How To Write Your First Photography Blog Post

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These easy, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read – fifty-fifty if you hate to write! (Featuring VELVET SAGE PHOTOGRAPHY)

Blogging: you know you lot need to do it. Your clients dear it, and – admit it – you adore seeing the highlights of a beautiful session showcased on your blog.

You’ve also learned that blogging is important. A steady stream of creatively conceived
helps heave your website’due south visibility on search engines, and makes information technology easier for new clients to find you!

The bad news?
You detest writing.

Yous can never think of what to say, or you notice yourself maxim the aforementioned things over and over again – and yous’re pretty sure no one is reading your ramblings anyway.

So how do yous become a better blogger when you hate to write? We’ve got your dorsum…


Build A Listicle

Quit crafting a novel subsequently every session. Instead, try a listicle! Like those “height 10” lists yous find on Buzzfeed or HuffPo, your listicle can take whatsoever theme. Try one of these examples:

  • 25 Wedding Moments That Will Make Y’all Swoon
  • Meridian 5 Grouping Poses for Big Families
  • Best Senior Looks of 2022
  • Best Maternity Photoshoot Themes
  • 10 Things Couples Should Know Virtually a Nuptials Photographer
  • v Reasons Why You Should Hire a Brand Photographer For Your Concern

“I don’t like to web log a shoot and write, ‘Hither’s and then-and-so. They got married. Look at these pics!’ Instead, I love to attach a topic to the images, and create an educational postal service that readers volition find helpful!”
– Katie Ann Brown, Velvet Sage Photography

Writing in list format allows yous to quickly share ideas or stories. No need to create an entire essay! Write only a sentence or two for each list item.

Define Your Theme

Choose a theme! This gives your weblog post a focus, and keeps you from rambling on… and on… and on… Your theme can feature photos from a unmarried session, or curate photographs from multiple shoots.

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!


Select Your Pictures

Select the photographs for your post, then craft a bit of copy to accompany each image. The photographs could be directly tied to the text, or they could simply be a visual intermission.


  • In
    The v Best Wedding Venues In Fort Worth, each paradigm aligns exactly with Katie’s copy!
  • In Katie’s blog post,
    v Unique Ways To Salvage On Your Nuptials
    , the photos don’t actually draw people saving money. They’re simply there to make the blog post more than visually interesting.

Pro Tip: Values-Driven

Employ your blog to communicate your values to prospective clients! Katie highlighted her love of intimate weddings in her clever web log listicle,
v Reasons To Elope.

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo past KATIE ANN Brownish,

Learn Some Blogging Basics

While you lot don’t have to be an expert in writing, it pays to have some blogging tricks upward your sleeve. Since people tend to skim when reading, here are some things to call up for yous to capture their attention when you lot offset writing:

Use Wordplay to Arts and crafts Witty However Descriptive Titles

The title is equally important as the content. They are interconnected and cannot succeed without each other. To start brainstorming titles, yous can try thinking through the post-obit ideas:

  • Normal
    : The most straightforward and common method of formulating a championship. (

    Tips to Capture Stunning Portraits)
  • Question
    : Igniting the interest and marvel of your readers past asking questions, and then that they will want to read the mail and get the answers. (

    What Are Tips to Capture Stunning Portraits?)
  • How-To
    : A problem-solution approach that offers information to a photographer about a range of topics. (

    How to Make Portraits Look Stunning)
  • Number
    : Numbers, particularly small and odd ones, piece of work better as they testify that the web log is curtailed yet informative. (

    7 Tips to Capture Stunning Portraits)
  • Reader-Addressing
    : This gets a photographer to think and feel most their alleged “demand” by addressing concerns and offering solutions. (

    Tips Y’all Demand to Follow to Shoot Stunning Portraits)

Inquiry and Link Relevant Information

When writing a blog post for your photography website, make certain to link out to other relevant and informative sources. Don’t endeavour to be the expert on everything, and citing reliable sources also increases your credibility. By adding the links you find and read online, you can instill credibility that your content relies on research and knowledge beyond your experience as a lensman.

Links provide more than in-depth value for your readers. They serve as complementary or related information to add together layers of context and pregnant. If you have first-hand data that you think is relevant for a certain mail, you lot can add internal links like:

  • Your services, About Us, Contact Us, and FAQ pages.
  • An existing web log mail service about a item topic.

Aside from including links from your site, you can also become external links from other blogs or credible websites such as:

  • Studies or articles yous’re referencing in the postal service.
  • Services or products you’re reviewing.
  • Popular news sites or journals.
  • Weblog posts from a fellow photographer, vendor, or business partner.

Tell Your Own Story

Sure – they’re your clients’ photographs. But recall:
the only story you tin can share is your own.

Even when you’re sharing someone else’s story, you’re sharing information technology from your perspective. Comprehend that perspective and reveal your thoughts and feelings to the reader.
It is possible to remain professional person while as well opening yourself up to your audience.
Don’t be agape to connect emotionally with your work – and your readers!

When Blogging A Wedding…

Did this wedding ceremony remind yous of a sweet moment in your own wedding? Share that memory in a single, short paragraph at the beginning of your blog post.

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo by KATIE ANN Chocolate-brown,

When Blogging A Family unit Session…

Did the kids do something that made you lot belly-laugh? Recount the moment, sweetly and briefly, and share why experiences like this ane keep you lot coming back for more!

When Blogging Newborn Portraits…

Did you use any special tricks to help the baby relax and sleep? Share one or ii short insights into your approach!

“Most of my blog posts are inspired by things I experienced start-hand on the shoot day!”
– Katie Ann Brown, Velvet Sage Photography

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo by KATIE ANN Chocolate-brown,

Katie allowed herself to experience deeply with both photos and words when she blogged about two very different nascency stories: one about a baby who didn’t survive, and i well-nigh a good for you infant born to the aforementioned family. While you may not exist prepared to create an emotional, long-class post like this 1, you tin can find inspiration in Katie’s openness.

Pro Tip: Brusk & Sweet

Don’t over-describe. If blogging isn’t your forté, short-and-sweetness is the name of the game!

Blogging Tips For Photographers: Borrow Someone Else’s Words

No, we’re Non telling you to plagiarize! Rather, brand the most of others’ artistry through:

  • Song lyrics.
    You already know them! Why not accompany your favorite photographs with a much-loved lyric?
  • Poetry.
    If you’re not peculiarly poetic yourself, you tin quote another artist instead! – Google “sis quotes” or “dear poems” for endless options.
    Only be sure to credit the author!
  • Advice from your favorite vendors.
    After an event, inquire the vendors to share a couple of behind-the-scenes stories most how they made the 24-hour interval magical! (This is also a great way to establish linkbacks and social shares!)
  • Quotes from your client!

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo by KATIE ANN Dark-brown,

Jot Down Notes

After delivering photos and products to your client, y’all finally have the time to write! But yous’re stuck because you tin can but recall bits of information that you tin can’t even draft a sentence.

With that said, effort taking notes during your sessions that volition be useful for your blog. For instance, on a wedding shoot, observe and quickly jot downwardly words or thoughts that pop into your heed!

  • Why the clients picked the venue
  • How the helpmate felt equally she placed her dress on
  • How the groom reacted upon seeing the bride
  • A sentimental phrase someone said during the toasts

Every bit a lensman, you become to work with a diverse group of clients. You lot may forget some details about them since they all accept unlike backgrounds and personal stories. These random observations and fun tidbits empower y’all to recall the shoot and create an outline to weave words naturally that complement your photos!

You can besides try writing about the session most immediately afterwards yous get dwelling house so it’s fresh in your mind. As your images are importing and getting backed up, write as much as you can. Don’t worry most perfecting anything, but type! Then, circle back to the draft the side by side day, read through what you initially wrote, and add any new thoughts or ideas that come to heed.

Initiate Conversations and Ask Questions

Weddings and other sessions that photographers often shoot may feel repetitive – how many unlike ways can you really talk almost the venue you’ve shot at 30 times? That’s where the power of questions comes into play so you tin find unique aspects on every shoot.

Engage your clients in meaningful conversations. Fifty-fifty though you are a lensman, you demand to go deeper than surface level questions and actually dig into their story. Inquire genuine questions that will urge them to share stories, which you lot can use to blog near your photos.

In the pre-planning stage with your clients,

try asking these questions and prompts to

invite them to


a bit near themselves:

  • How did you first meet?
  • How do you stay in beloved?
  • How do you lot feel about taking your relationship to the next level and officially being married?
  • What’s the best office of having a partner?
  • What are your goals equally a married couple?
  • Why they’re getting married
  • What makes their family so special
  • Why they chose to take photographs at


  • What inspired them to hire a photographer in the get-go place

Don’t just be one of those photographers that lurks in the shadows and takes photos; brand sure to form relationships and connect with people who can provide valuable information. While you can show your work through stories, supplementing them with words tin develop the best content. Besides,

your clients’ ain words are a wonderful way to introduce your readers to the experience of working with you!

Pro Tip: How much is as well much?

There are laws governing how much of an author’s copyrighted work tin can exist quoted. If you’re in the Us, learn more Hither. Crediting the author does not give you lot carte blanche to copy-and-paste their text.
Be especially careful non to post large chunks of text, such as full song lyrics, poems, or essays. Yous can very hands cantankerous intocopyright infringement
territory, so make sure yous are clear on the laws! Every bit a rule of pollex, if you don’t know if you should post information technology, err on the side of caution and don’t.

Be A Problem-Solver

Don’t waste your time telling stories your people aren’t interested in! Instead, connect with your target audition through social media channels or simple Google searches, and learn what they want to know.

Accost those questions and concerns on your blog, and yous’ll find people more engaged than ever!

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photograph by KATIE ANN Chocolate-brown,

“Sometimes I don’t accept any web log ideas, so I’ll sit downwards and search Google for inspiration. I’m as well in several Facebook groups where I tin see what brides are request. That inspires a lot of informative posts, also!”
– Katie Ann Dark-brown, Velvet Sage Photography

clients are asking,
“Where should we take our photos?”

…write a post most the best portrait locations in your city!
Annotation: If y’all don’t want to share exact locations, utilise generic descriptors like, “serenity parks,” “urban settings,” or “meaningful destinations” – so include photographs that illustrate your betoken!

are asking,
“What should my kids wear for our family unit portraits?”

…craft a
What To Wear
post with examples of fabulous outfits your ain clients have worn!

engaged couples
are asking,
“How much fourth dimension should we let for photos on our wedding solar day?”

…consider a blog post like this one – with your own twist!

If non-techy parents are asking, “How tin I take good photos of my kids indoors?”…

…and so develop a simple guide that doesn’t include too many technicalities (and also encourages them to set up a session with you!) .

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo by KATIE ANN Dark-brown,

Write Articles Using Your Natural Phonation

During your showtime few tries, yous may terminate up emulating or getting inspiration from other photographer bloggers’ mode. While this can piece of work for a while, there will come a time when it’ll exist challenging for y’all to write photography manufactures because you lot haven’t developed your own voice. Don’t try to start writing in a voice that is not your own–it will simply create more challenges for you.

Start by thinking of the words you typically say. How do you lot naturally talk to people? Imagine how y’all write captions on your social media posts:

  • Do you lot write in a friendly or serious tone?
  • Practice you like throwing in some jokes or calculation humor?
  • Do you add some vocal lyrics, inspiring quotations, or emojis?

Some of your clients may have found y’all through social media, and your vocalization should resonate with who you truly are as a photographer. This is why yous have to be consequent with that tone and align information technology with your niche or style.

Start to Write Human Interest Stories

Many photographers stick to simple content like what camera settings they used, how they managed lighting conditions, or what shotlist they prepared before a session. It’southward likewise mutual for a photographer to write a short 300 give-and-take blog well-nigh a session they recently photographed and then flood information technology with images.

While both of these are fine, merely consider that some people aren’t later technicalities and work; they may be more interested in emotions, stories, and inspiration. Some clients will book y’all because of who you are and what y’all stand for, and then sharing this side of you can help potential clients get to know you better.

But like using your natural voice, show your personality and manner by skipping tired mottos or slogans like, “And they lived happily ever after!” Rather, depict what made the moment genuine or how the event touched you.

Detect Your Rhythm

Accept you ever experienced getting a mental block while you’re on the shoot and don’t know what to exercise next? When this happens, what do you practice? You lot might accept a deep breath, put the camera downwardly for a moment, and take a moment to articulate your mind.

The same goes for blogging. At that place will come a moment when you’ll squeeze your lensman’s creative inspiration dry or spend hours brainstorming and only don’t know what else to write. Effort making it a addiction to:

  • Have a break from researching, scribbling drafts, or having an excruciating staring contest with a bare page.
  • Establish an surroundings that can help you conceptualize, offset, and finish the piece of work.
  • Classify a separate time for blogging. Avert reading emails, preparing quotations, editing photos, or watching videos while trying to write. You may end up losing interest in the discipline.
  • Consult your notes or phonation memos when working on your typhoon.
  • Have people yous trust read the draft and inquire for constructive comments. Ask if they recall the gist of the story, the nearly intriguing part, and how the story made them feel.

Utilize the Correct Tools

A expert weblog post is only every bit practiced as its weakest link! Be sure every element is on-signal with these like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use tools:

  • CoSchedule’south Headline Analyzer: A great blog post is nix without a slap-up headline! Write better headlines with CoSchedule’s Gratis Headline Analyzer tool!
    CoSchedule also has some bang-up blogging PDFs you lot tin can download for free!
  • Keyword Planner

    Select a keyword (or keyword phrase) relevant to your topic, and sprinkle information technology throughout your blog post. Information technology should also appear in your headline. You can test your keyword’s efficacy through
    Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner.  If that’due south too intimidating, check out the user-friendlyKeyword Tool
  • Photo Metadata

    Add custom metadata to the photos you’ll add to your blog post, incorporating your keywords and the title of the blog post itself. Y’all tin can practise this directly through your post-production software, such equally Lightroom, Bridge, or Photograph Mechanic.
  • Yoast

    If you have a WordPress web log, install
    for instant feedback on your blog mail’south readability and SEO viability!
  • Writing Templates

    “Discover a good writing template. Getting started is the hardest part, so having a template to refer to helps a ton!” –

    Katie Ann Brown,
    Velvet Sage Photography

Nosotros recommend one of these FREE templates from HubSpot!

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photograph by KATIE ANN Dark-brown,

Just Do It

Our featured pro, Katie, offers these last tips for getting a blog post
done and published!

“Choose a tranquility, clean place to get to piece of work. No distractions while you lot’re writing!”

“Start writing – whatever is in your head. It doesn’t have to be good or brand sense.
Just keep writing
for a full thirty minutes at a time, and you lot’ll go far the menstruum.”

Pro Tip: The Finished Product

When you’re done writing,
read your web log post out loud. This volition help you identify whatsoever spelling or grammar errors, and depict your attention to any awkwardly-worded phrases. Do this several times through until your post is perfectly polished!

These simple, actionable blogging tips for photographers will make your blog easy to write and fun to read - even if you hate writing!

Photo past KATIE ANN Dark-brown,

Which of these blogging tips for photographers helped yous out the most?

Comment below
with your ain tips and ideas!



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