How To Take A Headshot

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Professional headshots might sound intimidating, merely they’re easy to create.

You can use a few lighting and posing tricks to have friendly and professional DIY headshots.

Wear Neutral-Coloured Clothes to Put the Focus on Your Face

If you look for headshots online, you’ll notice that the best ones bring out the models’ faces. If the face is what you immediately pay attention to, so it’s likely that the headshot is a success.

For this to work in your headshots, you need to wear the right outfit. Many people wear suits. Others vesture something simple, like a dark gray t-shirt.

Many headshot photographers avert bright colours. They can look overexposed and unnatural in a portrait. Try to avoid white wearing apparel or any neon colours.

Are there any neutral colours that complement the colour of your eyes or your pare tone? Bring different outfits to your photoshoot to increase your chances of taking the perfect headshot. Brand certain your dress don’t take too many patterns and aren’t wrinkled.

Also, don’t wear sunglasses or also many accessories. If you choose to wear makeup, go along information technology natural.a professional headshot photo of a young woman

Use These Tools to Make Your Headshot Photoshoot Easier

Headshot photoshoots are like cocky-portrait photoshoots. Yous have to be in charge of lighting, equipment, and settings.

If this sounds like a daunting job, don’t worry. Y’all tin can make the process easier past investing in a few simple tools:

  • Tripod: Great for smartphones and professional cameras alike. A tripod will go along your equipment safe and help you avert shaky photos. The taller it is, the easier it will be to accept pictures at center level.
  • Remote: This will let you take photos from a distance. No self-timer is necessary! Remotes are very common in both DSLR and smartphone photography.
  • Reflector: This is a tool that creates more than light. You tin enquire someone to concord a reflector for you to add more than light to your face. Reflectors are besides great for creating catchlights. (Catchlights are light sparkles in your eyes. They tend to add together youthfulness and beauty to a person’south face.)
  • Extra Batteries + Memory Cards: If you’re using professional camera equipment, brand sure you accept a few spare batteries and memory cards. This preparation will prevent you from rushing during your photoshoot or running out of space.a professional headshot photo of a smiling young woman

Utilize the Right Camera Settings to Make Your Headshots Look Flattering

In addition to investing in proper equipment, y’all need to exist aware of basic camera settings. Some photographers shoot in Auto fashion.

This means that the camera automatically comes up with its own settings based on what yous shoot. This mode is convenient, just it’southward non always the best choice for professional headshots.

Shoot in Transmission mode to accept more command of the lighting in your portraits. If you’re using a smartphone camera, download a manual camera app. This will give you lot lots of extra settings and tools to work with.

If you’re using a professional camera, keep these settings in mind:

  • Aperture: Your confront has to stand out the nigh in your business headshots. For this to work, your groundwork needs to exist blurred. You tin can utilize a large discontinuity to achieve this. A large aperture is a small-scale f-stop. For example, f/1.8 and f/two.five. The smaller the number, the blurrier the background will be. An aperture like f/2.5 will capture every particular on your face and create a pleasant blur at the same time.
  • Shutter speed: This determines how fast your camera takes a moving picture. Since you desire your headshots to be sharp, make sure your shutter speed is fast.
  • ISO: If y’all’re shooting in the right lighting conditions, your ISO number doesn’t have to exist high. The lower it is, the less grain there will be in your final results.
  • Colour temperature: This depends on the kind of low-cal you’re working with. Headshots should exist neutral in color. Avert making your colour temperature besides common cold or likewise warm.a professional headshot photo of a stylish young woman

Use a Simple Location with Good Lite to Make Your Face Stand Out

Yous don’t demand to have photos in a professional studio unless yous want to. Information technology’s possible to take stunning headshots in simple locations, including your own dwelling house!

Your goal is to take as much natural light every bit possible. Have photos when it’s sunny or cloudy outdoors. If you desire to take pictures indoors, make sure the room has lots of space and light. A simple white wall is perfect for a photo shoot.

If you’re shooting outdoors, selection a shaded area. This shade will create an fifty-fifty amount of low-cal on your entire face. Avoid harsh directly sunlight. For backgrounds, you lot tin can use a brick wall or a white wall. The less colourful it is, the amend.

If there isn’t enough lite, you can use a reflector or accept photos on some other day.a professional headshot photo of a young man

Headshot Poses and Expressions for Professional Results

Lighting isn’t the just thing yous demand to pay attention to when taking great headshots. The right pose and facial expression can brand a pregnant difference in your professional life, also.

Treat your photoshoot like a professional person session. This isn’t a mode or dazzler photoshoot. You don’t need to act like a supermodel, but y’all exercise demand to present yourself in the best light possible.

No thing what poses you experiment with, make certain your camera is at eye level. This bending will give your headshots a classical portrait look. If you shoot from very high or very low angles, you lot might end up looking unflattering.a professional black and white headshot photo of a bearded man

Stand up Sideways to Bear witness Your Best Angle

Many people have a favourite angle that makes them expect more than photogenic in pictures. Y’all tin can use this to feel more confident during your photoshoot.

Stand sideways to the camera. Make sure you’re not squeezing your arm. If you do, it will look wider than information technology does in reality. Yous can agree your arm to the side or stretch it out by putting your hand on your hip.

Don’t glare sideways at the camera. Gently turn your head and so that most of your face is visible.a professional headshot photo of a young woman

Create Friendly Headshots past Asking Someone to Brand You Laugh

A fake grinning or laugh is noticeable. An authentic smiling is impossible unless you’re genuinely having a good time. To accomplish this, ask a friend or family fellow member to entertain you as you take pictures.

Y’all can also endeavor listening to a funny podcast or watching a humorous video every bit you accept pictures. This sounds strange, but information technology’s 1 of the easiest means to look authentically happy in your headshots.a professional headshot photo of a smiling young woman in red

Think of Something to Make Your Face up Look Happier, Even If You lot’re Non Grin

You don’t accept to smile in your headshots, but you shouldn’t look besides stern. Your goal is to take headshots that look approachable and friendly.

A pull a fast one on that many supermodels use is positive thinking.

As you lot pose, think of a pleasant retention or someone you dear. This will brighten your face and make your eyes look happier. You don’t need to smile at all to reach this.a professional headshot photo of a young woman

Stand Closer to Your Photographic camera to Take Expressive Headshots

Some types of headshots need to exist more serious and expressive. For case, actors demand to bear witness their ability to limited themselves in a single portrait.

Y’all can intensify an expression by standing closer to your camera. Endeavour not to get too shut. Farthermost close-ups tend to wait cropped or distorted. Take a few steps away. Call up of something powerful and pose.

Yous can slightly tilt your head up or down. A caput tilted downward tends to make people wait powerful. A head tilted upward creates a feeling of superiority, and then try not to overdo it when you pose!a professional headshot photo of a young woman

Accept Photos of Your Friends to Improve Your Basic Camera Settings

If you rarely take photos, you might get stressed during your photoshoot. Taking self-portraits is hard work if you don’t know a lot about your camera.

1 of the best solutions is to get to know your camera before you stand up in front of it. Using the tips above, take photos of your friends and family. You might discover tools and techniques that piece of work well with your photography style.

When you feel more than comfortable with your camera, yous tin can start to take professional person photos of yourself.a professional headshot photo of smiling man

Mutual Professional Headshot Questions

What Is the Best Way to Take Professional Headshots?

Make certain yous wear an outfit with neutral colours. You should observe a simple location with great natural lighting. Place your camera on a tripod and ready the timer. Practise different facial expressions and poses. You tin use other headshots as references.

What Is the All-time Colour to Wear for a Headshot?

Neutral colours are the best for headshots. Avert annihilation that’s too vibrant or bright. White isn’t the best colour choice for headshot photography. Choose a color that complements your skin tone and doesn’t blend into the background.

What Qualifies as a Headshot?

A headshot should be a portrait where your face is conspicuously visible. Many people grin in their headshots to look friendlier and more approachable. The focus should be on y’all and your expression. Nothing else should take hold of a viewer’s eye.

How Do I Take Skillful Headshots with My iPhone?

Showtime, download a manual camera app. This will give you more control over the lighting and focus in your headshots. Invest in a smartphone tripod to avoid making your pictures expect shaky. Notice a well-lit location with a unproblematic background. All that’s left to do is do with dissimilar angles and expressions!

a professional headshot photo of a stylish young man
Photo by Royal A from Pexels


A high-quality business headshot can liken your chances of getting a job, and let you brand an excellent kickoff impression.

You don’t always need a studio or expensive equipment to reach professional results. All you need is a good knowledge of lighting, basic camera settings, and posing!

Bank check out our tips on photo editing styles or shooting natural light portraits next!