How To Start A Career In Photography

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Do You lot Want to Plough Your Photography Hobby Into a Career?

If you’ve been enjoying your photography as a hobby and decided y’all’re finally ready to accept the leap and do it as your Total Fourth dimension job, there are plenty of things to exist aware of before you take the plunge.

Photography equally a hobby can be a GREAT way to make some extra greenbacks here and at that place, but at that place is a whole lot more to it if you actually want to set it upwardly as your total time business without the rubber net of another task in the background.

While the idea of taking this leap might be a huge one, beingness aware of some of the simple steps to plough your hobby into a task that volition cover all your monthly bills and create the lifestyle yous’ve always dreamed of could be the fashion for y’all to get out of the rat race and start making money doing what you LOVE full time.

Here are our meridian tips for turning your photography hobby into a profitable business:

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1. Discover Your Niche

Whether yous are a landscape photographer, a wedding photographer, portrait specialist or a newborn photographer be clear almost what you are offering and what blazon of photography you specialize in.  Having a set genre will help solidify your brand and allow you to focus your energy on developing your style and marketing to the right audience.

Y’all might also consider incorporating your photography niche into your brand proper name – such as ‘Jane Smith – Landscape Photography’ or something like, so potential customers tin can see at a glance who you are and what you do.

2. Build a Portfolio

Without a portfolio, no one volition know what you can do.  So before you try to turn your photography hobby into a business it’s of import to build your portfolio and outset working on images that reverberate the fashion of shoots you want to do on a regular basis.

Your portfolio volition be ane of your main selling points, and then make certain to apply your Best IMAGES in the fashion you specialize in.

Engage some subjects to help you set up some shots if y’all don’t already accept them in your existing portfolio and make sure y’all have all the equipment you need to create a portfolio of images that truly showcase your talent.

How to Start a Career in Photography

3. Include Your Prices

There is nothing more unprofessional that a photographer that doesn’t take a cost list.  So if y’all are going to jump from beingness a hobby photographer to a business brand sure to list your prices and clearly outline what is included in your diverse packages.

Accept the time to piece of work out the costs for your services and ensure you are on par with other photographers in your niche and local area.

iv. Create Some Marketing & Branding Materials

If you lot haven’t already done so, y’all will need a business organization proper noun and as well some marketing and branding materials.  This can be as simple equally a logo, a business concern bill of fare, and a digital flyer to boot start your business organization.

It’s also a very practiced thought to prepare up a photography business website and Facebook concern page so your clients can review your portfolio and services at any fourth dimension.  Check out Wix or a like DIY website platform.  This is a perfect mode for for potential customers to review some visual marketing before they contact you.

Starting a Career in Photography

5. Notice a Way to Generate Leads & Consider Freelance

Whether you advertise on Google and Facebook or search job boards for people looking for a lensman you volition need to Practice SOMETHING to find the work as it wont just magically come your way without some effort on your part.

Waiting for work to come in when your photography is only a hobby can be fine.  But when its your total time business concern, its vital to ensure you have regular inquiries and work coming in.  If not, you may end upwards with some serious cash menstruum issues.

Consider approaching your local clubs, schools, art galleries, event companies, bridal shows or anything that is happening in and around your local area.  When starting out, information technology’s important to put your paw up for as much work as you tin and ready a range of different options for lead generation and options for photography work.

While your phone might ring off the hook some weeks, its e’er proficient to have some other options when times are quiet to build upwardly your sales and meet your on going cash menses needs.

6. Go Referrals and Testimonials

Potential clients often utilize testimonials when they are trying to brand a decision nigh whether to book a photographer, so make sure to enquire all previous clients (that were happy with your piece of work) to write a brusque testimonial that yous can include in your portfolio, social media pages and website.

Set up an email arrangement via
Survey Monkey
or send an e-mail with a questionnaire to create these and utilise them in your marketing.

Getting Into Photography Career

7. Figure Out the Numbers

While your photography side gig might accept been humming along nicely as a hobby that pays for a few nice things here and in that location, its a totally different story when you are relying on it to pay all your bills.  Make certain you run the numbers and make up one’s mind the income y’all will need to manage your day to day expenses AND comprehend your taxes.

You should also work out any legal issues before making the last decision on your business organization.  Should you gear up it upwards equally a sole proprietorship or an South-Corp?  Do you take contracts to use with clients?  You may want to ask your accountant, lawyer, or financial counselor if y’all need help.

Turning Photography Hobby Into Career


There are a lot of things to consider that will help you transition into being a full-fourth dimension photographer, but the most important affair you can do, at this point, is start setting goals for yourself!  For example, rather than maxim, “I want to be a full-time photographer” enquire yourself what sort of photography do you want to specialize in, and first brainstorming on small steps that will make that happen for you.

Of form the dream of turning your photography hobby into a full time job is a wonderful goal.  But make sure you take some time to really call back it through and have the of import things fix up BEFORE you resign from your “other” job and jump into your photography concern total fourth dimension.

And keep in mind, if you lot are in the early on stages of making the transition, you have a existent advantage, because you lot accept the opportunity to detect ways to make your work unique, and actually stand up out from your peers!

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