How To Use Patch Tool Photoshop

By | 01/11/2022


What Exactly is the Patch Tool for?

The patch tool is used for retouching or repairing photos that are damaged. Information technology is found as a part of healing castor tools. You tin also use it for removing components from your prototype. It offers an constructive method to set any large or pocket-size part of the image. At that place are similarities to the healing brush tool as the patch tool also matches the coloring, texture, and lighting of the selected area to the source. In this topic, we are going to acquire about the Patch Tool in Photoshop.

The deviation is that, unlike the brush, it but works based on the choice. One attribute of the patch tool is that it renders a slightly different outcome as yous use it multiple times. Yous can effortlessly work on larger areas of an image with great results. One can clone or indistinguishable parts of a photo using the destination mode along with the patch tool. We will discuss how to do that further in the article. Furthermore, users can also use transparent or blueprint options as well.

Although some of them might non be used quite frequently, it even so is good to exist aware of the option. Before the release of Photoshop CS6, there was no option to work on empty layers with the patch tool. Therefore, users had to duplicate the layers and so work on the images. With Photoshop CS6, the new feature introduced is content-aware which can ameliorate the results when combined with the patch tool. Thus, the patch tool has become more effective and useful than the earlier versions.

Where is the Patch Tool located?

The patch tool can be selected from the tools panel under the healing brush tool. It is third in the row.

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.1

How does the Patch Tool Piece of work?

  1. First of all, you need to select an area subsequently choosing the patch tool. Its functionality is similar to the lasso tool if you are already familiar with it.
  2.  Next, you lot merely have to hover the cursor around and drag information technology to whatsoever direction.
  3.  Once you opt for the source or destination node in the options bar, you lot can find a preview of an image while dragging.
  4. As shortly every bit you release the mouse, Photoshop would blend the pixels evenly in such a style equally to match the original photo condition. If yous need to deselect, use the shortcut: Ctrl + D on Windows and Cmd + D on Mac.

Y’all accept to be careful in selecting the object, as fifty-fifty a tiny border can bear on the outcome significantly.

For Removing Unwanted Elements from the Prototype

Yous tin can also use the patch tool in normal style to remove things from an image instantly and easily. However, it will not guarantee a 100 per centum result always. Also, ensure that you are not working on the original layer. Use a duplicate BG layer or an empty layer. Note: You tin make use of any option tool other than the patch tool to define a choice.

Below is an example of an object removed using the patch tool.

Step 1: Navigate to the File carte and select Open up. After this, you volition run across a pop up like the below epitome.

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.2

Footstep ii:
Next, you have to choose the image yous want to rework

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.3

Step 3:
Afterward the image opens, select the unwanted area from the image using the patch tool

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.4

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.5

Step 4:
Using the patch tool, move the selected area to match the background y’all want it to be, every bit shown in the below image.

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.6

Now you volition see that the prototype office with pebbles has been removed completely.

Patch Tool in Photoshop 1.7

Clone Parts of an Image

Let us meet how nosotros tin can duplicate parts of an image using the patch tool.

In the beneath case, nosotros have duplicated the ruby cricket ball and added a new one.

Let’due south meet the method to do that in a stepwise style

Pace 1:
Make a selection around the cricket ball

cricket ball

Step 2:
From the options bar, select destination

Step 3:
Using the patch tool, movement the selection over the position.

moving selection over the postion

Select the destination radio push button to clone or copy a particular field. With the aid of the patch, the tool copy the epitome. But the edges might get pixelated. There is a meliorate method with superior results. Subsequently selecting, hit Ctrl + Alt + T in Windows and Cmd + Alt + T on a Mac. This activates the free transform tool. Afterwards that, motility the selection into a new place. To make information technology work, click on the tick box, or y’all can press the enter primal. You will still find the selection tool equally the dotted line is visible. At present you lot accept to motility the mouse over the selected area, and so movement the area slightly and release the cursor. This will make the surrounding pixels to alloy better.

Patch Tool in Content-Aware Manner

content aware mode

Another method of using the free transform tool with the destination mode active on the patch tool. The patch tool tin be used in normal as well as content-aware mode. The one-time is great for general photo editing when you piece of work on images with sharp contrast or with edges. However, the later outshine when it comes to shut edge clean upwards. For using the patch tool in the content-aware mode, y’all have to navigate to the Options bar. From there, yous accept the option to change from normal to content-enlightened mode. Also, note that for working on an empty layer, ensure to check “sample all layers”. Y’all as well tin cull betwixt various range options that you tin select based on your blending requirements.


The patch tool is an effective tool in Photoshop used to restore damaged images to their original condition. Yous can also clone things from the images every bit per your needs. One time mastered, it is a very like shooting fish in a barrel method for working on images. Irrespective of the area of a photo, you can work on large or small parts. Provided yous have some area as a source in the image. I hope y’all take constitute this commodity helpful in understanding a new tool in Photoshop.

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