How To View Layers In Gimp

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Introduction to GIMP Layers

Whatever you add in the document area of GIMP creates a layer in the layers panel of this software which ways layers can be defined as slices of any paper of a projection book that has a different document on each layer. In GIMP we can have an imported image layer, certificate layer, and shape layer & everything which nosotros draw or create in this software will accept a layer in the layers panel. You will learn some essential parameters of the individual layer from this article then that y’all can understand the mechanism of having a layers panel with a number of layers in this software.

How to utilise Layers in GIMP?

Nosotros tin can employ layers for making adjustments to different features as well as in making changes in the parameters of the object of that layer. That object may exist an prototype, document, shape, or whatsoever pattern. Before learning most how we can use layers let us have look at the location and recovery of the layers console.

By default, you will find the layers panel on the right side of the User screen.

GIMP Layer 2

Considering of the dockable panel, yous can place it anywhere in the user screen.

GIMP Layer 3

Or you can move information technology similar this according to your suitability.

GIMP Layer 4

If you closed the layers console by fault then don’t worry, just go to the Windows card and click on information technology. Go to Dockable Dialogs and click on the Layers option of the new list or press Ctrl + L as a shortcut key.

GIMP Layer 5

If yous take cipher in the document area of GIMP so your layers panel will be empty and there will be no layer.

GIMP Layer 6

At present let us create a new document and once y’all create it, a layer of this document will add in the layers panel as a background layer. You lot tin can have a number of layers in layers panel considering GIMP has limitless capacity having a layer in the layers panel and it just depends on your estimator capacity.

GIMP Layer 7

Same every bit if you open any epitome in GIMP it also has its layer in the layers console.

GIMP Layer 8

You can change the name of whatever layer, just make double-click on the name of the layer and write your desired proper name.

GIMP Layer 9

Allow alter the theme of the interface to grayscale for agreement the side by side pick of the layers panel. Hither nosotros have to layers in the layers panel and you can run across if you selected any layer it becomes highlighted.

GIMP Layer 10

You will encounter the layer outset which is pinnacle in layer sequence. Here we take the daughter layer at the height and so we tin meet this only and the layer below it can just see when in that location is any gap or the upper layer has less opacity value.

GIMP Layer 11

Yous can click on eye button of any layer for making information technology invisible.

GIMP Layer 12

Next is Link button if you enable information technology on both layer past click on information technology.

GIMP Layer 13

Then any transformation or change which you apply on whatsoever i of images will exist applied on both layers. For example, I scale downwards this green layer.

GIMP Layer 14

And when I press enter for applying this scale transformation it will be applied on both layers.

GIMP Layer 15

But if the link button is enabled on simply one layer then it volition lock that layer and you can make changes simply on the unlinked layer. For example, I enabled the link button on the girl layer and and then changed the scale of the green layer.

GIMP Layer 16

And after making enter there is scale transformation on the greenish layer but.

output 15

Next is the Lock pixels button.

lock pixel

I take a Paint Brush tool and describe this star on the daughter layer.

input 16

Now make the Lock pixel button enable and again draw the star with the castor tool on the daughter image. You will detect y’all cannot draw it. So if you enable the lock pixel button then you cannot draw anything on your selected layer.

output 17

Side by side is the Lock Position and Size button. Past enabling this button you will not able to move or resize your selected layer.

output 18

At present place the green layer above this girl layer past moving it with a mouse click.

output 19

Nosotros accept the Mode selection hither in the layer panel. Choose whatsoever i of the mode from this list. I volition choose the Soft calorie-free option.

output 20

And your upper layer will blend with the beneath layer and give you lot a blending issue similar this.

output 21

You can increase or decrease the opacity of any layer by changing the opacity value through the opacity option. Does opacity mean how opaque any particular thing is?

output 22

Move tool works on the upper layer starting time no thing which layer is selected in the layers console. For instance, if you select the bottom layer and and then employ the move tool for moving this layer.

output 23

And then it moves the upper layer past selecting information technology itself.

output 24

And once yous did it automatically back your selection on your originally selected layer.

output 25

We have some tab or button at the lesser of the layers panel so let united states hash out them as well. The kickoff tab is for creating a new layer.

gimp layer 27

Once you click on this tab you will take this dialog box. Hither you can name your layer.

gimp layer 28

Choose the tag color of your layer by the Colour tag option.

gimp layer 29

You can set the size of the layer here too according to your requirement during your work.

gimp layer 30

You tin can fill the layer with a different options. You can choose foreground color, groundwork color, White color, any pattern or transparency for filling purposes.

gimp layer 31

I volition choose the Transparency selection for having a transparent layer and hit Ok.

gimp layer 32

And you will have a new layer with your desired setting in the layers panel.

gimp layer 33

This is a transparent layer.


If you want to fill colour in it so go to the Edit menu and click on any filling selection.

fill color

If y’all want to brand a duplicate copy of whatsoever layer then click on this push.

layer 1

And yous will take a copy of your selected layer.

selected layer

For adding a mask to any layer click on this button.

selected layer 1

Once you click yous will take this dialog box, make your desired settings here, and click on the Add together button.

output 26

And mask will add to your selected layer.

output 27

Y’all tin can delete any layer but select that layer and click on the delete push button.

GIMP Layer 1


We have discussed all the important parameters and features of the layers panel of GIMP software and now you can understand how much it is of import to sympathize the layers panel of GIMP. Now y’all can hands use the function of layers panel for treatment your piece of work in better ways.

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