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12 Must Practice’s when Shooting Your Beginning Wedding

Let’s confront it- shooting your first wedding is a large bargain. I’m not the kind of person to have nightmares, but I’ve definitely had my fair share during hymeneals flavour! Many capable photographers are scared of weddings considering they can be and so high pressure level: at that place is an expectation for wedding photographers to deliver images that will notwithstanding be loved 50 years from now. Couples pay a lot for their nuptials photography and expect timeless, romantic images that express their personality, the details of their wedding, and make them look fabulously in love. Things happen fast, and in that location are moments you lot can’t afford to miss. Pinterest has raised the expectations of couples everywhere, wanting their wedding photos to look as ethereal and romantic as e’er. At that place aren’t any re-shoots or pelting checks for wedding days, then how is a brand-new wedding photographer to start from scratch and be awesome with no experience? With that in mind, hither is a list of my top
12 must-dos for every lensman shooting their first nuptials.

12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  1. Know your couple.

    This is absolutely the biggest one. It is so important to know your couple’southward fashion. My showtime 2 wedding ceremony couples couldn’t have had more than unlike personalities. The kickoff couple were both doctoral students working on PhDs in some fancy bailiwick- I tin can’t even remember what it was, I but know I didn’t empathise anything they talked about! They wanted traditional, sweet pictures simply zilch too crazy and dramatic. We did some photos downtown, and so the balance at the nuptials venue. They turned out peachy, and were but what the couple wanted. The 2nd couple was an engineer marrying an actress/vocalist. And she wanted every creative shot she could get. Nosotros ran around Chicago at total steam until the sun went downward- jumping in an out of the machine and striking brilliant poses in every venue possible. I truly enjoyed each wedding and the different “experience” each had. But it’s actually of import to know what your couple is expecting before you show up with your camera.

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    12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Communicate expectations.
    I’m all most beingness completely open with your couple- if this is your first wedding, they need to know. Do not masquerade every bit a wedding ceremony photographer even though yous’ve never shot a unmarried ane. My wedding couples that first year picked me to shoot their weddings because they loved the other piece of work I did and trusted that my style would carry over to their hymeneals. The primal hither is to accept a brimming portfolio full of everything else you’ve done- families, newborns, couples, engagements, landscape, yous proper name it! The more piece of work you’ve washed, the more trust you’ll earn. I one time had a bride turn me down as inexperienced when I had simply done 4 weddings. And that’s fine. I was disappointed, but obviously it wasn’t meant to be. Proceed moving on, keep shooting. If your other work is good, you Will get wedding ceremony requests. And if there’s one thing that is crucial in the nuptials industry, it’s fourth dimension. Don’t be impatient. Your reputation as a wedding ceremony photographer is built on years of trust.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding
    12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • The nigh circuitous consequence with weddings is lighting.
    Fifty-fifty the most well-lit venue gets dark when the dominicus goes down. Or the picturesque outdoor venue gets rained out and yous have to motility inside. Sometimes couples plan their weddings during daylight savings time, forgetting that their wedding is after the time change and all the lighting they planned for gets thrown off. Y’all have to be fix! For a long time I was scared to apply my wink- I didn’t want my images to look cheesy and bogus. Nonsense. A expert wink used well can brand or pause the paradigm. The key is practice. (And lots of extra batteries!)12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Rent a very experienced assistant.

    For my first wedding I used a friend and mentor who I trusted to dorsum me upwardly, had her own equipment, and had shot weddings earlier. It’south important your banana expects y’all take charge and doesn’t run the show, but it’southward also imperative to have someone who isn’t going to sit back and let you make a terrible mistake.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Shoot everything you possibly can beforehand
    – practice practice exercise. Some of the best preparation I got with lighting and posing was shooting newborns in their home. The more oft you can practice shooting indoors in a location y’all’ve never seen before the better off y’all’ll be on a wedding twenty-four hour period. Also, I was lucky enough to go to shoot deployment homecomings before I ever did weddings. There are many similarities- you can’t miss “the osculation”, there are hours of training leading up to the big moment, and they take identify in all unlike venues, weather, and lighting situations. Shooting and posing big family reunions is very helpful too- it’south dainty to accept that skill set up in your groundwork, particularly when you are working with a large wedding political party. Posing seniors can exist very like to posing brides and grooms for their unmarried nuptials day portraits, another necessary expertise. And of form- shooting families with pocket-size children (ie moving targets) does wonders to hone your skills in almost every way. Basically, practice with anything and anybody you lot’ve got. It will all make you more prepared for that beginning hymeneals.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Become to the rehearsal.
    Once you’ve shot a few weddings you tin probably skip this footstep. Still, if at all possible, practice yourself a favor and get look at the venue while they’re rehearsing. Usually I bring my camera and take a few exam shots- with the flash, without, trying out dissimilar lenses and angles. Don’t get likewise attached to your lighting plan at this point, oftentimes the rehearsals are afterwards in the day than the anniversary (plus atmospheric condition can change!) so the lighting will exist different during the bodily nuptials. However, it’s a great time to get your anxiety wet, run across the parents of the bride and groom, and go a feel for the personality of the nuptials party.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Don’t be afraid to be in the moment.

    Some of the best, nigh timeless shots I’ve taken take been completely unplanned. Be on the alert for emotions and sweet moments that unfold when y’all aren’t expecting them. And when they happen- grab those images!12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Have a written game plan.
    I always ask the bride for a wedding solar day schedule ahead of time and give recommendations for when/where/how much time I need for pictures of anybody. Look information technology over carefully to brand sure you take enough time for everything. (If in that location isn’t adequate time for pictures people are decumbent to blame the photographer, even if you warned them.) I print a copy for myself and my assistant and proceed it handy during the unabridged wedding solar day. And for part b of this stride- wear a sentry! I’m embarrassed to acknowledge how long it took me to effigy this out. Wearing a lookout is a virtually foolproof way to stay on schedule, and it looks so much more professional than pulling out your phone every 15 minutes to make sure you’re on target.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Bring a snack
    . For real. If you think you can run effectually for an entire day with all your gear, composing shots and fielding questions and making minor talk and dealing with that groomsman that doesn’t want to cooperate and handing the helpmate tissues during that pre-nuptials meltdown and finding the wedding coordinator for that crucial question and grabbing this shot and that shot and finding Uncle Bob that wandered off the to the bath during family unit formals and analogous the first await and helping the helpmate with that lipstick that got on her dress, all without something to eat… well, you lot’re wrong. Any works for you lot- exist it chocolate, Clif bars, caffeine- bring a unimposing energy source yous can sneak on the go. You’ll thank me later!12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Cull your gear with care
    . This is probably the toughest one for me to write, because every wedding is unlike, with dissimilar needs. Nevertheless. I recommend shooting a hymeneals with mostly gear you own, and non renting much. Why? Because you know your gear best. And you’re going to take ameliorate images with the camera and lens you’re used to, even if the lens you’re renting is totally sweetness. One of my favorite wedding photographers brings merely ii lenses with her- a l mm and a macro. And she does an amazing job! The central is creating the best images possible with what you take. With that existence said, I do recommend shooting weddings on a full-frame camera. You have a lot more flexibility with high ISO adequacy, and the images are much sharper. Moving on to lenses, my favorite lenses for shooting weddings are the Canon 70-200mm f/ii.8, Catechism 24-70mm f/2.8, the Canon 50 mm f/1.two, and the Canon 100mm f/2.8. They each have their place during the twenty-four hours and I’d be hard-pressed to practise without whatsoever of them. That existence said, the 24-70 f/two.eight is my workhorse. I couldn’t shoot a wedding without information technology.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Shoot in RAW
    . I’yard non actually sure why RAW scares and then many photographers. Y’all just conform some dials on your photographic camera and ta-da! Yous have an paradigm with so much more data, you tin can save well-nigh annihilation from it. Brand sure you accept enough memory card infinite to handle all the RAW images, but you knew that already from all the practice you’ve been doing for this wedding ceremony beforehand.12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First Wedding

  • Have fun!
    Allow’southward face it- weddings are big, awesome parties. Being a wedding lensman is the best job in the world. Do it with a grin on your face!12 Must Do's when Shooting Your First WeddingYou might also similar 12 Tips to Photograph a Kickoff Look at a Nuptials


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