How To Set Up Studio Lighting For Newborn Photography

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When it comes to producing slap-up newborn photography images, creative newborn photography props and ideas can be the difference between an apprentice photo and a high-quality, professional person photograph.  Afterall, y’all could have all of the best camera gear, lighting gear, and even photographic knowledge in the world but still stop up with boring, unoriginal newborn photography. On the other hand, you lot could be a beginner and get keen newborn photography imagery with some inventiveness, attention to item and planning. The post-obit article will walk y’all through a few Newborn Photography Props and Ideas to get y’all started.

Bones Newborn Photography Props

ane. Hats and Headbands as Newborn Photography Props

Hats can brand dandy newborn photo props.  You can color match with the background and the overall scene, all while keeping the baby nice and warm with a soft beanie or cute hat. The infant lid and diaper cover combination was purchased hither on Beautiful Photo Props (ane of our favorite stores for newborn props).


two. Wraps, Blankets, Bowls, Rompers and Swaddles as Newborn Photography Props

Wraps, Blankets, Rompers, Bowls and Swaddles help create colorful and cute newborn photography imagery. These are especially useful because they allow you to embrace the newborn’southward private parts, peel discoloration, or rashes easily and quickly. With diaper covers, you can simply leave the diaper on, making for a much easier and cleaner shoot.

In dissimilarity, nude newborn infant photos require 1) placing the infant’south legs in the perfect position, ii) photographing from creative angles, or 3) or three cropping off certain parts of the newborn image. For information on how to swaddle, where to buy cute, rubber, and unique props and outfits, check out our Newborn Photography Workshop.



All items in the images to a higher place tin be purchased at Beautiful Photograph Props.

3. Baskets and Bowls

Baskets and Bowls are cute photo props because they give the viewer perspective on just how tiny the newborn is. Information technology’south this short time period in their lives that parents of newborns will desire to remember forever.

The skilful thing is cute baskets and bowls can be purchased at almost whatsoever craft store for very depression prices. Beneath are a couple examples of using baskets as a newborn photography prop.

4. Hanging Stork Sacks

Hanging Stork sacks play on the old story of the stork bringing the baby into the world. These sacks can make for very beautiful newborn photograph props, but be certain to use proper safety for your baby. Make sure y’all realize that well-nigh of these newborn photos are composites, and they should be a combination of multiple photographs. See the newborn images below for an example, courtesy of Amanda Rachael Photography of Bella Bun.

Learn More about Newborn Safety in our Newborn Workshop.


v. Newborn Props Based Effectually Hobbies (Music Sets)

The following images were sent to u.s.a. courtesy of Bree Franklin Photography. Her creative newborn photos below are centered around the concept of music. Notice how she puts condom first in her imagery and uses the technique of compositing images to achieve her concluding vision.



6. Hammock

Hammocks are cute photo props that also must exist executed with condom start. See the epitome below and the apply of the Bella Bun to safely support the newborn baby.


7. Movie Newborn Photograph Props (Star Wars)

If y’all’re looking to think outside of the box, consider some of your favorite hobbies. If you guys take a favorite motion picture or show, consider incorporating elements of that movie or prove in your newborn photography. The more you customize your newborn props to fit your personality, the more pregnant these images will have for you lot and your family in the long run. Take a look at this awesome newborn photo below past Emma June Photography


8. Vacation Newborn Photo Props

If you like a particular holiday or if it just happens to be that time of the year, you can observe a lot of vacation outfits and props to fit any scene for your newborn photography. Yous tin can find their props for auction over on Etsy.

Cheque out these awesome images below past Ten Toes Photography and Gina Raw Miller Photography.


nine. Superhero Newborn Photo Props

Okay … at present these are creative! Have a look at these custom superhero outfits for newborns by Goodger Photography (Images of Love). As well being ambrosial they are incredibly unique and surprisingly affordable over on Etsy.


10. Travel and Luggage

If you lot’ve got the travel bug, you might want to consider incorporating luggage, books, and other elements of travel. For this image, Pye’s wife used to live in Paris and it holds a special place in her heart. This is why we incorporated Parisian elements into this image below. We comprehend the ready, lighting, posing, postal service production for this image in our Newborn Photography Workshop.


Acquire More About Newborn Photography

400x208Please see our Newborn Photography Workshop for more ideas for props and poses for newborns. We even include a full set of newborn presets to take your baby photography to the next level.


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