How To Share Photoshop Between Computers

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The need to transfer Adobe Photoshop from ane device to another may arise due to many factors. Yous may exist upgrading your systems, switching from Windows to a Mac, or ownership a new figurer. Whatever the reason behind information technology, learning how to transfer Photoshop from one figurer to another is necessary to conduct out the task properly.

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How to Transfer Photoshop from I Computer to Another

Whenever you are required to move paid software similar Adobe Photoshop to some other computer, you may feel humble most doing then. You lot may be fearing anything might go wrong during the process, and you will have to purchase a new subscription, wasting the money spent on an earlier ane.

The truth, however, is that transferring Photoshop to another device is a adequately elementary process. All you need to do is get through Adobe’s terms and atmospheric condition regarding utilize on multiple devices and the license central. Doing then will clear your heed about the bodily procedure.

First of all, remember that Adobe’s terms and conditions allow two activations per subscription. This means that while you are using Adobe Photoshop as a primary user on one device, you can also install it on i more device. However, you can not utilize the software on both simultaneously.

Pace 1: Deactivate Photoshop From Onetime Computer

The initial stage of transferring Photoshop is to deactivate it on the device that is no longer intended for use. A little breakdown on why Deactivation is needed tells us that it is essential to gratuitous upwardly the activation of the license. Simply uninstalling volition not deactivate Photoshop from a computer.

Different Uninstallation, Deactivation is achieved simply after you lot sign out of your account. Failing to do so will not allow you to apply Photoshop with the aforementioned license key on another computer. If you deactivate Photoshop and don’t uninstall, you will be prompted to input your serial number the side by side time y’all open Photoshop on that device and start a complimentary trial menses.

The question arises here that how tin you sign out of a device that is no longer accessible? (disk drive crashed, the computer lost, or damaged beyond repair, etc.)

The solution to this problem is the Account Management page of Artistic Cloud. You can carry on the deactivation process from there, or arrive touch with Adobe Customer Service to use your serial number and exercise information technology on their end.

In one case the software is Deactivated, information technology is highly recommended to run the arrangement through the Adobe Cleaner Tool to entirely purge the software system.

Step 2: Install Photoshop on the New Calculator

Later on deactivating the old system, information technology is at present fourth dimension to install and activate it on the new system. There are two things required for the process:

  1. Installation file or link.
  2. Serial number.

The serial number is assigned to you when you purchase Photoshop from Adobe. To view your serial number, log in to your online Adobe account. All your series numbers volition be viewable there. However, you may non see these numbers. If that happens, try registering your product and reload the page.

In that location is one more way to discover the series number. You can utilise Belarc Advisor (Windows) to recollect your series number. Or, if you are using a Mac Os, try using the Product Key Finder on Mac. These utilities will assist recover activation keys for all the programs on a arrangement.

Install Photoshop using the download file or link on the new computer. First, a gratuitous trial will be installed, which will plow into a permanent version one time you enter the valid serial number.

You lot tin alternatively use a CD/DVD or USB to install Photoshop.

Step iii: Use your Product Key to Activate Photoshop on New Computer

On the new computer, yous need to enter the serial key (Product cardinal) after installing Photoshop. This volition run a copy of the software that was installed on the previous computer.

  1. Ensure that your computer has an active net connection.
  2. Open the app and sign in with your Creative Cloud ID. Alternatively, you lot can go to the Help choice in Photoshop, where the selection to Activate is nowadays.
Adobe Photoshop installed on a computer

Oftentimes Asked Questions

What if My Sometime Figurer is Not Attainable?

If your old computer is no longer attainable due to the hard disk being crashed, the computer is stolen, lost, or damaged, you don’t need to worry. Only go to the Account Management page of Creative Deject. Deactivate Photoshop from other devices from there.

  1. Log in to your Creative Cloud account.
  2. Go to the Plans and Products tab.
  3. Click on Manage Plans.
  4. Now, come across the Activated Devices. Deactivate Photoshop from the computer that y’all do not intend to utilise further.

As well, the customer service at Adobe is quite prompt and helpful. Therefore, explaining the state of affairs to them will exist benign as they will reset your activation count.

On How Many Systems Tin I Use Adobe Photoshop Simultaneously?

Adobe’south policy states that y’all can use Photoshop and other Creative Cloud software on ii devices. Nevertheless, the point of business here is that you are non immune to USE Photoshop on both devices simultaneously. This means that it is non possible to run Photoshop on two devices with the aforementioned license key simultaneously.

What Happens If I Install Adobe Photoshop CC On a Tertiary Computer?

If you effort to install Adobe Photoshop CC on a third computer using the same production cardinal, you will be asked if you want to deactivate the software from the other two devices. Depending upon your choice, you can click on Continue in the Maximum Activations Exceeded box.

The activity will activate Photoshop on the tertiary device and conciliate information technology from the previous two.

Later on, you can reactivate Photoshop on ane of the two previous devices.

What If I Run Into Any Problem Between the Deactivation and Activation Process of Photoshop?

Don’t get panicked if yous run into any problem during the Deactivation and Activation procedure of Photoshop. The software would run in free trial fashion for a brief fourth dimension, which is plenty for yous to get in touch with Adobe Customer Support and notice solutions.


If your workflow in Photoshop requires you to use the software on two devices, you lot don’t demand to pay for some other subscription. Just follow the process of Deactivation, Installation, and Activation to transfer Photoshop onto another device effortlessly. We highly recommend you read the terms and atmospheric condition of Adobe Creative Cloud before standing this process.