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How To Use Modify In Photoshop

By | 19/10/2022

When looking for video editing software, which platforms come to mind first? We’d imagine that Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are up there. Photoshop, on the other hand? Probably not so much.

While Adobe primarily released Photoshop for editing withal visuals, you can also use the platform to create video projects. And if you’re new to video editing software, Photoshop is an excellent starting point for getting to grips with the basics.

This commodity will tell you everything you need to know about editing videos in Photoshop. You’ll learn near calculation special effects, changing a video’s speed, and much more.

What Kinds of Videos Can You Edit in Photoshop?

Photoshop is suitable for editing all kinds of video projects. Thanks to its resizing tools, y’all tin easily make content for YouTube videos and the like and afterwards upload them in the recommended formats.

The platform lets you edit long-course video projects, but you can also create shorter-form content. As such, Photoshop is also helpful when repurposing content for social media networks like Instagram and TikTok.


Earlier we expect at how to edit your videos in Photoshop, knowing how to import your footage and audio is a good starting signal. To begin editing a video, y’all tin drag the files y’all desire to edit into the app.

Alternatively, you can import via the menu bar. Become to
Import; there, yous’ll find several choices for doing so. If you’ve got footage you want to add to Photoshop from another device, yous can go to
Import Footage From iPhone or iPad

Screenshot showing how to import content on PS

Once you’ve imported your videos, you lot’ll encounter them in a timeline at the lesser of your screen.

While the circuitous video tools are fun to use, y’all should get to grips with the basics before using them. Photoshop lets y’all make several simple changes to your video footage, such every bit cropping and adjusting colors. You tin can also add lens corrections, add tone curves, and much more.

Photoshop has several tools for adjusting colors. If you lot don’t want to do too much manual work, yous can brand automatic corrections. To do and then, go to
Auto Color. You can also choose from
Auto Tone
Auto Contrast.

If y’all desire more command over your colors, go to the icon in the right-hand corner with iv lines. Click on information technology, and a dropdown menu will announced; you can choose from the
Color Wheel,
Hue Cube, and various other workspaces.

Screenshot showing color options on PS

If you go to
Adjustments, you will observe a broad selection of basic tools to edit your video with. For example, you can balance different colors—such every bit dejection and yellows. Similarly, y’all tin can choose whether to manually or automatically adapt brightness and contrast.

How to Edit Audio

If you’re editing a video in Photoshop, you’ll desire to know how you can tweak the audio too. The platform doesn’t have as many tools as Premiere Pro in this respect, merely you tin still make simple adjustments.

To edit your sound, gyre down to the
Sound Runway
tab at the bottom. Here, you can click on the arrow at the finish of your track to reveal its editing capabilities.

Screenshot showing how to edit audio in Photoshop

In the window, you can choose to mute your audio. Moreover, y’all tin can cull where in your video you tin can fade it in and out. If yous desire more advanced tools, you might want to adjust everything in Adobe Audition beforehand.

How to Trim Your Videos

You’ll probably find several parts of your video that you lot don’t desire to keep in your terminal project. Doing and so in Photoshop is pretty simple; first, you’ll demand to go to the role of the video yous’d similar to take out.

At the beginning and end of the department you’d like to remove, click on the
scissor icon
in the timeline section. Afterwards, y’all can select the cutting clip and press
on your keyboard to delete it.

If yous just want to delete the starting time and end of a video, you tin elevate those ends until you’ve gotten rid of the $.25 y’all want.

How to Add together Text to Your Videos

Text Options in Photoshop

In addition to adjusting how your video looks, y’all might want to add special effects to your footage. Adding text is useful for being able to tell your story in more detail, and you can also use it to showcase interesting facts—such as data about a town or city you filmed in.

Adding text to a video in Photoshop takes very trivial effort. In the left-hand toolbar, y’all will discover a
icon. Once y’all’ve clicked on the text icon, create a box on your video. At the meridian, you can adjust the font size, along with the font itself.

If y’all’ve used Photoshop to edit still images, you lot’ll know how useful it is for tweaking specific parts of a picture. And if you want to employ the platform to edit videos, you lot can practise similar things.

Photoshop has several tools for editing specific parts of your video. If you go to the
tool, for example, y’all can brighten bits of your footage that you lot experience are too dark. Similarly, y’all can employ
to mistiness different areas.

If you lot fabricated an adjustment that y’all’ve decided y’all no longer like, you tin use
History Brush
to restore the role that yous edited. All of these tools are available in the left-hand toolbar.

Smart Sharpen Option in Photoshop

Do you experience like your footage is likewise blurry? If so, you can easily acuminate it. To sharpen your video, get to
Acuminate. In that window, you tin cull from several options—such as sharpening your edges or doing and so for the entire video.

To increment the sharpness of your video, select
and press
until yous’re happy with the end upshot.

You tin also customize your sharpening settings by going to
Smart Sharpen. Here, you can adjust the radius and percentage. Moreover, you lot tin can make up one’s mind whether yous want to remove lens blur, gaussian mistiness, and motion blur. Reducing the noise in your video is as well possible.


One time you’ve finished editing your video in Photoshop, you lot’re gear up to export your video. First, y’all’ll need to render it; go to
Render Video. You tin can conform several settings here, such equally making your video fix for YouTube or Apple TV.

Render Options in Photoshop

Click on the
push once you’ve edited your settings.

Editing Your Videos in Photoshop Is Like shooting fish in a barrel

Photoshop might not be well-nigh people’due south first pick for editing videos, but it’south a powerful tool that’s worth exploring. Having read this guide, you should have the tools yous need to make adjustments to your footage and export information technology for your preferred platform.

Now that y’all’ve got all the information you demand, why not let your artistic juices flow and see what you lot can come up with?

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