How To Superimpose Images In Paint

By | 26/08/2022

Microsoft has been creating amazing apps to make information technology a seamless experience for its users. There is a bunch of pre-installed software that comes with Windows and I believe that there are some astonishing, underrated apps.

1 of the classic examples is Microsoft Paint. MS Paint is super underrated and gives you the artistic liberty to edit images how you want. For instance, you tin can create images with transparent backgrounds in Paint. It takes slightly longer, only hey, you don’t have to pay annihilation.

MS Paint received an upgrade when Windows 10 was launched in the form of a new app –
Microsoft Pigment 3D. Among many other features, y’all tin can create images in Pigment 3D. Yous can use it to overlay images as well. In this tutorial, I’ll guide you on how to overlay images with
transparent groundwork in Paint 3D
which consist of 2 steps:
1. How to create a transparent background?
2. How to put it on another image of your choice?

Let’s begin!

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Overlay Images in Paint 3D

If you are still wondering how to overlay images in paint 3D, it is just a technical term used to put a paint PNG with transparent groundwork image on another epitome. The process to overlay images in Pigment 3D consists of 2 different parts as I mentioned earlier. Let’s begin with the offset one.

Part one

How to Brand Transparent Background in Pigment 3D?

An prototype with transparent background has multiple use cases:

  • They are visually appealing.
  • You can put these images with anything – from a uncomplicated merchandise to your website/apps.
  • You can apply them equally product images on eCommerce platforms similar eBay, Amazon, etc.

When yous are thinking of image overlays, image with transparent background becomes crucial because with a transparent groundwork the overlapping of these images won’t look natural.

I’ve created a guide with detailed steps on how to transparent background in Paint 3D.

Step one:

Open MS Paint 3D and open the image you want to edit. Choose the Magic Select tool. Minimize the size of the magic tool (covering your entire epitome) to cover only the relevant details of your image.

magic select

You lot can also follow the directions on the correct manus side of the tool’s screen to utilise the Magic Select tool properly.

Step 2:

Once the relevant role of your prototype is selected, go along to click on the “Adjacent” push button. Paint 3D will clear the area outside of the rectangle of the Magic Select tool.

magic select 2

Step 3:

The Magic Select tool of Paint 3D is not entirely accurate, especially with product images & portraits. Your image might exist left with a couple of unnecessary elements. Choose the “Remove ” option and use it to remove the unwanted elements from your image.

magic select remove

If you’re satisfied with the results, hitting “Done”. What the Magic Select does is that information technology, in a fashion, detaches the primary object from your entire image. Now you lot can use it as a separate element altogether to transparent background in Paint 3D

Step 4:

Drag and drop the object yous discrete using the Magic Tool outside its current background. Employ the “Select” tool on the tiptop left bill of fare, hitting the “Delete” cardinal after choosing the non-transparent background.

delete background

Save the object you’ve selected equally a PNG prototype on your desktop. Brand sure that you save information technology in the PNG format only else whatever and all kinds of transparency will be lost. Now you have completed the kickoff of 2 steps of how to create image overlays in Paint 3D. Allow’s get to the next Part two of this tutorial.

Part 2

Put One Film On Peak Of Another In Paint 3D

Overlaying images in Paint 3D is simpler, notwithstanding not perfect. What you lot have to do is, open a background paradigm and put the transparent prototype over it. Here’southward how to practise it.

Step 1:

Open up Paint 3D. Click on the “Menu” button and hit “Open” to open the image yous desire to use as background in this image overlay.

background image paint

Pace ii:

Click on the “Menu” push again and choose the “Insert” option. Choose the image y’all made transparent in Role 1.

Stride iii:

Choose a suitable place for the transparent image. Edit – Resize/Rotate as much you lot want. Once you are satisfied with the last results, click on the “Relieve” button after clicking on the “Menu” push.

Annotation: You can add as many transparent images you want to the background image to brand it more than visually highly-seasoned or to get the desired results. The final image overlay should look something like this.

 transparent image paint final

Creating a transparent groundwork in Paint 3D, or even overlaying images, is easier than conventional methods like Pigment but information technology has a lot of steps. You might deem the entire procedure to be unnecessary if yous utilize tools like PixStudio.

I’ll cover how to create a transparent background and overlay images in PixStudio in the next section.

Overlay images in PixStudio

Earlier I get into the steps of how to create transparent epitome in PixStudio, permit me introduce you lot to the tool.

PixStudio is amidst the library of amazing, easy-to-utilise photo editing tools by Wondershare such as WonderShare PixCut, Online UniCoverter, etc. Wondershare PixStudio is a one-end-store for all your photo editing needs – be it for personal or professional use.

Hither’southward a detailed guide on how to overlay images in Wondershare PixStudio.

Pace 1:

Go to the official website of PixStudio and click on the “Start Design Now” push button to go started.

pixstudio 1

Step 2:

Remember, you’ll still need the transparent image before you can utilize it in an epitome overlay. Click on the “Remove Background” option that appears on the left side of your screen. It will take you to a dissimilar tool – Wondershare PixCut that is primarily made of creating transparent background.

Just upload your prototype. The AI of PixCut will do all the magic; you lot just accept to save it.


Step 3:

In one case you take your transparent image, let’south get to the overlaying part. Click on the “Create a Blueprint” button on the bottom left of your screen, choose a sail size (equivalent to your background prototype).

pixstudio 2

You can also choose a size depending on where you programme to use the epitome overlay – for case, Instagram post, Weblog banner, etc.

Stride iv:

Click on the “Uploads” button, followed past the “Upload an Image”, and choose both the groundwork image & transparent paradigm to be uploaded.

pixstudio upload image

Stride v:

Just drag and drop the groundwork image, followed by the transparent image, and relieve the concluding results.

And that’southward it. That’south how like shooting fish in a barrel it is to create amazing prototype overlays in PixStudio. The best office is how the makers take made it seamless to remove backgrounds (piece of cake 2-3 footstep process) and fifty-fifty creating image overlays to be a 3 or iv-footstep process.

Over to you!:I hope that this guide on creating paradigm overlays helped you in making background transparent in Paint 3D and creating amazing overlays. Windows Paint 3D is an astonishing upgrade from MS Paint. Having said that, WonderShare PixStudio is the best – quickest & easiest option when it comes to creating great overlays – exist it for your blog, IG handle or Youtube.

As I mentioned, information technology is 1 of the widely-pop tools out there individuals and businesses go to for their editing needs. So, what are you waiting for? Apply Wondershare PixStudio to create amazing, visually appealing designs!