Hoya 72mm Nxt Circular Polarizer Filter

By | 18/10/2022

A Circular Polarizer is the must have filter for every photographer and Hoya’s NXT Plus is a powerful upgrade to the all-time-selling NXT series. The new filter employs a waterproof top coat to Hoya’s polished smoothen drinking glass for easy cleaning. Dirt, smudges and water wipe away easily. Using ten layers of Hoya’s patented anti-reflection (AR) multi-coatings your images testify improved contrast, color and sharpness. The polarizing film is optical thin with a filter cistron of 1.72 for faster AF and improved viewing over standard PL films.

Hoya’s high quality polarized glass is mounted into a precision milled aluminum slim frame, making information technology lightweight and perfect for your broad-angle lenses. Despite the slim contour the filter includes front filter threads so you can attach additional filters or your protective lens cap.

What does a Polarizer do?

Polarizers practice i affair: Remove Reflections. Think sunglasses for your lenses. By removing reflections, you reveal the color, texture and particular beneath. So, leaves are greener, skies are bluer, and the beautiful rocks at the bottom of that clandestine mountain lake are revealed. CRPL’s are likewise peachy for removing reflections from car windows, painted surfaces, or just almost any non-metallic surface. Depending on the lighting conditions the issue can be dramatic or subtle simply it never hurts to popular information technology on and give information technology a try.

Circular polarizers are easy to apply as well. Once attached to your lens merely rotate the outer ring of the filter while looking through your viewfinder or LCD screen until you achieve the right amount of reflection control. When the colors and particular look right, take the motion-picture show.

Key Features:

  • H2o Proof Summit-Glaze
  • Hoya Polished Clear Glass
  • 10-Layer HMC Multi-blanket
  • 1.72 filter factor
  • Low-contour Aluminum Frame

Hoya NXT Circular Polarizer, Non-Coated

Hoya NXT Plus Circular Polarizer with Multi-Coating

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