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By | 23/10/2022

600 IS III and 5D Marker 4 epitome stabilization problems


I’ve had an ongoing issue with my 5D Marking IV and 600 IS Iii.  I’ve had a thread at Fred Miranda for over a month now and wanted to attain out hither and see if anyone else has had like issues.

Briefly, at shutter speeds of one/250 or 1/200 or slower with image stabilization on while shooting through the viewfinder, I am getting what appears to be blur on substantially every single image.  The blur is always in the aforementioned airplane every bit the motility of the shutter–in the landscape format the blur is vertical.  Information technology appears as if at that place is a “ghost” image that is shifted upwards perhaps several pixels.

The combo works perfectly with live view on with all other settings the same.  I can go sharp images to approximately one/30 of a 2d.

The lens works perfectly on my 1DX2 and 5DSR and the 5DIV worked perfectly on myself 600II I had previously and currently works perfectly on my 400 Practice II bare and with both TCs.

The photographic camera went to Catechism by itself and was sent dorsum stating everything was okay and they’d need the lens.  They paid for shipping for both of them out (Kudos to Canon) after that.  I shot a few photos in my kitchen after I got the combo back and things seemed to be okay.  I was instructed to not disconnect the lens unless IS was switched to OFF.  I followed this very strictly.  The next 24-hour interval (yesterday) I went out and shot the camera again and the problem has recurred.  I contacted Canon and am going to exist sending the philharmonic dorsum after I get back from an upcoming birding vacation (volition just make sure not to apply this verbal combo).

I’ve had at least two other people reach out to me that they’re having the exact same consequence and 1 person states he has non had this exact result simply he does have similar issues if and just if he’due south shooting with IS on with the camera locked downwardly on a tripod.

This happens with and without teleconverter.  I do take a grip on my camera and have non tried it without i Just I never shoot without a grip and it should merely work with one.

Are there any other shooters out at that place using 5D Mark IV and 600 IS Three?If so, what has your experience been with these shutter speeds.  I have extensively shot other bodies and superteles without whatsoever outcome like this.

Does anyone take a possible explanation?
Some were suggesting possible resonance between the body and the lens.

I’ve provided a couple examples below but I take all-encompassing amounts of test photos demonstrating this.

Thanks in advance!


This shot is as i/500 and is completely acceptable to me.

This is at 1/125 and is unacceptable.

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Re: 600 IS III and 5D Mark Iv image stabilization issues

I’g curious, what kind of shooting are you doing that requires 1/250s or i/200s shutter speeds?

Are you planning or shooting static?


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Re: 600 IS Three and 5D Mark 4 image stabilization issues

Is this 1/125 sec image hand held? With an 840mm lens?

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Re: 600 IS Three and 5D Mark IV image stabilization bug

Almost exclusively bird shooting. Very frequently in poor light I may shoot with shutter speeds of one/100 to 1/200 on stationary birds. This first became

obvious when I had a beanbag on my car window and was photographing a Pectorals sandpiper out my window. Shutter speed was around i/50. I typically would have expected almost of these to be in focus in this situation notwithstanding I noticed that twenty photos ALL had the aforementioned vertical blurring in them. Further testing revealed the problem listed.