How To Wedding Photography For Beginners

By | 26/10/2022

Have ever wanted to learn how to photo a wedding like a pro?
Or to learn the best tips & tricks from a professional nuptials photographer to capture those precious moments & memories for newlyweds?

Well so, y’all demand to check out our
iPhotography wedding photography guide. Information technology’s full of ideas on how to accept stunning nuptials photos & avoid mutual mistakes that every new photographer makes.

We’ve shot tonnes of weddings and engagement photoshoots between them and now nosotros desire to share our best wedding photography techniques with you.

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How to Get Started with Wedding Photography

Photographing weddings is one of the nearly pop areas of photography if you want to start turning your hobby in to a career. It’s an idea place to make money from your photography and a fantastic opportunity to become noticed in the local community.

But all too often amateurs and semi-pros overlook the essentials when either preparing their photography equipment, planning their poses or composing their shots resulting in poor wedding photographs – and y’all but get one take a chance for each special day!

So, we are here to assist you overcome that pressure level and turn every wedding photograph you take in to a magical memory for the bride and groom to cherish forever.

Now we empathise that everyone has a different approach to photography, and weddings are no different. Whether you adopt formal wedding poses or the reportage side then nosotros think this guide will help you regardless as we look at the all-time techniques, ideal lighting and the subconscious tricks that professional person photographers us when directing the Bride, Groom and even the whole wedding party!

But before we get into that, let’due south talk near how to set yourself for the large day!

Making a Wedding Photography Checklist

This is essential. Without a wedding photography checklist, yous will inevitably miss something out of your shoot, and this could be fatal to the start of a promising wedding photography career.

A Bride and Groom won’t exist pleased to know y’all forgot to take pictures of them cutting the cake or the Mother of the Helpmate’s decadent lid.

Take time to run across upwardly with the happy couple who have called you to capture the special memories of their happy twenty-four hours.

Visit them a few weeks before and find out as much equally you can about their wedding and their expectations of y’all.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Clients

• Do they want lots of posed formal wedding photographs?

• Or do they prefer a natural and candid approach?

• What parts of the day do they want yous to cover?
Bridal training, Anniversary, Meal, Speeches, Cake cut, Party/Disco etc.,

• What’s the starting time for these parts?
(expect at that place to be delays – y’all’ll detect no wedding runs on time!)

• Is in that location any special activities or surprises that volition happen that guests don’t know about?

• How many guests will be present?

• Is there anyone who they don’t want photographs with?!

• Do they want a big group shot of anybody together?

• What time will the nuptials cease?

These are going to be important questions to ask to help your Wedding ceremony Photography checklist as information technology’ll aid you form the basis of your approach.

If you’re being asked to photograph from start to cease, you’ll know you’ll need some lights (as the daylight fades) and some actress accessories for example. But if you’re only needed for the actual ceremony, you tin can travel lighter.

Its vitally important to know what the couple want to do with the concluding photographs too.

Some newlyweds merely want digital copies on a CD/USB drive to share on social media, others may asking yous to make an album for them or a large sheet of their happy day.

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Create a Mood Board for Nuptials Inspiration

Ane very important not to forget is to enquire the couple;
‘Practise you lot have any ideas of your ain?’

Ultimately, information technology’due south their day and in that location’s nothing more professional than involving the Helpmate and Groom (to-be) in the creative process.

At that place are brilliant websites such as Pinterest, Behance, Flickr and 500px which are ideal resources to gain inspiration for different styles of wedding photography. Enquire the happy couple to have a look and send you some of their favourite ideas.

It’southward a proficient idea for you to make your own ‘inspirational mood board’ to show the Bride and Groom the blazon of photographs that you’d like to have, specially if this is your first wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Photography Shot Listing

Write down all the possible combinations of portrait shots you could capture such as;

• Bride and Groom
– obviously!
• Helpmate and Maid of Accolade

• Bride and Bridesmaids

• Page Boys and Flower Girls

• Groom and Best Man

• Groom and Groomsman

• Bride, Groom and Parents

• Bride, Groom, All-time Man and Maid of Honor

• Bride, Groom, Page Boys and Flower Girls

• Bride and Bridal Family

• Groom and Family

• Best Man and Maid of Honour

• Mothers of the Bride and Groom

• Fathers of the Helpmate and Groom

Cross them off every bit you get, so don’t forget a pen! It makes it much easier to know you’ve captured all the shots your newlyweds asked for. You’ll start to look like a professional wedding photographer already.

A clever play a trick on we used, to use was to write downwardly all the combinations and put them a sticker behind the camera’s flip out screen. Concealed and neat!

Don’t forget a shot of all the whole wedding congregation (you’ll definitely need a wide lens for this, anything betwixt 15mm-25mm should be fine)

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What Equipment Do You Need for Wedding Photography?

Basically, every bit fiddling as possible, but enough to cover all eventualities! Confused? I know. Simply don’t worry, what we mean is travel as lite every bit possible. You’re going to be on your feet for hours, so y’all don’t want heavy bags, check out the weather beforehand so y’all’ll know if you lot demand to take provisions.

Try to infringe or rent a backup photographic camera (something you lot’re familiar with) in case the worst should happen during the wedding – information technology’south rare, but not implausible.

Compact cameras are in truth, useless for weddings, they volition not operate fast enough to capture all the fleeting moments of the day. If you are a beginner in nuptials photography (with a view to becoming) more serious so you demand to consider investing in a reliable mirrorless or DSLR camera. Fast shooting cameras are actually important if you want to make the most of the day.

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What to Put in Your Wedding Camera Purse

Hither’s a few other hymeneals essentials all photographers should accept in their bag on the large twenty-four hour period;

• Extra camera batteries
(make sure they’re fully charged the night before)
• Cervix or hand strap
(nosotros’ve known sweaty palms be the cause of many a broken camera)
• A zoom lens
(unless you have defended wide and telephoto lenses already)
• Tripod

• Reflector
(a pocket-size fold up one will exist ideal)
• UV filter

• Extra memory cards
(the faster writing speed the better, you’ll exist taking lots of shots you won’t want your camera to slow yous downwardly)
• Off-Photographic camera Wink
(this depends on the location and the fourth dimension of twenty-four hour period equally to whether you’ll need actress lite at any point – this ones up to you. But if yous do, take many spare batteries and a wireless trigger if you lot have one.)
• Energy snack
(Oh you’ll thank us for this one!)

Employ a camera bag that allows you to strap your tripod to information technology to keep your hands complimentary. Go for a backpack style over a shoulder purse as it’ll assist you keep balanced and won’t strain ane side of your trunk.

Information technology’due south not uncommon for professional wedding photographers to endure from permanent bad backs and RSIs from years of miscarrying their equipment.

Do You Need Props for Hymeneals Photos?

Over again, it’s your call simply if they’re pocket-sized and easy to utilize, and then why non? Little drinking glass assurance and balloons can make your shots quite unique and help you lot commencement to develop a certain way of wedding photographs.

An ornate photo frame can brand for quirky shots as all the guests can accept a play. The Bride and Groom may already have some cute props arranged so it’south best to check first.

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Shooting Bridal Training Photos

Typically, merely not exclusively, most wedding photographs begin with the Bridal parties’ preparation. Await to be graced by room strewn with clothes, champagne and brand up – therefore you’ll have to exist clever to work in small spaces so make utilise of mirrors and
Dutch tilts.

A make-upwardly artist will be vying for your attention of the Bride during the preparations as they beautify the lady of the day. It’s a expert opportunity to turn your attending to other political party members similar the Father of the Bride rehearsing his large spoken language.

Or the Mother of the Bride wiping away her tears of happiness, these aboveboard moments add to the story of the wedding.

The lengthy nature of preparing the Bride should not be forgotten, you generally only wear a hymeneals dress once in your life so make sure you’re capturing all the small details of the day also similar the amazing hair styles, the delicately painted nails, the luscious wedding
, those killer heels and to a higher place all

Wedding dresses are their ain style, no two are the aforementioned and reminding the blushing Bride of her fabulous outfit through your photographs will never be forgotten.

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Begetter and Daughter Nuptials Photos

The terminal-minute pep talks between Male parent and Daughter are special every bit they share a final moment before she steps into the pending cars and heads to meet her ane truthful love. If you don’t want to intrude, stand up back and apply a longer lens to capture the intimacy of the moment.

As she’s whisked away into the fancy wedding ceremony car grab those poignant shots of the Bride leaving her family home to start a new chapter in her life.

Knowing that you’re not Superman and you tin can’t exist in ii places at once, don’t put pressure on yourself to photograph the Groom’due south preparations as well, unless they are just a few doors away. If we can speak from experience, the Groom’southward preparations take a lot less time, so your opportunities may be fleeting. You’ll know where to divide your time if you speak to the couple in advance.

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Taking Shots Downward the Alley

With your camera poised yous are going to exist like the Bride’s shadow for the adjacent few minutes equally she leaves the auto and walks down the aisle. Merely don’t forget in that location are other of import figures to characteristic, so continuing near the Groom and looking downwards the aisle volition assistance you capture that iconic moment equally the doors open and the ceremony begins.

Tears volition be running amongst the congregation, but it’due south the Groom’s reaction to seeing his Helpmate that will memorable and instant, to see natural emotions makes your images powerful.

Use a zoom lens and track the Bride
as she and her Begetter commence their glide towards the front. Bank check beforehand with the ceremony officials that yous are allowed to use a
at this betoken as a lot of venues can be nighttime and dimly lit.

Yous may have to compete with the flashes of excited guests, so you’ll accept to exist fast. There’southward no harm in shooting in burst way to capture the famous archway.

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How to Shoot Wedding Ceremonies

Ceremonies, depending upon the faith of the happy couple may final between 15-30 minutes, information technology’s a quick event in the scheme of the whole day, so motility effectually.

Try not to distract anyone and take your opportunities
to capture the presentation of the wedding rings, the crying parents, the antsy flower girls and the sleepy uncles! That zoom lens volition aid yous capture all the truths of the day which the Helpmate and Groom will not otherwise see.

Go back down to the bottom of the aisle when all their commencement kiss is in the bag and be gear up for the walk out.

Ask the newlyweds just to intermission as they reach the exit to take some memorable shots of them emerging as the new Mr & Mrs. They won’t exist able to hibernate their emotions so let them be as cuddly and kissy as they desire.

There’ll be a lot of milling about afterwards the ceremony for all the guests to congratulate the newlyweds too, so look precipitous and photograph all those important reactions and interactions.

These shots will be perfect in
black and white
if you decide to edit your images afterwards, the emotion of the wedding is ideally translated through simpler tones such equally blackness and white, whereas colour adds the energy and a more general description of the location.

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7 Poses for Wedding Newlyweds

Once you get your beautiful newlyweds abroad from the crowds, like Hollywood starlets at a premiere, so you’ll have a chip of peace and quiet to have those earth-shaking shots. Call up to take a moment to breathe and relax for a moment, this is the but calm moment of the twenty-four hours, so enjoy it.

There’due south no damage in having your mood lath and inspiring shots printed out in your back pocket to reference, and it helps the couple understand how you lot want to pose them. They’ll all the same be quite giggly and intimate so brand us of those natural reactions and enquire them to gaze into each other’s optics lovingly – information technology shouldn’t be too difficult to practise!

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Here’southward a list of 7 poses yous could try out and what makes each of them different;

1. Front Facing– Front facing shots deliver intimacy and show a unified pairing.

two. Full Length
– Full length compositions give a sense of calibration and location to the frame, which can be useful if y’all want to contain the venue into the groundwork.

3. Close Up
– Shut up portraits are extremely romantic and personal, cutting out everything around and only focusing upon the loving emotions.

4. Walking Away
– Walking away shots allow a more voyeuristic perspective, creating the connotation of the newlyweds walking off into the sunset to beginning their new life together.

5. Silhouettes
– Silhouetted portraits demonstrate the shape of the wedding dress equally is a nice alternative twist.

6. Flash
– Using daylight or a flash to backlight your shots can add to that romantic dreamy brume your couple are in, simply whip out your reflector to brand sure you lot still run into the particular in their faces.

vii. Stylised
– Stylised shots are more than creations from the photographer’s listen, they can look dramatic like a moving picture poster, funny or totally off the wall – either mode, information technology’s going to say something nearly the lensman when other people look at them, so make sure yous’re happy with information technology.

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How to Shoot the First Trip the light fantastic at a Wedding

The last tradition of the solar day is usually the outset dance of the newly married couple. It generally is the offset dance of anyone that day, merely spotter out for some rouge Flower Girls and Folio Boys strutting their stuff as they get in to the political party mood.

A Master of Ceremonies may announce this moment to everyone to requite you forewarning to take upwardly the all-time spot and y’all’ll need to set up your flash for this moment as the room lights dim and the brilliant disco lights take over.

If you’ve got an
off-camera flash

with wireless triggers then now could exist a good time to use them, as you could physically hold the flash in your left hand to get the angle you want whilst you click away with the right.

It takes a bit of fourth dimension and skill to principal this technique simply allows yous to achieve the best lighting at any angle. Keep your wink high upwards to avoid unflattering shadows.

The Bride and Groom’s heads may be locked closely together equally they slowly glide beyond the dancefloor so remember to become in close to be able to see facial features and intimate expressions. Looking out for their hands is another great manner to incorporate those dazzling wedding rings i more than time.

If those distracting disco lights are still lighting up the dancefloor so make a feature of them by selecting a irksome
shutter speed
and one time your wink has fired, then elevate the camera around to make crazy low-cal trails wrapping the newlyweds in a blaze of color! Or you tin even zoom out whilst the shutter is open to creating a very abstruse
zoom burst.

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eight Tips for Editing Nuptials Photos

Now depending on your preferred style, how to edit nuptials photographs is a very personal experience and will simply exist perfected with time. But there are a couple of tips though that nosotros can offer based on uncomplicated mistakes a lot of beginners in wedding photography make when information technology comes to editing.

1. Don’t lose the highlights
– Keep your bright and white areas abroad from being pure white. If you lot use Photoshop or Lightroom, utilize the curves tool or highlights slider to reduce the white areas to a dulled white preserving the details.

2. Don’t crush the shadows
– In the same mode every bit preserving the highlights the shadows shouldn’t exist pushed to truthful blackness either, it allows for subtle details to exist seen on closer inspection drawing more attention from the viewer. Information technology would never be realistic to have true black shadows in real life anyway.

3. Don’t crop in too close
– It’s easy to wait at a shot and crop 50% of it out to make a better composition, merely you’ve and then deleted one-half of your detail and pixels, which means the maximum size yous can then print that photo is dramatically reduced. You lot have two outcomes if this happens – 1. Larn to make it closer next time ii. You’ll accept to delete the shot if it’s going to exist minor in print.

4. When to employ Black and White
– We mentioned it earlier but permit’s apace repeat; monochrome evokes emotion and intimacy in a wedding photograph, whereas colour adds energy, vibrancy and life to a scene – your photographs will dictate what type of colour treatment they need based on these rules.

5. Don’t over sharpen
– In the early days it’due south natural to overuse the sharpening tool in Photoshop or Lightroom to cover up a flake of photographic camera shake or mistiness, but don’t become reliant on it saving your shots. Sharpening should be reserved for well taken (precipitous) shots to look even crisper confronting a soft background. If y’all discover you lot’re using it a lot, it’due south time to reassess your focusing method on your camera.

half dozen. Be selective
– The Bride and Groom don’t want to see 30 photographs of them cutting the cake. It’south a block – iv or 5 is more than enough. You lot don’t desire to overwhelm them; you should only exist showing them wedding photographs that you are proud of and you lot’d exist happy to put in your portfolio. If y’all don’t like it, delete it. Be your own critic showtime.

7. Don’t overlook the silliness
– You lot’ll meet a range of personalities at a wedding and it’s those silly and humorous moments that may non be flattering but are meaningful and personal to the newlyweds, so don’t throw them away. Recollect of them like out-takes from a movie.

viii. Add a watermark
– If yous are starting out so its great way to get your name out into the open. 70% of wedding lensman’s discover their next clients whilst at a current wedding, so if you have a small watermark on your pictures when the other guests see them, they’ll call up your name. Keep it small and neat and in the lesser right of every photograph.

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10 Wedding Photography Tips Summary

Now permit’s attempt and boil down all that data in a bit of a summary of those helpful hints and tips to help you get the best from your wedding ceremony photography.

1. Visit the Bride and Groom earlier
the nuptials to find out what they want from their photographer. Brand a list of important questions that y’all may want to ask them.

2. Make a shot listing
of all the groupings you want to capture on the solar day. Keep it handy.

iii. Pack actress batteries
and retention cards and keep them in a pocket for quick admission.

4. Enquiry some different poses
and compositions from wedding magazines and online to give you some inspiration.

v. Pack lightly
and don’t take equipment like extra lights if you are shooting outdoors during the height of summer.

In small spaces,
wait for quirky angles
to brand dramatic and interesting compositions.

7. Utilize burst mode
in instances where you know yous’ll only get i opportunity, like throwing the Bridal bouquet.

8. Raise your ISO
setting if yous are shooting in dimly low-cal venues merely try not to exceed 800 ISO.

9. Edit simply what you demand
– don’t spend fourth dimension retouching all your photographs to so narrow them downwardly to a handful of favourites. Pick your favourites first.

10. Be loud and articulate
with your directions when shooting big groups of people. They’re at that place for the celebrations, and so you need to piece of work quickly and efficiently. If yous speak with conviction, people will listen to yous.

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