How To Stop Instagram Duplicating Photos

By | 19/10/2022

Duplicate Photos have always been a serious problem as these unnecessary digital copies of the aforementioned image not only disorganize your photo drove but also occupy valuable storage space. In that location are countless reasons why duplicate files get accumulated on our devices. Just i can sift through them if in that location are 2-3 folders to declutter.

However, when it comes to Instagram duplicate photos, the entire collection becomes a mess to bargain with. This guide will assistance yous learn how to stop Instagram from duplicating photos and how to delete duplicate Instagram Photos on your smartphone or PC.

Different Methods On How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos On Your Phone

There are two different methods of deleting duplicate Instagram photos. Ane is to connect your phone to your PC and the other is to delete the duplicates on the telephone itself. This cannot be done manually and you lot require a 3rd-party indistinguishable photo cleaner software similar Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

Method i.  Delete Duplicate Photos Via PC

Delete Duplicate Photos
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You can ever connect your Smartphone to your PC to transfer files via a USB cable. Once yous connect your telephone, it will exist detected as an external drive and Indistinguishable Photos Fixer Pro can browse all the folders on your Mobile phone and eradicate the duplicates and similar images.

Benefit: With Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your computer, you can scan your PC or external storage like smartphones, USB Flash Drives, and and so on.

Limitation: This process requires a USB charging cable to operate at all times.

How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos With Duplicate Photos Logroller Pro (DPF Pro) On Windows x PC?

Indistinguishable Photos Fixer Pro is an amazing application with an easy-to-use and straightforward interface. Information technology is self-explanatory and does not require any tutorials to go started. Follow the steps listed below and learn how to stop Instagram duplicating photos.

Stride 1: Download and install DPF Pro on your calculator using the link below.

Footstep 2: In one case installed, open up the awarding and click on the Add Binder push button to open Windows Explorer.

dpf pro

Step 3: Navigate through the left panel of Windows Explorer and select your phone folders. You may select the Instagram binder and DCIM folder for your Photographic camera Curl.

Instagram folder

Step four: Next Click on the Browse For Duplicates button in the bottom center of the app interface to commence the scanning process.

Step five: Once the browse completes, you volition observe that sure images are sorted into unlike groups on your screen. These groups indicate the type of epitome and the number of duplicates found.


Step 6: Select the duplicates manually or use the Auto Mark button and then click on the Delete Marked button.

This style you can browse and compare all your folders and get rid of Instagram duplicate photos.

Method 2. Delete Duplicate Photos On Phone Itself

Delete Duplicate Photos On Phone
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For this method, you need to install the DPF Pro Android version on your smartphone.

Benefit: You lot can now get rid of duplicates and similar images on your phone anytime, with a few taps.

Limitation: The Android version of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro does not support cleaning dupes from the PC (when connected) or whatsoever other mobile phone. It will, however, discover whatsoever SD cards or USB Flash disks continued to your phone and remove duplicates from them too. Every mobile phone is supposed to take an private re-create of Indistinguishable Photos Logroller Pro to office.

How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos With Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Instagram saving posts to camera curl, once you mail them on your feed. So, if you want to rapidly delete duplicate Instagram photos on your phone itself, and so you tin apply Duplicate Photos Logroller Pro for mobile devices. It would browse your entire smartphone and highlight the duplicates for you lot. Here are the steps to do this:

Step 1: Download and Install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro from Google Play Store

Pace 2: One time installed, tap on the shortcut and launch the application.

launch the application

Step 3: Next, tap on Select Folder and navigate through the folders in your phone and select them.


Step 4: Click on Select Folder at the bottom of the screen and the scan will begin.

Select Folder

Step 5: Once the scan completes, the list of duplicates will appear on the screen. Yous can select each prototype individually or Auto Marking them and click the Trash Bin icon on the lesser right corner.

Auto Mark

Indistinguishable Photos Fixer Pro will identify all the duplicates on your smartphone, including the ones in your Camera Gyre and Instagram binder, and delete them for yous.

Camera Roll

Indistinguishable Photos Fixer Pro: An Amazing Duplicate Epitome Cleaner

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro
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Many applications can help remove duplicate images from your PC or Android device, simply Indistinguishable Photos Fixer Pro has an edge over others. Some of its features are:

  • Scans For Duplicates, Near Identical and Similar Images.
  • Supports Internal and external drives.
  • Different modes of comparison.
  • Comparing is done based on content and not file name or size.
  • Easy to use and Fast Scanning.

If you are looking for a way to stop Instagram from duplicating photos in the first place, keep reading

How To Cease Instagram From Duplicating Photos?

Well, if you are wondering why does Instagram save photos to my phone, here’southward the respond. If you edit or publish images on your Instagram Feed, then those images automatically get stored in your Camera Anthology. This feature is turned on in Instagram by default and is responsible for creating duplicates that occupy unnecessary storage infinite. Hither are the steps to plow this setting off on Instagram:

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your device.

Step two: Navigate to your Instagram profile and tap on the hamburger menu.


Step 3:  Tap on Settings at the bottom and so tap on Account.


Step 4:
Scroll down the options listed and so tap on Original Posts to reveal more options.


Pace v: Next, toggle off the button next to Save Posted Photos. You tin likewise exercise the aforementioned for Relieve Posted Videos.

Save Posted Photos

That’s information technology! This is how to stop Instagram duplicate photos. Following this method will forestall saving a copy of your posted images or videos in your Camera Album Folder and prevent duplicates from accumulating in your device.

The Final Discussion On How To Delete Duplicate Instagram Photos (Saved) On Your Telephone

That’s all! Now yous can delete duplicate Instagram Photos on your Telephone via Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Application or delete them by using your PC. You as well know how to prevent duplicates of Instagram photos from collecting on your device. This will help you organize your photo collection and recover valuable storage space.

If you know any other workaround on “How to stop Instagram from duplicating photos?” so do share your ideas in the comments section below!

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