How To Run A Photography Facebook Page

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Almost everyone has a Facebook business relationship nowadays. Facebook is a slap-up way to communicate with friends, share news, and showcase your photos. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you probably accept accounts on various websites where you share your most amazing shots. How can y’all attract attention to them? At that place are a few ways to gather likes, but the best manner is to create a photography Facebook folio or grouping where everyone can see and like your photos.

You tin can check out our previous article if y’all want to know how to make your photos expect good for Instagram. This commodity will deal with Facebook. Editing is what makes a deviation for your Facebook photography page. If you don’t already edit your photos, consider buying Luminar. It volition accident your mind.

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Resize your photos for Facebook

Facebook, similar other social media websites, has some preferences apropos image sizes. Information technology will automatically crop images you upload to fit the available space and make them look united in your feed. That’s why y’all should resize photos for Facebook to make them look platonic. Bank check out these ideal sizes, but keep in mind that resizing to scale will also work.

  • Embrace: 820 x 312 pixels
  • Profile movie: 180 x 180 pixels
  • Square image: 476 x 476 pixels (Note that smaller pictures will plow out blurry while bigger pictures will be reduced.)
  • Horizontal (landscape): 476 pixels broad, peak adjusted proportionally
  • Vertical (portrait): 476 pixels loftier, height adjusted proportionally to a maximum of 714 pixels (Facebook crops abroad the bottom)
  • Multiple images: 300 ten 300 pixels foursquare, turning into a carousel
  • Ideal proportions: 1024 x 512 pixels

Since you’re setting upward a Facebook photography folio all the pictures should wait ideal, so don’t skip this pace.

Page vs group

Facebook pages and groups are dissimilar. Pages are informational while groups are about participation. Celebrities and businesses generally utilise pages to achieve a presence on Facebook and then that users can talk near them, tag them in posts, and be aware of the latest news. In order to follow a page, yous tin can like information technology. Afterward that, updates to the page volition start appearing in your feed.

As an example, yous can look at the Facebook photography folio of photographer and speaker Sue Bryce.

A bang-up example of a group is our Skylum group. Yous tin can join it and participate in discussions and activities.

Advantages of pages

  • No viewing restrictions
  • No following restrictions
  • Showcase your photography
  • Smashing way to post updates or ads

Setting up a page

How tin you gear up up a photography page on Facebook? Just go to and follow the instructions.

Tips to make your Facebook photo page or group more popular Image1

Advantages of groups

  • You tin can limit the viewership
  • You can limit membership and posting options
  • You can create a tight-knit community
  • You can identify grouping dynamics

Setting up a group

Now that you lot know how to create a photography page on Facebook, let’s detect out how to create a Facebook group. Just follow the instructions in the screenshot beneath from the Facebook help section. Remember to choose a groovy Facebook group photo to concenter followers, especially if your group is closed.

Tips to make your Facebook photo page or group more popular Image2

Attract more followers

Followers create your community and add to the chat. How can you attract more followers to your Facebook photography page? Exist aware of design, communication, and activeness.


Unique style

Luminar tin aid you create a not bad style. Salvage your most-used presets or employ the
History button
on the acme bar to access your often used tools. This will help you go along the manner of your photos unified and create unique content that volition be recognizable and but yours.


Brand sure that people know who you are. Apply your proper noun or create a brand then that you lot’re recognizable. A tricky slogan tin also do the flim-flam. Find something unique about yourself and piece of work with it. For example, Trey Ratcliff is a photographer who specializes in HDR photography, and his work is widely known and recognizable in the photography customs.


Communicate with followers

Respond to those who comment and ask questions. Make sure that your followers don’t feel left out or unheard on your Facebook photography page. Avoid criticism. Surely y’all tin can delete offensive comments, but try to reply in a civilized way to those who are unkind or desire to stir debate. It volition make you wait classy.

Write captions

Y’all might think that your pictures are self-explanatory, but adding a caption is often simply as important as taking a bang-up shot. Write where the photo was taken, give your shot a quirky title, or state what photographic camera or editing software you lot used. This can be the starting indicate for a chat in the comments.


Know your target audience

Who are your main viewers? What exercise they like? If you observe their activity and behaviour patterns, yous can promote your folio quicker. If your audience are teenagers, you lot probably shouldn’t post new photos in the morning time since they’re likely to exist at school. If your audience are mothers, yous may want to avoid sensitive content. Receiving feedback is great, and yous should look at criticism as a manner to improve your mode.

Avoid spamming

Spam is a large turn off for anyone. Don’t post on your page too much or people will unsubscribe. If yous manage a group, filter the content that other people postal service and make sure that it all fits your vision and guidelines. Don’t mail ads in a blunt way because your followers can see right through insincere paid promotions.


Photographers should help each other out. As you lot gain popularity, there will be other photography enthusiasts who volition propose collaborations or promotions for you to share on your page. This is a corking way to get more followers and brand yourself fifty-fifty more famous. However, don’t compromise your style for this.

Tips to make your Facebook photo page or group more popular Image3

First steps

Like the famous Chinese maxim says, a journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step. The start footstep to create your amazing Facebook photography folio is to start with a cover photo. Information technology should exist something truly great that shows your unique style. Think of this photo as your business card that you lot show to potential business partners or new friends when making their acquaintance.

Luminar has a special crop ratio that can be used for your Facebook cover photograph. This will also piece of work for your Facebook group photo. To make your encompass photo in only a few clicks, follow these instructions:

  • Open your photo in Luminar
  • Go to the top bar and select
  • In the tools driblet-downwards menu, select
  • In the Crop menu, choose
    Facebook encompass photo
  • Crop the photo and export it in the desired format
  • Upload the cover photo to your Facebook photography page

Now that you lot have a cover photo, it’southward fourth dimension to fill your page with content. If you select the Facebook Feed ingather ratio in Luminar (simply below Facebook cover in the Crop bill of fare), you can quickly resize your pictures to fit your Facebook page.

You can try Luminar for gratuitous and test out these features.

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