How To Take A Polaroid Selfie

By | 19/08/2022

Ramona Romance on Polaroid Originals blackness and white 600 moving picture.

Updated December 2021 with new camera recommendations.

If y’all’re looking for a photographic camera, the Fuji Instax Mini 11 is one of the best (and cheapest) out at that place and the one I recommend beneath. Go it on Amazon and help support this site. While you’re there, don’t forget to choice up some film for the camera. Thanks!

Since their inception, Polaroid cameras have been used to take… how practice we put this delicately… ‘individual’ pictures. While other film formats depended on you either having your ain darkroom (unlikely) or dropping off your film at the 1-hr where multiple people would be seeing and handling your 35mm (awkward), Polaroid was the first time the average person could take photos that they could proceed to themselves.

Fifty-fifty decades afterwards, in the digital historic period of powerful smartphone cameras, instant moving picture remains the perfect format for the perfect dirty picture. Why? Kickoff, Polaroids simply look meliorate. Smartphone cameras, and actually, all digital cameras, don’t take the virtually flattering pictures without some serious photographic know-how and Photoshop.

2nd, as many have learned the difficult style, there’south no such thing as existent privacy when it comes to the internet – and smartphones are continued to the cloud at all times. Even without somebody working overtime to steal your images, pictures have a habit of showing upward in unexpected places at exactly the wrong time. Polaroids remain individual until yous determine somebody can have ane. Manifestly, somebody tin nonetheless steal the pictures, accept digital snapshots of them, etc, but it’southward a whole heck of a lot safer for those who could be harmed by private data getting out.

So you want to take some sexy photos of yourself, your partner, together, or whatever, with a Polaroid camera – where do y’all even become started?

Instax and Polaroid

Kickoff, you need to go your hands on a camera. I have a lot of guides y’all can check out if y’all really desire to get into the weeds, simply here’south a quick run-down on what’s out at that place:

Polaroid has started making cameras and film once more, and some of the new moving-picture show is compatible with vintage Polaroid cameras. Fuji Instax is a separate, only besides smashing film format that is wildly popular right now. You’ll hear a lot of people call Instax ‘Polaroids’ but they’re ever-so-slightly different versions of essentially the aforementioned thing: counterpart photos that instantly develop on their ain. They’re not compatible with each other, so you tin can’t put Instax picture show in a Polaroid photographic camera and vise-versa.

If you’re starting out, the Polaroid At present+ is a bully place to start in the Polaroid globe. You tin can buy it brand new, it has a timer and close-up lens for selfies, information technology can use a smartphone for remote control selfies, and works great. The Now+ uses moving picture that features the classic Polaroid foursquare. As I recommend below, you’ll desire to purchase I-Type Black and White film for it.

If y’all desire a possibly cheaper, vintage selection, the Polaroid OneStep Closeup is a simple 600 type photographic camera that y’all’ll often stumble beyond in flea markets, garage sales, and attics. You tin can buy a refurbished one directly from Polaroid Originals, but they’re also all over eBay. You’ll demand new Polaroid 600 type film for this camera.

Fuji Instax can also be a more affordable option, especially the Fuji Instax Mini 11. The Instax Mini xi has a footling built-in mirror and a macro mode that’s good for selfies, and information technology is usually available all over the place, including big box, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Y’all tin likewise become 1 on Amazon, and you’ll want to selection upwardly the monochrome Instax Mini motion picture for this camera. The Fuji Instax SQ6 and older Instax Mini 9 are besides both bang-up options if you tin go them on auction. If y’all end up getting an Instax Mini 11, I accept a guide that will teach you how to use the photographic camera in only threescore seconds.

How the Heck Exercise I Utilize This Photographic camera Anyhow?

I take a whole website (and video aqueduct) defended to explaining how to employ various Polaroid and Fuji Instax cameras, and you can find guides for the OneStep CloseUp here and the Fuji Instax 11 here. Thankfully, all those cameras are very simple to use, and so I recommend just playing around with the camera and getting to know it before getting steamy.

You can use color Polaroid motion picture, simply it’s fashion harder to go skin tones right (specially in mixed lighting conditions).

Monochrome Is Your Friend

You can accept great muddied pictures with color Polaroid film, but there are a few reasons why black and white is the way to go when starting out.

Showtime, it’s just super flattering. I’ll go into it a bit more beneath, but sometimes color film volition get thrown off by weird lighting conditions, and requite people all sorts of bizarre skin tones (vampire blue, sickly light-green, etc). Black and white also remains flattering if exposure is a scrap off, while color looks terrible if not shot juuuust right. You want to have fun, non stress most photographic colour theory.

Speaking of weird lighting, black and white picture show likewise plays dainty with mixed lighting. Indoor lighting often has a yellow bandage that tin play havoc with colour photos. Even digital cameras struggle to make people look good in mixed lighting scenarios. Monochrome, however, does just fine with all kinds of lighting.

Light will come up in handy, but the flash on the camera will do most of the work.

The Wink Volition do the Job, But Y’all Nonetheless Need a Petty Light

Your principal source of lite with a Polaroid or Instax camera will be the wink that is built into the camera itself, but it’due south good to give yourself (and the camera) a little light to see by. A lamp or 2 will exercise the job simply fine. Don’t shoot in pitch-black darkness, but don’t break your cervix dragging every calorie-free you have into the bedroom.

You’re probably going to desire to hold the camera a trivial further away, on a tripod if possible…

Moving picture Makes Anybody Expect Adept

Digital pictures – especially with flash – make people look… not great. The digital heart is relentless when it comes to skin, highlighting every blotch and defect to an insane degree. That’due south why professional photographers spend as much time in Photoshop as they do behind the camera. It’s embarrassing when it’s your confront, and it’s worse when it is other parts of the trunk. Both Polaroid and Fuji Instax Monochrome picture will put you in the best light possible.

Nope, however too shut!

Stay Dorsum 4 Feet From Discipline

Polaroid and Fuji Instax cameras often struggle with shut focus, so stay four feet (or a picayune over a meter) back from your bailiwick when possible to keep them sharp. The Instax Mini 11 has a ‘selfie’ macro mode that you’ll need to use for arm’south-length selfies, and the Polaroid OneStep CloseUp and Now+ both have a ‘closeup’ mode that you can switch it to. Even so, in my experience, it’s best to ignore these and become a bit more space betwixt the subject and the photographic camera.

There you go!

If you’re shooting yourself, many cameras have timers that’ll free you from the tyranny of selfie sticks and trying to concord the camera yourself. Stick your photographic camera on a tripod (or stack of books) and strike a pose. The Now+ can even employ a smartphone every bit a remote trigger, which is super helpful.

Keeping faces out of photos is an extra step yous tin can take to protect your (or your subject’s) identity.

Extra Steps to Protect Privacy

Equally I mentioned to a higher place, while Polaroids are much less likely to exist ‘leaked’ than digital photos (they’re a physical object later all), they still aren’t foolproof. If your photos falling into the wrong hands can ruin your life (for example, if you work in a field where you’re expected to be a sexless affections-like beingness), it is smart to take some extra precautions. The simplest is one of the most effective – but proceed faces and any identifying tattoos out of everything. For most people, that’s enough to protect their identity.

Some other step you tin can accept is to physically keep possession of any pictures of yourself. You can choose the fourth dimension to share your photos with people, always being sure to take them dorsum and lock them away.

Presume that if y’all have a digital snapshot of a photo with a smartphone there’due south a much stronger chance it’ll go out there. If you transport it to somebody, the genie is truly out of the bottle, and at that place’s not much you can do nearly it. In a perfect world, that wouldn’t matter, merely we all the same live in a dumb universe where people are shamed for dumb stuff.

Have Fun!

Once you have all the above, you’re free to get creative. Since the flash is doing most of the work and you can mix lighting with blackness and white picture show, you can shoot in pretty much whatever room. Endeavor out some unlike spaces you might not otherwise think of.

I leave poses, outfits (or lack thereof), and pretty much every else to you. If y’all follow my advice in a higher place and bring your ain inspirations to the process you’ll have a blast. Remember, it’south only as much about the feel equally the results, and so have your time, play around, and run into what happens – although I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photos you end upward with.

If you’re looking for a camera, the Fuji Instax Mini eleven is one of the best (and cheapest) out there and the one I recommend for nigh people. Become it on Amazon and help support this site. While yous’re in that location, don’t forget to pick up some film for the camera. Thanks!

Large thanks to Ramona Romance for collaborating on the Polaroids for this commodity! Yous tin can check her out over on Instagram.