Import Lightroom Catalog To Capture One

By | 20/10/2022

Making the switch to Capture I from Lightroom is easier and quicker than you think. In that location’s this perception that given the two pieces of software are from different companies, moving your Lightroom catalogs to Capture I is some arduous and protracted process, that you’ll have to get-go from scratch with all your images, re-edit, re-rate, and create whole new folder structures. But that perception is not reality.

Like and then many other things in life, information technology simply seems a mystery until yous come across it done, and this mail service is going to evidence that to you.

As a bonus, we’ll look at a one-click setting that will brand the Capture One interface more familiar and similar in advent to Lightroom if that is something that yous’d similar, as the flexibility and customizability of Capture One allows for it.

If you don’t have Capture One, this is the perfect time to try it, and you tin can click here for a 30-day total trial of Capture I Pro so you can follow along.

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What we’ll exist doing is taking a Lightroom catalog with some edited, color-labeled, and rated images and importing that catalog into Capture I with edits, labels, and ratings intact.

In addition, do note that this process will not accept any bear upon on your Lightroom Catalog, which you lot can go on to use every bit-was with Lightroom, and your image files tin remain in the same place besides.

How to Import a Lightroom Itemize Into Capture One

Step ane

Open Capture One and go to
File > New Itemize.

Pace ii

Once you’ve fabricated a new catalog, you lot’ll need to import the .LRCAT Lightroom file. To do this, simply follow:
File > Import Catalog > Lightroom Catalog.

Upon doing so, you’ll be presented with a dialog box that tells you lot what properties from your Lightroom catalog will exist transferred to C1 and which ones won’t. But you’ll see that things like collections, rotation, orientation, white balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, and even ingather are carried over.

*Information technology should be understood that non everything volition exist carried over, and you’ll run across that primarily with colour adjustment.


Step 3

Find the Lightroom catalog y’all want to migrate into Capture One and open it.

That’s information technology.

Equally y’all volition see in the catalog you lot utilise – and as you lot can see above – the color labels, star ratings, and crops in images like the one here accept been carried over from Lightroom into Capture One seamlessly.

Workspace Matching

If you arrive at this indicate and yous feel that while you’re getting to know Capture One ameliorate, you would like to take it look a bit more familiar, you tin can get to
Window > Workspace > Migration,
and Capture One will rearrange the workspace to look more like what you’re used to in Lightroom.

Of grade, you can always modify it to look all the same you like.


Hopefully, this has highlighted just how like shooting fish in a barrel and fast it is to move your Lightroom Catalogs to Capture 1 so you can striking the footing running.

We volition be covering more than nearly Capture 1 migration from Lightroom in the coming articles, education you all the ins and outs and Capture One tips, and so do cheque back frequently.

You can see a quick two-minute video demonstration of the migration process in the Capture One Learning Hub, and you can download the latest version of Capture One hither.

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