How To Tilt Head In Photoshop

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  1. 1

    Open up or create a Photoshop file.
    To practise so, double-click on the blue app icon that contains the messages “Ps,” then click on
    in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and:

    • Click on
      to open up an existing certificate; or
    • Click on
      to create a new document.
  2. ii

    Click on a layer.
    In the “Layers” menu in the lower-right corner of the screen, click on the layer that contains the object y’all want to rotate.

    • If you don’t run into the “Layers” card, click on
      in the bill of fare bar at the height of the screen, then click on
      Layers. The “Layers” menu window will appear in the lower-right corner of the photoshop window.


  3. three

    Click on the Quick Select Tool.
    It’due south the paintbrush icon adjacent to a dotted outline, well-nigh the top of the toolbar on the left side of the window.

    • If y’all don’t see the Quick Select Tool, long-click on the Magic Wand Tool to open up a menu that contains the Quick Select Tool.
  4. 4

    Select an object.
    Use the Quick Select Tool to highlight the object you want to rotate.

    • If yous want to rotate the entire layer, yous need not select annihilation.
  5. 5

    Click on



    It’s in the carte bar at the tiptop of the screen.

  6. 6

    Click on



    It’southward in the middle of the drop-down carte du jour.

  7. 7

    Click on

    Rotate 180°

    to turn the object or layer upside downwardly.

  8. eight

    Click on

    Rotate 90° CW

    to turn the bottom of the object or layer upwards and to the left.

  9. ix

    Click on

    Rotate xc° CCW

    to turn the bottom of the object or layer upward and to the right.

  10. 10

    Click on


    to rotate the object freely.

    A box with eight minor squares will environs your choice.

    • Click and concur on i of the pocket-size squares and use the on-screen pointer to rotate the object.
    • The degrees of rotation volition appear in a small box above the arrow as you rotate the object.
  11. 11



    when yous’re satisfied with the rotation.

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  • Question

    How do I rotate a flick?

    Community Answer

    To rotate the image and layer together, go upwardly to the menu bar > select “epitome” > “image rotation” > desired rotation.

  • Question

    How do I rotate and format text?

    Community Answer

    Utilise the transform tools, use Ctrl+T, then have the cursor outside of the box. Y’all tin can rotate it by moving the cursor.

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  • Holding down the Shift key on your keyboard yous can snap to 15 degree increments while rotating.

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  • Using keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys decreases the number of steps to take for more avant-garde users, and then accept advantage of this and make rotating an object easier! The shortcuts are:

    • M – Marquee tool
    • V – Move tool
    • Ctrl + T (Cmd + T for Mac) – Free transform, you can both scale and/or rotate!

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1. Click a layer.
2. Click the Quick Select tool.
three. Click
4. Click
Transform Path.
5. Select a rotate option.

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