How To Start A Landscape Photography Business From Scratch

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Over the last few years, I’ve consulted with photographers who have an involvement in selling their nature photography prints either online or through diverse types of retail shops. They have had questions near bones photography business organization start upward data, then I thought I would share some of the things I’ve talked nearly with them. Though I can only speak to what I know well-nigh for my own city and state requirements inside the United States. You’ll demand to do some research into your own expanse to know the steps you demand to take in order to start your photography business.

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1. Write a Photography Business organization Programme

Information technology is important to become a vision of what your photography business organisation should be near going forward. Creating a business plan is a great practise for anyone in business. Setting goals and following your plans will keep you from floundering in your twenty-four hours-to-mean solar day tasks.

Defining and implementing your social media strategies are as important to go your business in front end of potential clients.

Yous can get more information from the Small Business Administration (SBA) about creating a business programme. At that place are a lot of great resources online for learning how to draft your first business organization plan.

Nature Photography past Patricia Davidson

2. Business Structure

Yous should decide what your legal business organisation construction would be for your federal tax obligations. Most photographers start out as sole-proprietors. Some may change to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) if they begin doing workshops for greater liability protection. I’m no lawyer, so I can’t tell you exactly what to do in your situation. Y’all can read all about the differences on the Small Business Clan (SBA) website.

3. Annals your photography business name (DBA)

After you lot choose your business name, some states may take you register your business name. I did this in my state ofOregon. First, search the land database to see if your called business organisation proper name is taken. In one case you annals and pay a minor fee, y’all can renew every ii years. Be sure and enquiry it to find out if this is a requirement in the state yous alive in.

4. Apply for a Photography Business License

Check with your local city hall to find out if your urban center requires a business license. In my urban center, if you are operating any type of concern you must get approval and pay a pocket-sized fee to operate legally, fifty-fifty if yous work from home. If you are operating without a license, you could pay a penalty. Information technology’s definitely non worth the risk when the annual fee is around $25 where I live.

v. Get a separate Checking Account

In that location are several reasons why you should take a split up business checking account for conducting any nature photography business, but an important one is that it will be easier for keeping records, especially at tax time. If you want to claim some of your business deductions for your business concern you simply must keep your records separate from your personal.

Some banks may crave that yous show proof that your business is legal. They may inquire to run across your Business Name Registration or your urban center Business License. My bank did.

6. Online Payment Processing

There are several great services available where you can have credit menu payments easily, whether on the phone, in person or online. Some of the top services are PayPay, Square and Wave. There are many more to choose from. Check with other business owners or photographers to see what they use to get an thought what is out at that place. You can set up these services to receive money from purchases made through your website. You can send out invoices to your customers to receive payment for products or services. Most services can also send you a bill of fare swipe device so that you can take credit card payments when y’all are face-to-face with clients. The device volition connect directly with any mobile device and interact with their business app.

vii. Bookkeeping Software

Y’all need a mode to rail your business expenses and the income you earn. Don’t await until tax time to gather your receipts. Keeping good records throughout the year will help reduce stress when taxes are due. There are many programs out there that volition brand your life easier. Some are software you tin install on your computer and many more these days, are online only. Here are just a few to get you lot started in your research: Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Outright and Wave. There are some that just use Excel for tracking. Information technology’due south really upwards to you to find the right solution that works best for y’all.

8. Domain Name Registration

Since you’ve registered your business proper noun as mentioned above, y’all can discover a domain proper noun that will exist your spider web address or dot com. Await for a reputable domain proper name registrar to see if your concern name is available. Sometimes yous demand to get creative if your idea has already been taken. This volition have to be renewed every year. I like to register several years in advance.

I personally have used NameCheap as my registrar for many years. I have dealt with many more over the years that were my client’due south.

9. Professional Nature Photography Website

I am very passionate nearly having a professional website. Every bit a web designer and programmer for many years, I know start hand how important it is to have a web presence.

A professional website for nature photography business by Jay Patel

A professional website example for nature photography business

Don’t skimp here, even if you lot say you lot can’t afford to. There are many web services at present that permit you easily create a hosted portfolio website and even accept the ability to sell prints and products right through the service. Nigh are very affordable. If you exercise a basic or free business relationship, oft you volition not exist able to use your domain proper name in the web address. Instead you’ll be stuck with a URL that includes the name of your chosen service. This volition non wait good to your potential clients.

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Some of the virtually pop hosted portfolio services for photographers are:

SmugMug | Zenfolio | PhotoShelter | SquareSpace

There are also many nature photographers that use WordPress exclusively, a pop Content Direction Software (CMS). You’ll need to either host it through WordPress or detect a website hosting service. Search for web hosting reviews to notice a reputable host. If y’all choose a web host for your website, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual fee to continue it active.

With WordPress there are many plugins bachelor that brand e-commerce easy to prepare correct through your website.

Here are a few:

NextGen Pro | Sell Media | Shopify | WooCommerce

There are also art websites that permit yous create your own page and sell prints. The problem with well-nigh of these types of services is that there are other artist’s images competing with yours unless they allow y’all to pay a fee for a webpage that you tin customize and have your domain name point to it. I e’er recommend having your ain portfolio website and using these as an additional way to sell prints or products.

Art America | RedBubble | Zazzle | Society6 | Etsy

10. Image Copyright Registration

If you take never registered your images through the United States Copyright Service, you lot should consider doing and so. Registering volition protect your rights to your images long into the hereafter.

Of course this assumes that you have a lot of money invested in your camera and gear. Once yous showtime investing in college cease gear, it won’t be so easy to supersede. Having insurance on your camera gear will give you peace of mind. Yous don’t desire to be “that photographer” asking your friends, fans or family unit for money on a fundraising site for damaged or lost gear! Information technology simply doesn’t wait professional person to your potential clients.

I promise these tips aid you as you begin your nature photography business concern!

About Author Patricia Davidson

Patricia Davidson is a professional landscape and nature photographer based in Oregon. She spent over twenty years on the southern Oregon Coast developing her landscape photography skills on the beaches and in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. In 2022, she set off in an RV on an epic four year journey to photograph the American West. Her work has been featured in Landscape Photography, Country Woman, To & From, Outdoor Photography, Loaded Landscapes, Fuji Ten Passion, the AAA Oregon / Idaho Atlas, Oregon’due south 1859, 123RF Create, Inspire Television set, and My Mod Met. She has written for Visual Wilderness, Scott Kelby’south blog, and Fuji Dearest Magazine. With a background in the visual arts and web development, Patricia devotes herself to creating images that express her artistic vision and passion for photography, and to sharing her dearest of nature and the outdoors with the world.


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