Image Stabilization Canon 5d Mark Iv

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Setting new standards in creativity with EOS R

Innovative and packed with state-of-the art features, the Canon EOS R offers the exceptionally fast AF at 0.05 secondsone. Whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, street, travel, weddings or video, the advanced technology of EOS R enables you lot to extend your storytelling and create images never previously possible.

High-speed communication

Canon’southward engineers have re-designed the EF lens mountain particularly for the EOS R Organization with a unique 12-pivot connectedness. This innovation radically improves communication between the camera’s lens and body, making it faster with EOS R than was previously possible.

The RF lens mount is extremely wide with a shallow depth from the mount to the sensor. The design allows lenses to exist closer to the sensor, enabling the creation of faster, brighter, higher-quality eyes with unsurpassed functioning.

High speed communication

Fast, pin-sharp focusing

EOS R offers a total-frame thirty.iii Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor which focuses without compromise thank you to its advanced phase detection system allowing the user to select between 5655 AF positions2. It uses the vast majority of the sensor’s pixels (80% of the horizontal pixels and 100% of the vertical) to effect in super-fast autofocus for stills as well as smoothen focus tracking when you’re shooting video.

Fast pin sharp focusing

A truly silent camera

In situations where you desire to shoot with complete discretion, the click of a camera’s shutter firing can warning your subject and wreck a great opportunity. This is as truthful for informal hymeneals photography as it is for shooting wildlife at close range.

EOS R is the first Canon camera to offer a totally silent shooting manner, so yous tin can have pictures without always disturbing the discipline. Used in combination with the Vari-angle screen, silent shooting makes completely candid photography possible.

Neat images direct from your camera

Many of the EOS R’s impressive functions are made possible by the powerful DIGIC 8 processor. Its central benefits include better communication between camera and lens, resulting in faster AF and best-e’er images straight from your camera.

Its ultra-fast processing speed and power means EOS R’s improved Digital Lens Optimizer is always operating, without affecting camera performance. It guarantees optimum quality, aberration-free images.

Direct from camera

Direct from camera

Professional person-level filmmaking

EOS R offers the aforementioned loftier level of 4K video features establish in the EOS 5D Mark 4, plus avant-garde upgrades such every bit noise reduction to improve high ISO performance.

The combination of EOS R’s CMOS sensor with the DIGIC 8 processor ways y’all tin shoot in richly-coloured, highly-detailed 4K video with 10-chip output via HDMI. This professional-level video output gives you maximum editing possibilities as well as 4K time-lapse shooting and 4K movie-frame grabs. EOS R features both a headphone socket and a microphone mini mic input.

Every bit of 13 February 2019, among interchangeable lens digital mirrorless cameras incorporating a 35mm total-frame equivalent image sensor with contrast detection AF and phase detection AF on the image airplane. Calculated from the results of measured AF speed, based on CIPA guidelines (differs depending on shooting conditions and lens used). Measured using internal methods. Measurement conditions: EV12 (ambient temperature/ISO 100), Manual Mode, using the RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM (at a focal length of 24mm) with the following settings: shutter released using the shutter push, ane-point AF (Heart AF), I-Shot AF

In pocket-sized area 1pt AF mode

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