards to 3 times.

I know, you may be thinking, “But won’t I be bugging them!?” No. You lot’re being a business organization, and you care about working with them!

It doesn’t have to be a novel of an email. It can be curt and sweet! Here’s an example of a follow-up email I’d send:

“Hi [Proper name]!

I’g only following up to see if y’all accept whatsoever questions about the data I sent your way a few days ago. (I totally sympathize if it got buried in your inbox, simply let me know if you lot demand me to re-ship it!)

I’d LOVE the take a chance to become to know you better and serve you lot with photography. I also totally understand if yous accept questions! And then if later on reading over everything you have questions, or decide you’d like to conversation over the phone, I’k down for that! Only let me know! 🙂

Conversation presently!


[Your Proper noun]

I tin’t tell you how many times I’ve gone from inquiry to booked sessions simply by following up to people! Information technology’s
worth it. Attempt information technology!

Wish you could just have HoneyBook built out for you, with all the templates and things y’all demand loaded into information technology for y’all to start using?

I know how complicated it is to run a photography business concern; (vi years strong over here!) At that place’s and then much to do. And then many things to implement, and so many things to learn.

My goal is to simplify the process for you, and help you focus on what you really *need* to be focusing on;
(non the shiny stuff that doesn’t move the needle forward in your biz.)

And chances are, if you lot don’t have a CRM — that’s going to be number one on your “need-to-exercise” list in order to go from research to booked in your photography business.

So, you’ve got a few options. You tin can either:

  • a) Ignore developing processes in your business and continue to struggle with booking clients bc you lot have no repeatable organization, (oof) 🙈
  • b) Get


    stat and start getting organized, building out a system to make you money on repeat
  • c)

    Outsource the setup of HoneyBook to me and my team
    , and allow us do it for you lot; and so you can spend time doing what you honey, shooting. 📸🥂

Curious what the HoneyBook setup service entails? Click the push button below to discover out!

(Spoiler alert: you lot get a completely custom HoneyBook setup with your business in mind, likewise as my e-mail templates, workflows, questionnaires, brochures, and proposal templates.)



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