How To Start Photo Editing Business

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When my husband and I hired a photographer to take our wedding photos, I couldn’t expect to see the results. While nosotros have always been a frugal couple, one matter I wasn’t willing to practice was rent an amateur.

What is it that makes a lensman so good? Information technology’due south not just the thousands of dollars they invest in photography equipment or the way they stage each photo—information technology’s the fourth dimension they put into editing the photos later on the special effect.

Ane experienced photographer says you lot should spend no more than two minutes editing each picture.

Spending just two minutes editing each photo can speedily plough into a 30 to 40-hour workweek. And that’southward where a private, professional person photo editor comes into the motion-picture show.

Hiring the mail-session process out to a professional photograph editor can help a photographer quickly scale her business and spend more time doing what she loves: taking photos.

Learn how to become a private photograph editor and fill up this open demand that many photographers don’t know they have.

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What is a Private Photo Editor and What Skills are Required?

laptop displaying wedding photos to edit

A private photograph editor is someone who edits photos for professional photographers. According to Katie Rivera, a long-time private photo editor and previous photographer, you don’t need to have a background in photography to acquire how to be a photo editor.

You lot exercise, even so, need to learn how to make the edits that photographers require, and execute the changes flawlessly to be successful in the industry. You will demand to have photo editing skills and an understanding of the elements that make the perfect photo.

Who is Katie Rivera?

Katie has been working every bit a professional person photograph editor for many years and is the founder and creator of The Photo Editor’due south Guide, a comprehensive online course that teaches you everything you need to go a professional photo editor from home, even if you have no experience.

Katie says,

Many years ago, I ran a very successful wedding ceremony photography business organization. It was a dream to photograph weddings all over the earth, merely I quickly became burnt out. The long days shooting on my feet, carrying loads of heavy equipment, and constantly working nights and weekends was getting to me.

One day a friend mentioned I should try editing for other photographers, and that’s when it clicked! When I beginning had the realization that photo editing was a possible total-fourth dimension escape from wedding photography, I went all in. Despite how scary it was making the change, I decided to completely quit my previous photography business organisation to focus solely on photo editing.

Considering my household depended on me as the principal source of income, I needed to do everything I could to bring in editing income and FAST. And I did only that — After my beginning six months, I reached total-time income with online photo editing while working about 4-6 hours per twenty-four hours, around 3-5 days per week (depending on the season).

How Much do Individual Photo Editors Brand?

According to, photograph editors earn an average of $69,951 per year in the The states. Your income will vary based on your experience, speed, and volume of work.

Katie makes $75,000 per yr working from abode equally a photo editor for nuptials photographers. Since she had many years of experience backside her, she started out by editing an average of 75 photos per 60 minutes. After developing her workflows, she can at present edit betwixt 200 to 300 images per hr.

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x Steps to Become a Freelance Photo Editor

Whether or not you accept photography experience, you tin can go a professional photo editor online. If you’re new to photo editing, it won’t lead to quick money in one day, but with exercise, you tin build your income.

Footstep ane: Assess Your Photography Skills

A professional photograph editor doesn’t demand to have photography skills but she does need to have an eye for proficient photography. Spend time looking through different photographers’ portfolios to decide if you can hands pinpoint what makes her photography unique and better than the boilerplate person’s flick.

If you struggle to meet a difference then y’all are going to accept a difficult time condign a successful photograph editor.

Step two: Familiarize Yourself with Editing Programs

You tin can work hard as a photo editor or you can work smart. Using the right photograph editing program can save you a lot of manual piece of work. Familiarize yourself with reliable software like Lightroom past Adobe. You can start with a free trial and so upgrade to an affordable program for just $ix.99 per month when you decide to move forwards in your photograph editor business concern.

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Step 3: Go the Proper Training

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to have a background in photography or a specific skill set to become a professional photo editor. Y’all do, still, accept to exist willing to invest in training.

Check out The Photo Editor’s Guide. The online class is an investment that can take you from beginner to expert photograph editor in little time.

Step 4: Practise, Exercise, Exercise

Even before y’all seek your first client, you lot need to make certain your skills are marketable and gear up to go. Mastering your photo editing skills with hours of practice can make all the divergence in your time to come success.

Pace 5: Set an Online Portfolio

Potential clients volition want to see samples before hiring you to practice paid work. Y’all’ll need to build an online portfolio to showcase your photo editing skills.

To make full out your portfolio, find free stock photography on sites like Pixabay and Unsplash and edit them to await like professional person photos. Another idea is to take your own photos, edit them, and add them to your portfolio.

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Step vi: Establish Your Prices

It can be tempting to prepare low prices in commutation for quick money, but don’t undervalue your picture editing skills. Photographers spend many hours editing photos, so they sympathise the time that goes into it.

Assistance your potential clients empathise how you can convalesce their work schedule and brand more time for them to do what they love.

Step 7: Create a Digital Pamphlet

Equally a beginner private photograph editor, you lot’ll accept to be proactive to get your showtime clients. Since photographers are visual learners, the quickest manner to attain them is past using Canva to create a beautiful pamphlet to showcase your work, skills, and purpose.

Many photographers don’t know what a private photo editor can do to assist them farther their business. Your pamphlet can explain this and share samples from your portfolio.

Step 8: Create a Plan to Execute Your Services

Before working with your commencement customer, plan out the entire procedure from receiving the photos using a program to editing them in a timely style to delivering the finished product to your client.

Katie says, “…Brand sure you take systems setup in place to help yous get, manage, and retain clients, as well as an efficient organization for editing nuptials and portrait sessions in a timely mode, then delivering those edited images to your clients easily.”

Put your plan in writing and provide information technology to your clients then they volition know what to wait from the start. Showing this type of organization and planning can lead to satisfied clients and reoccurring work.

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Pace ix: Get Your First Client

Past at present you take everything prepared to go search for your beginning client. You tin can start past sharing your digital pamphlet with photographers you know. Possibly offering a minor package for gratis to show them your skills and how much time you can save them. It’s important to establish the value your services offering them.

Stride 10: Overdeliver on Every Project You Take

Whether you’re doing a pocket-size project for free or working for a returning client, brand sure you’re delivering high-quality photos every fourth dimension. This blazon of service lends to working with returning clients. The better results you deliver, the more probable a customer will rent you lot once again.

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Other Things That Can Aid Yous Get Paid to Be a Photograph Editor

There are a few things you lot can practise to fast-track your journey to become a photo editor.

List Your Services Online

Yous may not personally know a photographer or feel comfy reaching out to them to offer your services. Or, if you try this and don’t get your first customer past networking on social media, consider listing your services online.

Etsy is more than a identify to sell handmade goods online. At that place is a solid choice of photo editors who showcase their skills and sell their services through the platform. Y’all tin sign up for a free account here and create your first 40 listings for free.

Fiverr is another pop place to sell online services. Sign upward for a free account and first offering your photo editing services hither.

You can use these platforms to grow your skills and portfolio. You can also become swell reviews to evidence to future potential clients.

How to Start an Etsy Shop

Create a Business organization Plan

Yous may desire to start out equally a freelance photo editor, but there is potential to turn this skill into a home-based business. Create a business programme. It can help you calibration your income and make yourself as a photo editor from the starting time.

Hire Help

Taking the next pace and hiring someone to aid you edit photos tin help yous quickly scale your income. Get-go by hiring one freelancer and abound your photo editing business organization from there. Make sure your hired help puts in every bit much attention to particular as yous do so that every chore is done perfectly.

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Who Should Get a Individual Photo Editor?

If you lot withal don’t know if private photo editing is the right service concern idea for y’all, check out Katie’southward costless online training. She has helped students learn their potential and go from beginner to professional photo editor in a short amount of time. The least you can do is hear her out and run into if you take what information technology takes to go a individual photo editor from home.