Insta360 One R 360 Edition

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Super 5.7K
360° Capture

4K Wide Angle

FlowState Stabilization

Waterproof to 5m

Invisible Selfie Stick

Motorcar Frame


Bespeak to Runway

Vox Control

Irksome Move

HDR Photograph + Video

Dark Shot

five.7K 360 + 4K Wide

Two ways to shoot.

ONE R Twin Edition transforms on the fly from a 360 cam to a 4K 60fps wide-bending shooter. Y’all’ll always have the correct tool to capture the action.


4K Broad ANGLE

Super 5.7K

Details thing.

All pixels are not created equal. The Dual-Lens 360 Modernistic raises the bar with Super v.7K resolution, leveraging H.265 encoding, advanced image processing and an AI-powered finishing algorithm to preserve particular and make your footage pop.

five.7K 360°

Super 5.7K 360°

FlowState Stabilization

The smoothest. Now smoother.

FlowState achieves gimbal-like stabilization without the gimbal. Thanks to a new scene-detection algorithm, your footage stays clear and steady fifty-fifty in depression low-cal.

No Stabilization

FlowState Stabilization

Invisible Selfie Stick

No drone? No trouble.

ONE R’s Invisible Selfie Stick characteristic lets y’all capture easy aeriform angles and unique 3rd-person perspectives with a flick of the wrist while using the Dual-Lens 360 Mod.

Bullet Fourth dimension two.0

Blow minds.

Bullet Time shots put you at the heart of the activity. Automatic horizon leveling and smart speed-ramping make them easier than always.

Indicate to Runway + Deep Track

Follow cam. On demand.

Select your subject field with a tap or a voice command when shooting in 360. One R’s AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps it locked in center-frame. Even when obstacles interruption your line of sight, Deep Track picks upwards the shot as soon as your subject reappears.

Shot Lab

Mini masterpieces.

Shot Lab makes creative edits easy. A continuously updated range of smart templates walk yous through the latest 360-degree photographic camera techniques and automatically chief your edit.


Control time. And perspective.

Highlight key moments with cinematic slow-mo, or speed things up with a stabilized hyperlapse.

Auto Frame

360 video. Reframed in a tap.

Shooting in 360 gives y’all space possibilities and perspectives. Auto Frame uses a powerful computer-vision algorithm to sift through them and recommend the ones that are worth adding to your edit.

Flash Cutting Auto Editing

Edit on the fly.

Get easily-on with the ONE R app’s full-featured editor or permit FlashCut handle it for yous. FlashCut uses AI to find your best shots and create cinematic clips that are set up to share.


A desktop workflow that flows.

Nail the landing with Insta360 Studio, a powerful desktop editor that comes standard with ONE R. Or streamline your edit with the fully integrated Adobe Premiere Pro workflow. No stitching. No transcoding. Simply start your edit.

Less waiting. More creating.

Traditional Workflow

Cumbersome, inefficient, fourth dimension-consuming

Transfer video files




Upgraded Workflow

Simple, smoothen, no waste movement

Transfer video files

No need to sew together



HDR Photograph + Video

Low-cal like you see it.

ONE R supports HDR capture for photo and video. Highlights, shadows and everything in between come beyond merely as you see them.

Night Shot

Depression light. Washed right.

After dark, turn on Dark Shot to capture photos that stay natural, clear and vibrant.

Starlapse Manner

See the stars.

Starlapse mode automatically adjusts exposure settings to capture brilliant, sweeping timelapses of the dark sky.

Color Plus

Crank upwardly the color.

Color Plus automatically colour grades your footage. Vibrant, bright and stunning visuals with a single tap.


Every angle. Every instant.

Ane R Twin Edition shoots seamless 360-degree slow-mo at 3K 100fps or 1080p broad-bending footage at up to 200fps. Capture dynamic action in unshakeable clarity.

360° Preview + Playback

Real-time preview. Instant playback.

Ane R’due south elementary, swipeable 360-degree touch screen lets you preview your shot and and so play information technology back to brand sure you nailed it.


Make h2o crystal articulate.

Capture colorful underwater content without using an external filter. Just tap AquaVision in the app or Studio and the AI motorcar-balances out colors.

IPX8 Waterproof

Waterproof whenever.

ONE R is IPX8 waterproof to 5m (16.4ft). Whether yous’re poolside or on a rainy-day ride, One R tin can handle it.

*Note: Please click here for waterproofing precautions.

Rugged Design

Crude and gear up.

ONE R is engineered for safe, efficient stupor absorption, while the Lens Guards protect your camera’due south vitals no matter what life throws at you lot.

GPS Smart Remote

Grab the GPS Smart Remote to command ONE R, easily lock onto subjects for tracking, and record real-time GPS data to rails your adventures.

Apple Scout Control

The new Apple Watch app makes controlling One R on-the-wing easier than ever.

Accept a Photo

Start Recording

Vox Control

When ONE R is out of reach, only give a shout to beginning shooting with voice commands.

External Mic Support

Premium audio.

ONE R is vlog-prepare with a 3.5mm mic adapter and optional tiptop-mounted Accompaniment Shoe. Packing extra-light? Pair a RODE Wireless GO or record audio directly onto your AirPods.

Airpods Connectedness

GPS-Enabled Stats

Rail your trek.

One R’southward Stats dashboard lets you overlay clips with HUD data like speed, altitude, management and route. Map your journeys and rails your progress.

Aerial Mod

The Invisible Drone.

You’ve seen the Invisible Selfie Stick. Now run into the invisible drone. 1 R’s customized Drone Mount lets you capture airborne 360 views that hibernate your drone entirely from sight. Adjust your angle in post to become mind-blowing effects that used to but exist possible for professional FPV pilots.

Rugged Lens Protection

Choice up extra Lens Protection with the Dual-Lens 360 Modern Lens Guards.

Buy At present

Dive Case for 4K Modernistic

Waterproof to 60m (196.9ft). When you’re ready for deeper underwater exploration, suit up with a Dive Case.


3D Mount

2 cameras are better than one. The 3D Mountain uses 2 shooters of your choice to capture high-res steresocopic video.

Coming Presently

Additional Battery Base

ONE R’s double-size battery gives you twice the endurance in a user-friendly, mountable parcel. Put one in your kit for your next long-haul shoot.

Purchase NOW

Dive Case for Dual-Lens 360 Mod

Waterproof to 30m (98.4ft). Platonic for underwater 360 content.

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$299.99 + $449.99 =

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* Prices vary depending on region.


4K Wide Bending


35mm Equivalent Focal Length

Photograph Resolution

4000 x 3000 (four:three) 4000 ten 2250 (xvi:9)

Video Resolution

4000×3000@24/25/30fps, 3840×2160@24/25/30/50/60fps, 2720×1530@24/25/30/60/100fps, 1920×1080@24/25/thirty/60/120/200fps

5760×2880@30fps, 5760×2880@24fps, 5760×2880@25fps, 3840×1920@50fps, 3840×1920@30fps, 3008×1504@100fps

Photo Format

jpg, RAW (dng) (RAW files require software on PC/Mac to export.)

insp (can be exported via App or Studio), RAW (dng) (RAW files require software on PC/Mac to stitch)

Video Format

insv (can be exported via App or Studio), mp4 (enable in-camera bones stabilization), * The .insv video format has been changed to .mp4 in firmware i.ii.16 and afterward

insv(can be exported via App or Studio), LOG and HDR videos

Video Modes

Standard video, HDR video, Timelapse fashion, TimeShift mode, Bones stabilization style (in-photographic camera stabilization), Pro stabilization mode (export with Insta360 app/Studio or supported plugins to apply FlowState stabilization)

Standard video, HDR video, Timelapse style, Bullet Time video

Run Time

5.7K @ 30fps – 70 minutes

Uniform Devices

iOS devices: Compatible with iOS mobile devices with chips A11 or above and iOS version 10.0 or above , including iPhone SE 2, iPhone 8, iPhone 8P, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone xi, iPhone xi Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPad Air(2020), iPad Pro and newer iPad models. Android Devices: Compatible with Android mobile devices that meet the following capabilities, including: • Android devices with Kirin 980 and above chips, including Huawei Mate 20, P30 or newer models. • Android devices with Snapdragon 845 and above chips, including Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi eight or newer models. • Android devices with Exynos 9810 and above chips, including Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note9 and newer models. Notation: ane. Devices that do non meet the above requirements can perchance nonetheless employ the app to command the camera, yet, performance of some processor-intensive and AI-powered features may be sub-optimal. 2. Afterwards testing, phones equipped with Qualcomm SDM765 5G fries accept poor hardware decoding capabilities and are not supported for employ, such as OPPO Reno 3 5G. three. The installation of the app requires a mobile phone with a 64-bit organisation, a 32-bit system does not support the installation of the app.

Photograph Modes

Standard photos, HDR photos, Burst, Interval photos, Night Shot, PureShot


360 live-streaming, FreeCapture Live (user controls visual perspective)

Exposure Modes

Photo Shoot Auto, Manual(Shutter 1/8000s-120s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority(i/8000s-1s), ISO Priority(100-3200) Video Shoot Auto, Transmission(Shutter 1/8000 – 1/xxx, ISO 100-3200)


Auto, 2700K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K


5G (Standard range of approximately 20 meters)


Type-C * Note: This version merely supports wired connectedness to Android devices (via Micro-USB or Type-C). It does not back up wired connectedness to iOS devices. Full wireless support is available for both iOS and Android.

Micro SD Card

UHS-I V30 speed class, exFAT(FAT64) format SD cards with a max storage of 1T are recommended.

Employ Surround

-iv° F to 104° F (-twenty℃ to 40℃)

  1. If you’re using One R in rough h2o conditions (eastward.g Surfing) yous should utilise the Dive Case to keep your photographic camera protected. For further details, please read the QuickStart guide establish in the box.
  2. Important: Always fully assemble ONE R before turning on or operating. Practice not plow on when partially assembled.