How To Whiten Teeth On Lightroom

By | 02/11/2022

Everybody likes to take their teeth looking nice and white in photographs. Well, not people do. In some cultures, it’s considered attractive to accept black teeth. In this article, I’ll walk you through a few easy steps on how to whiten teeth in Lightroom.

But for most photographers, and peculiarly wedding and portrait photographers, information technology’s of import to know how to whiten teeth in Lightroom. In that location are other options for how to whiten teeth using Photoshop. But I detect Lightroom provides the quickest and easiest ways for whitening teeth.

Karen woman with black teeth.
Karen woman in northern Thailand with black teeth. © Kevin Landwer-Johan

In this commodity and video, I will break downwards for yous, step by pace, how to whiten teeth in Lightroom. There are not many steps and, for users who may be more advanced in Lightroom use, I have summarized the process of whitening teeth at the start. For those wanting more details and options on teeth whitening, yous tin go on to read through the whole article.


  • How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom Summarized for Quick Reference
  • Step #i: Select The Lightroom Adjustment Castor Tool For Teeth Whitening
    • Setting the Brush Adjustments for Beginners
  • Step #two: Conform the Brush Settings for Teeth Whitening
  • Stride #3: Paint the Teeth for Whitening
  • Stride #4: Tweak Teeth Whitening Levels
    • Tweak the Default Lightroom Brushes Settings
  • Pace #five: Salve Teeth Whitening Custom Brush Preset
  • Determination

You can also apply this method of whitening teeth to whiten optics in Lightroom.

How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom Summarized for Quick Reference

Hither are the short, quick steps outlining how to whiten teeth in Lightroom.

  1. Select The Lightroom Adjustment Brush Tool For Teeth Whitening

    Whitening teeth is a task where adjustments are practical to a selective area. The all-time tool for this chore is the Lightroom Adjustment Brush found in the right-manus sidebar.

  2. Adjust the Castor Settings for Teeth Whitening

    For the best results, when yous want to whiten teeth in Lightroom, exist in control of the settings you apply. Option the correct corporeality of Feathering and Menstruum for the image you are working on.

  3. Paint the Teeth for Whitening

    Once your brush is adjusted for teeth whitening and the best size, paint over the surface area of the teeth.

  4. Tweak Teeth Whitening Levels

    Whitening teeth using the brush allows you to tweak any of the sliders manually, and so y’all get the all-time-looking white teeth.

  5. Salvage Teeth Whitening Custom Brush Preset

    You lot tin save all the adjustments you have made equally Lightroom presets, so adjacent time y’all accept to whiten teeth in Lightroom, your process will be more than streamlined.

I adopt to use a pen and tablet when I whiten teeth in Lightroom using a brush. The pen and tablet permit y’all to work with pressure sensitivity and control the look of the effect on your photo more than precisely. When yous edit using a pen and tablet, it is more like using a paintbrush on your photos.

teeth whitening in Lightroom - woman smiling as she takes a photo.
Pretty tourist grin equally she is taking photos at the temple. ©Kevin Landwer-Johan

The adjustment brush in Adobe Lightroom is a powerful editing tool when it’s used well. Like any tool, fine-tuning the settings to your preference means you tin be more precise with information technology and achieve the results y’all want quickly and easily.

Using this feature for the start time may exist a lilliputian frustrating if you are non aware of how to manage it. If you lot are already familiar with how to use it, skip forward to pace #ii and make this tutorial on how to whiten teeth in Lightroom even quicker and easier!

screenshot of adjustment brush tool in Lightroom.
Lightroom Adjustment Brush.

Setting the Brush Adjustments for Beginners

Once y’all click the Adjustment Brush Tool to a new panel will open in the right sidebar under the brush icon. Hither yous will detect all the slider and selection tools to manage your Adjustment Brush. How well you configure, these have a significant impact on how good the edits you make will look.

Brush size and control settings in Lightroom.
Brush size and command settings.

Brush Size

The essential adjustment to brand is the size. Control the size of your tool by using the keys. Tapping the left square bracket central increases the size of the castor. If you have a mouse with a roll cycle, you tin also utilize this to increase or decrease the size of a castor you take selected. There is as well a slider under the Effect Panel of the Adjustment Brush.


Pay attention also to the corporeality of feathering your brush has. This is indicated past the outer circle on the brush when you are using it. The further from the inner brush circle information technology is, the more feathering volition occur as you paint with the castor. More than feathering means a softer border on the effect; less feathering produces a brushstroke with a harder edge. How much feathering y’all set depends on the border clarity of the areas you lot pigment over. When the edge of your subject is soft, use more feathering.

Happy teenage boy isolated on a white background in lightroom.
Happy teenage male child isolated on a white background © Kevin Landwer-Johan.

Density and Menstruum

Density and Flow are two more than adjustment brush options you can command for more than precise editing. The further to the left these sliders are, the more than intense the effect is when you pigment. It’s like painting with a existent brush loaded with paint. Reducing the amount of Flow and/or Density allows yous to command the brush better. You tin can pigment over the aforementioned area as many times as you need to build up the issue the brush has. This will oft produce a more natural-looking result than using a brush with the Period and Density set up besides heavy.

Auto Masking

At that place’southward besides an Auto Mask option. This will tuck the castor to just impact the area the center of the brush is positioned over. I prefer to go out this turned off considering it is not e’er every bit accurate equally I would like. The edge of where you paint will oft exist likewise hard and abrupt.

Woman wearing a straw hat.
Grin woman wearing a harbinger hat with white teeth. ©Kevin Landwer-Johan

Step #ii: Arrange the Brush Settings for Teeth Whitening

Once you lot take your Adjustment Brush ready upwardly, and so it all-time suits the paradigm y’all want to whiten the teeth on, you can select the Effect preset designed specifically for whitening teeth.

At the meridian of the Aligning Brush options panel, there is a drop-downwards carte next to the word Effects. It may have the word Custom, Temp, or any of the other presets in the list you have used previously.

Click on the word to reveal the drib-down menu. Near the lesser, you will find the Teeth Whitening brush prest option. When y’all click this, Lightroom automatically adjusts the Exposure slider and the Saturation slider. The exposure is increased slightly, and the saturation is bought down significantly.

These preset levels are oftentimes but the right corporeality to attractively whiten teeth in Lightroom. This will depend on how discolored your subject field’s teeth are, so you may nevertheless demand to brand further adjustments to some of the adjustment brush sliders. I will accost these in step #4.

preset for teeth whitening brush in Lightroom.
Teeth Whitening brush preset location.

Pace #iii: Paint the Teeth for Whitening

In this step in how to whiten teeth in Lightroom, you will apply the brush to the teeth. You may need to zoom into the photograph, so information technology’southward easier to use the castor precisely on just the teeth. Employ the Z key to zoom. Hold downwardly the spacebar to reposition the photo if you demand to.

Pigment over the teeth. To easily encounter how much of the teeth you are painting over, press the O key. You can likewise select the check box under the photo called “Show selected mask overlay”. Holding downwards the Shift key as y’all press O will whorl through the various colored overlays y’all accept to choose from.

As you begin to pigment over the teeth, you may detect you demand to make further adjustments to your castor. You can easily practise this using the sliders or speed keys. If your feathering is too hard or besides soft, alter the levels to better suit the photograph y’all are working on.

Yous may find information technology easier to work with a smaller brush size or that the auto mask is not working so well. Become back to the brush panel and make sure to modify the settings in a mode that works improve for you.

Any of the settings y’all change can be adjusted at whatsoever time. Brush panel adjustments in Lightroom are easy to configure as y’all work on your photo. Any edit you lot brand is non-destructive and which means editing can be contradistinct or reversed if you lot don’t honey any edit you lot take made.

painted areas using lightroom.
Showing the painted areas when using the teeth whitening brush preset with mask overlay turned on.

Step #4: Tweak Teeth Whitening Levels

How to whiten teeth in Lightroom is fabricated easy by editing with the Lightroom presets. But sometimes, y’all’ll desire to adjust the process when the presets don’t perform editing the way y’all want them to.

Lightroom presets are corking, but they are best when yous customize them. Learning to apply riding to presets is easier than starting from scratch. Lightroom presets get you partway to the goals y’all take for editing your images, and so yous can improve them manually. It’due south quicker and easier to use Lightroom presets than editing totally manually.

Almost of the time, you’ll need to make only minor edits to the Lightroom presets to become your photos looking the manner you want them to.

When you are editing a photograph and applying the teeth whitening preset, it may be besides intense or not accept enough of an outcome to make teeth as white every bit you’d like them. You lot can use a number of sliders in Lightroom to reduce the color of teeth and brand them look naturally white.

The white remainder slider will sometimes assistance teeth to wait more white. Dragging this slider towards the left increases the bluish and reduces the yellow color in teeth. The White slider can be pulled to the right to increment the intensity of the white areas. Fifty-fifty the Dehaze tool will take a positive effect when you desire to whiten teeth in Lightroom.

screen capture of resulting effect of teeth whitening in Lightroom.
White teeth after applying Lightroom brush preset tool.

Tweak the Default Lightroom Brushes Settings

By default, the teeth whitening Lightroom preset adjusts the Exposure and Saturation levels when yous apply the brushes. You may want to tweak one or the other of these settings if you are not happy with how it’s showing the teeth to expect. Sometimes they will look too white and unnatural if either of these slides is poorly adjusts. It volition be all-time to manually control them for the best-looking teeth in portraits.

Pace #5: Save Teeth Whitening Custom Castor Preset

In one case you are satisfied with your editing, you lot tin relieve your Lightroom castor equally a preset you can employ once more later. Saving brushes in this mode can save you a lot of time when you take many portraits to edit that are similar.

The process of editing your images is made easier because you won’t accept to brand manual adjustments each time. Your portraits will all be consistent in the amount of teeth whitening in each photo. This is particularly helpful for wedding photographers who have to brand sure each portrait is consistent throughout all of their photographs from the big mean solar day.

When y’all are happy with how you have been able to whiten teeth in Lightroom, you can click on the Effect name again and and so “Save electric current settings as new preset”. This will open a new dialog box where you can proper noun your preset something like Whitening Teeth. This will and then salve all the slider adjustments that you have fabricated. It will non relieve your brush size or other castor adjustments you accept fabricated, as these are more universal in Lightroom.

In one case you have your brush saved as a Lightroom preset, you can simply cull to use this option next fourth dimension y’all need to whiten teeth in Lightroom.

saving the current settings as a new preset in Lightroom.
Saving your teeth whitening brush preset in Lightroom.


There are not many steps in this procedure, but similar any
portrait editing, the more than care you take, the better your photos will plough out. Accept your time to be precise, and you will produce slap-up portraits with natural-looking white teeth.

How practise you whiten teeth in Lightroom? Permit usa know in the comments below.