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How To Write A Bio For Your Photography Website

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As part of your new Artist Shop, you take a new Contour. It’southward shorter and more streamlined and then customers have a simpler shopping experience, and packed full of SEO magic so your Shop is more discoverable in online searches.

A lot of artists struggle with talking about themselves, so nosotros know writing your own bio tin can feel like having your wisdom teeth out. Nosotros’ve compiled some tips and examples to brand the exercise less painful and to inspire you to write a kick ass introduction to your work.

How to Edit Your Bio

Before we get into writing good content, a quick recap on where you tin discover the settings in your Shop. Head to Business relationship Settings and scroll downward to Profile. There y’all’ll notice a text field for your Bio. Don’t forget to salve your changes one time you’ve made your edits.

Keep it Elementary for SEO

Textile formatting is bachelor (i.e. images, videos, and links) but we strongly recommend keeping your bio short and elementary and so information technology’southward optimized for SEO. A simple bio will increase the chances of your Redbubble shop actualization college in online searches.

What to Include

A great bio should encourage potential customers to swoop in and explore the products in your Store, add your work to their favorites, follow you on Redbubble, or on social.

Customers are keen to back up contained artists and so this is your chance to talk nigh your practice. Your bio should serve equally a high level introduction to yous, the kind of work you lot produce, subjects or themes you’re passionate about, and tools and techniques you use.

You may want to consider including:

  • Materials or media
    e.g. illustration, watercolors, photography, collage, tattoo design
  • Passions and field of study matter
    due east.g. nature, activism, movie photography, surface pattern design, grapheme design, kids illustrations, digital background art, fan art
  • One or two key achievements
    e.yard. interviews, awards, client work, exhibitions
  • Whether you lot’re open to existence contacted for commissions or collaborations
  • A nudge to follow yous on social media (and Redbubble!)

First or Tertiary Person?

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter whether you write your bio in the commencement or third person. It’s downwardly to your taste and personal brand. First person tends to sound a bit more casual and approachable, whereas 3rd person sounds more professional person or formal. Think about your way of work and your audience. Which writing style exercise you lot think would appeal the most?

Add Your Social Links

Social links help your fans find and follow y’all on your social accounts, making it easier for you to build an audience of potential customers. They too help other artists connect with you. It’southward ok to call out one or two main links in your bio if you want to, merely to relieve space and make your social links stand out more than, you can add together them using the icons.

Under your “Business relationship Settings”, you’ll discover “Link to Other Sites”. Note that you lot but need to
add your usernames, non the total links. Hit “Salve”. We see a lot of broken links in our travels and then don’t forget to check your links are working!


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