How To Take Senior Pictures

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Senior photos capture an exciting time in the life of a educatee almost to graduate high school. As a photographer, considering aspects of the bailiwick such as lighting, poses, and location are crucial to getting good pictures. If you’re the senior getting your photo taken, practicing poses earlier the session and feeling comfortable during the shoot will help you achieve wonderful senior photos.

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    Ask the client questions about photograph requirements.
    If you’re taking a senior picture that will go in the yearbook, ask if the school has whatever specific requirement for the photo. For example, the photo may require a blackness crew cervix shirt and a gray background. Also, ask if there are any deadlines yous demand to run across for the yearbook photo.[1]

    • If the deadline is soon subsequently the session, you lot can offer 3 to v photos for the yearbook and evangelize the rest of the photos at a later date.
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    Give a survey earlier the session to larn about the senior.
    It’s a great idea for you to give a survey to your client earlier the session. The survey will let you to get to know their personality and interests better so that you can program the session accordingly. A survey can ask nearly personal tastes, such every bit favorite colors, fashion style, hobbies, and interests.

    • You can besides ask the senior to show y’all some examples of senior photographs they like.
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    Inquire the customer to bring 3 to four outfits for the shoot.
    Multiple outfits permit you to bear witness the range of a client’south personality in 1 session. Ask them to bring i dressy outfit, 1 coincidental outfit, and 1 outfit that describes their senior yr. They can bring ane extra outfit that displays their unique personality if they’d like.[ii]

    • For a casual outfit, ask them to bring something similar jeans and a plain shirt.
    • For a dressy outfit, enquire them to bring a clothes or a button-up shirt and slacks.
    • An outfit that describes their senior year could be something like a squad uniform, prom dress, or a costume from a play they took office in.
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    Cull elementary or architectural locations so the senior is the focus.
    Don’t choose a background that is so busy the focus won’t be on your client. Look for a location that is either adequately obviously or includes compages that volition frame the person.[iii]

    • For example, an open field or empty park is a good selection. Or, find a walkway that they can stand up in the heart of. Beams, staircases, and the lines of a edifice can also serve equally nice, natural frames.
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    Ensure the location has skillful lighting.
    Consider the season and the time of twenty-four hour period you lot’ll be taking the photos so y’all tin can ready accordingly. If you’re shooting outside, work with the atmospheric condition rather than against it. If it’s very sunny, find a nice shaded spot or a place where the senior will be backlit. If it’s overcast, work with the soft lighting.[4]

    • If it’s too overcast or nighttime, you tin use photography lights during the session.

    Skilful TIP

    Victoria Sprung is a Professional Photographer and the Founder of Sprung Photograph, a wedding photography studio based in Chicago, Illinois. She has over 13 years of professional photography experience and has photographed over 550 weddings. She has been called for Wedding Wire’s “Couple’s Pick” Award eight years in a row and The Knot’s “Best of Weddings” honor five years in a row. Her piece of work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Mag, the Chicago Reader, Rangefinder, The Chicago Lord’s day-Times, and Popular Carbohydrate.

    Victoria Sprung

    Professional person Photographer

    Expert Trick:
    If yous’re shooting outside, it’s a skillful idea to bring your own lighting, like a big softbox. That way, you’ll be able to subtly enhance the natural light, which will give the portrait a fun, friendly, open feel.

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    Choose an aperture around f/2.viii to f/
    A shallow depth of field is usually ideal for senior pictures. A shallow depth of field allows for the background to be slightly blurry and for your subject to be the focus. For this type of photo, an discontinuity around f/2.8 to f/5.half-dozen is platonic.[five]

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    Establish rapport in order to connect with your customer.
    Talking to your client will make information technology easier to take better photos considering they volition experience comfortable with you. During the session, enquire virtually their plans for the upcoming yr, plans for afterward high school, or how their season is going if they are a part of a team or lodge.[6]

    • You can likewise inquire them if they take ideas for poses or pictures.
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    Utilise relevant props.
    Relevant props may include track shoes, a alphabetic character jacket, medals or trophies, a band instrument, and other like items. A relevant prop doesn’t even have to be associated with school. It could be something to do with the senior’south passion, such equally their favorite hobby. Including these props in a few senior photos adds a specific retention the senior tin can look back on later.[7]

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    Get creative with different lenses and locations for a few fun photos.
    Some photos naturally demand to be serious or fairly standard, but it’s okay to become some creative shots in during the session. You can become creative by using a unlike lens, like a fisheye lens. You tin too get creative with the location. Get to a processed shop or bookstore for a few photos.[eight]

    • If you desire to have photos taken in a business organisation, brand sure to get permission from the owners or manager first.
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    Use classic editing styles.
    When editing, e’er go the classic route when it comes to senior photos, rather than choosing trendy styles. For example, giving your photos the matte treatment may be trendy correct now, but the style may not stand the test of time. Withal, black and white photos will await corking at whatever time.[9]

    • Don’t oversaturate the color in a photo, merely definitely go for saturation over mute, bland colors.
    • Another trend is editing photos to make them look vintage. It tin can look peachy if done correctly, merely may non hold upward in the future.
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    Notice poses that are natural for you lot.
    As the senior, you should practice different poses in a mirror before the session so you tin feel confident when it’s fourth dimension to have the photos. Aim for natural photos that flatter your body and personality blazon. Try to create soft angles, like bending 1 arm slightly or turning your hips to the side. Put your chin slightly downwards to create the most flattering photos of your face. Avoid standing still with your arms at your sides.[10]

    • For a more than feminine pose, put ane human foot slightly in front end of the other and shift your weight to your back leg. Typically, the photo is more flattering if you lot are standing with your legs slightly apart.
    • For a more masculine pose, spread your feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart and cross your arms or clasp your hands together.
    • Don’t underestimate the value of a candid photo. Act equally if you were having a conversation with your best friend if candid photos are taken.
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    Accept your fourth dimension during the session.
    If yous aren’t neat on getting your photo taken, you may be hoping to get it over with apace. Nevertheless, rushed photos likely won’t plow out as well and won’t capture the look and vibe you lot’re aiming for. Take all the time that is necessary to get the all-time photos possible.[eleven]

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    Bear witness your personality during the photo session.
    It’s normal to exist shy, especially if you’re non comfortable having your picture show taken. But, you should keep in mind that this is your fourth dimension to evidence off and the photos should capture your personality! If you feel comfortable and natural, the photos will reflect it.[12]

    • If you feel nervous, have several deep breaths to calm down. Don’t exist afraid to tell the photographer you need a few minutes to collect yourself.
    • It may likewise be helpful to have a parent or friend with y’all at the shoot to help you experience more comfortable.

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    Do you need lighting for outdoor photography?

    Victoria Sprung

    Victoria Sprung is a Professional Lensman and the Founder of Sprung Photograph, a nuptials photography studio based in Chicago, Illinois. She has over 13 years of professional photography feel and has photographed over 550 weddings. She has been called for Wedding Wire’s “Couple’s Choice” Award eight years in a row and The Knot’s “All-time of Weddings” award five years in a row. Her piece of work has been featured in People Magazine, Time Out Chicago, Chicago Mag, the Chicago Reader, Rangefinder, The Chicago Sun-Times, and Popular Sugar.

    Victoria Sprung

    Professional Lensman

    Expert Answer

    It’s best to bring your own lighting so you can ensure your photos await great. For instance, y’all might bring a large softbox. That fashion, you’ll be able to subtly raise the natural light, which will requite the portrait a fun, friendly, open feel.

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  • If you’re non feeling well the day of the session, call in accelerate to reschedule. You will get amend photos on a twenty-four hour period when you’re feeling good.[13]

  • If possible, encounter or take a chat with the photographer before the session. Information technology’s okay to dorsum out of the session or choose another lensman if you lot don’t click with them.

  • Talk to your lensman about editing out unwanted blemishes—such equally acne. The lensman tin can edit based on what you lot want removed from the photos.[14]

  • If y’all’re taking your own photos, certain smartphone apps tin make your photos expect more professional person—like PicTapGo.[15]

  • It’southward typically not a good idea to get a haircut right earlier taking pictures. Go a new haircut style at least a few weeks or a month before taking photos so that you can exist sure you like it.[xvi]

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