How To Take Good Cosplay Photos

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Let me judge, you have spent hundreds of hours finishing an amazing cosplay. And so you take gone to a convention hoping that yous will get some skilful pictures taken. Y’all posed for a dozen photographers and in the end you only got back i photo in a crowded infinite with a wheelie bin every bit background and a behemothic Hello Kitty in the corner. The all-time picture show of your cosplay ends upward being the blurry one your mum took earlier y’all left. Not ideal right? If you can’t or don’t want to invest on a photoshoot you may consider taking cosplay photos at home.

Best equipment to have photos at habitation?

If you desire to make this curt, the best equipment you can utilise for your photos is the equipment y’all already have! I know, I am not helping much, merely it is true. You should attempt first and improve on your cosplay poses before yous invest a lot of money on things you lot may not really demand. I put a list together with the equipment on a budget that you may or may not need to have your photos at home, you lot may not use them all but they will definetely help.

1. The only essential equipment

Fairly obvious, you need a photographic camera. If yous don’t accept a camera you tin can’t take a pic. The end. Yet, do you lot need to spend a lot of money on it? Yeah and no. Now a days most smartphones come up with super avant-garde cameras. They are certainly much amend than some quondam compact cameras I take used in the past. If you lot tin’t afford a new camera practise not worry, y’all tin can still become some cool images from your phone. They will piece of work very well on social media. Nonetheless, if y’all want to offering digital downloads or prints you may want to invest on a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.

DAfter many years using a DSLR I just upgraded to a Mirrorless camera

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are the big cameras your favourite photographer brings to the convention. Many people think these cameras are super expensive. And they can be. I would recommend yous to get a starter photographic camera on a upkeep and upgrade afterwards on. Call back second paw besides, perhaps you lot can infringe one. I didn’t take my ain camera for many years and I was lucky enough to borrow my blood brother’southward.

DSLR and mirrorless cameras do have a learning curve. Although y’all can shoot in automatic, I recommend you to learn how to use the manual mode as soon every bit possible, once y’all learn how to use it yous will reach ameliorate photos. I have taken most of my photos with my Nikon D3300, an entry level camera that y’all tin get for nearly £350 (every photo below was taken with this camera). I take recently purchased my 2d (more expensive) camera, a Catechism M50 MKII, but I have nevertheless to organise my first photoshoot with it.

two. The key to success

The key to a proficient photo is the calorie-free. The ameliorate the light, the better the photo. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on lights. In fact, you don’t need to spend coin at all! Lights do non have to be expensive. You can simply place yourself in front of a big window, buy some inexpensive softboxes for less than £30 or go all out with more professional strobes. I have used only lamps with daylight bulbs in the by (the regular bulbs have a yellowish tone that may not look good on photos). In one case you lot understand how to employ light you tin become more expensive equipment. And yous can e’er combine it!

Upward until at present I was only using these 2 softboxes for less than £30

The important thing here is how you position yourself in regards to the light. Simply at the very to the lowest degree, brand sure your confront is illuminated and there aren’t any unwanted shadows. Don’t be agape to move yourself or move your light until you achieve the desired result. Get nearly a window or get outdoors if you lot can’t afford lights.

Of course yous can add together multiple lights, play with coloured lights and intensity and mix and match things. This will have some trial and fault but you tin can achieve some amazing photos with a bit of practice.

3. Concord it there

You accept your camera and you have your lights. Is there someone willing to take the photos for you lot? If the reply is no you are going to need a tripod.

Keep in mind that cheap tripods are less stable and they may fall. I used to put weights on the anxiety of mine so they were more stable. All the same, it is well worth it to invest on a meliorate tripod for your camera. You don’t want to be dropping your very expensive camera to the flooring. You lot can get a basic but proficient enough tripod for less than £50.

tripod and cat
I tried to teach my cat how to take pictures but didn’t work

Selfie sticks, clamps or a stack of books will besides brand the flim-flam in a compression. You just need a bit of imagination and mayhap some duct record if you are really really really on a tight budget.

iv. A click away

Yous take your lights, your photographic camera and all your tripods prepare up. Only nevertheless noone to click those buttons for you (I know the feeling). Here you accept two options. Of course you can use the timer on your camera, gear up it for a two seconds delay, run back to your position, strike a pose, find that the photograph was blurry and start all over again. Not fun.

remote control
For years I took my pictures with a remote control

Or, you can buy a remote for less than £5 and have several photos in a row. Virtually cameras come with settings that allow you to apply remotes. Choose a 2 second delay on your photo and quickly hide those remotes so they don’t appear in the frame. Noone will know. The newest cameras will come with an option to connect them directly to your phone, which is quite cool. And yous can also use special cables to connect the camera to your Tv or laptop, just that needs a longer explanation on how to take self portraits.

five. Make it cozy

It doesn’t matter how good your camera or your lights are if your setting is bad. Maybe you think you need an expensive backdrop and lots of space to accept astonishing photos but that is not necessarily true.

I put together a quick ready using household items and props

If you have the space and you tin afford it, you tin can get a stand with several backdrops in dissimilar colours for as little every bit £30. Just yous don’t actually need information technology. You can use whatsoever material or sheets hanging from a clothes rack or taped to your wall. Really, exercise you take an empty wall? That will piece of work also! Simply make sure everything is as polish as possible.

Backdrops don’t need to be expensive, a patently canvass or a smoothen wall will practise the play a joke on

You know what? Forget about the backdrops, you lot can actually have the photos anywhere in your house or the garden! You only need a good spot and skilful framing. Just brand sure there is no ataxia or elements that don’t fit in the photo. Some of my best cocky photos were taken in some spots of my business firm.

6. The final impact

Postprocessing. This is the magic that makes a good photo swell. If someone ever tells you that you don’t need to edit a photograph, don’t listen to them. I say there is 2 reasons for them to say this, either they can’t exist bothered or they have no thought of how to edit a photo (distressing not sad).

I use programs similar Lightroom and Photoshop to select and edit my photos

Even when I took photos manually with my brother’s very old Yashika I had to edit my photos! (yep, I learnt how to utilise one of those aboriginal machines with flick inside! and procesed the photos myself). The good thing almost digital photos is that you can correct (near) anything. Maybe your photo was too dark or two light. Change the exposure. Bad skin that day? No worries, remove the pimples with the healing tool. Your groundwork got crinkled? Polish information technology out. You lot don’t need to add a flying dragon to the groundwork (if you lot don’t want to), but y’all can definetely make it look a fiddling bit nicer. I even edit the photos I have taken with my telephone!

I made my photo brighter and more vibrant with a few adjustments

You can tell when someone has just not spent the time fixing those little things. You don’t need to become crazy, but information technology is totally worth information technology to play a chip with your photos. Present y’all have software similar Lightroom or Photoshop which make an amazing work. In that location are also many others for free, like Gimp. It is worth giving information technology a go. Go ahead and experiment, y’all may get something actually absurd.

So, are you a photographer withal?

Does this all hateful that you will go an awesome photographer only by doing this? Absolutely non. Unfortunately there are a million things to learn in society to get really crawly pictures. But you can certainly get better if yous keep practicing. I withal will recommend you to become to a photoshoot with a professional to highlight your beautiful cosplay work. It is totally worth it. Simply at least now you volition accept some photos to show while you wait for that crawly photoshoot.

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