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Fujifilm Instax Mini  8

and its relatives, the Instax Mini nine and Instax Mini 11, are without a uncertainty, i of the almost stylish and user-friendly instant cameras, besides known as a polaroid photographic camera, on the market today. For that reason they’ve  get an extremely popular choice for instant camera newbies. If you lot’ve merely bought your first Fujifilm Instax Mini this article will tell you lot everything you demand to know to aid you go started.

Before yous can enjoy the instant gratification that comes with seeing your newly taken photo pop out of your polaroid camera, you’ll need to acquire how to properly operate and shoot with your new Instax, whether it is the 8 or 9.

Hither are the steps yous need to take:

  1. Insert the batteries.
  2. Load the motion picture pack.
  3. Printing the power button beside the lens to turn the photographic camera on.
  4. Printing the shutter to eject the film cover.
  5. Betoken the lens at the center of your subject area to determine the brightness.
  6. Turn the dial to the camera’south chosen setting (the corresponding lamp will light upwards).
  7. Press the shutter to take the photograph.
  8. Wait for the picture show to eject itself, then carefully remove from the film slot.
  9. Identify the film on a flat surface and look for it to develop. Exercise not shake the motion picture.

How to Insert Batteries into Your Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and 9

fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera

  1. Locate the battery compartment of your Instax photographic camera.
  2. Slide the battery cover down to open.
  3. Insert two alkaline AA batteries.
  4. Supplant the battery cover.

Step-by-step Diagram Showing How to Insert Batteries:

fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera diagram showing how to insert batteries

Photograph via Fujifilm Instax Mini eight Owner’south Transmission

Important Notes:

  • Do non use not-alkaline batteries.
  • Cold batteries may affect your camera’south performance; lightly warm up the batteries with your hands (or something similar) before inserting them into your camera.
  • Replace the batteries when the blood-red lamp on the viewfinder lights up or when the lamps do non blink or light up even when the photographic camera is on.
  • Fresh batteries can take approximately 100 pictures.

How to Load a Film Pack into Your Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

back part of fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera

  • Locate the film comprehend on the back of your Instax camera.
  • Press the top latch to open up the film compartment.
  • Place your Fujifilm Instax Mini film cartridge (make sure the yellow dots on your camera and on the moving-picture show cartridge are aligned) inside the photographic camera.
  • Replace the moving picture comprehend.
  • Turn the camera on and press the shutter button to eject the flick comprehend (exposure counter will modify from “S” to “10”) from the photographic camera.

How to Load Film Pack into Your FujiFilm Instax Mini 9

Loading pic into the FujiFilm Instax Mini 9 follows the same process every bit the Instax Mini 8. Follow the above directions to quickly and hands load picture show into your new camera.

Step-past-step Diagram Showing How to Load the Flick Pack:

fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera diagram showing how to load film

Photograph via Fujifilm Instax Mini viii Owner’s Manual

Important Notes:

fujifilm instax mini film

  • E’er utilise Fujifilm Instax Mini instant film.
  • Brand sure that your batteries are installed before loading the picture show pack.
  • Direct sunlight can damage your film; avoid exposure to straight sunlight when loading an Instax Mini instant film cartridge into your camera.
  • Replace the moving picture cover immediately to minimize the film’due south exposure to outside elements.

How to Utilize a Polaroid Camera Like the Instax Mini

front part of fujifilm instax mini 8 instant camera

  • Press the power button beside the lens to turn the camera on.
  • Wait for the retractable lens to pop out.
  • Point the lens at your subject to determine the right brightness setting.
  • Turn the dial on the lens until the dot aligns with the lamp that corresponds to the suggested setting (the camera will choose the best setting for y’all).
  • Press the shutter button to have a photo.
  • Wait for the moving-picture show to eject itself from the photographic camera’due south moving-picture show slot.
  • Remove the ejected pic (simply concord it by the edges) from the camera.
  • Wait for your photograph to develop.

Photo via Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Possessor’due south Manual

Important Notes:

  • The camera automatically determines the best setting for your chosen subject or current lighting situation.
  • Do non cover the two windows located abreast the wink, as doing so will foreclose your camera from assessing the surrounding light and suggesting the correct setting for your photo.
  • Cull the “Hi-Key” setting for a softer, brighter look.
  • Check the exposure counter on the back of the photographic camera to check how many shots y’all take left.
  • The camera will go into energy saving mode after virtually five minutes of inactivity (all lamps volition exist turned off); to restore, turn your camera off, then turn it dorsum on. Or yous can as well printing the shutter button
  • Do not open moving-picture show cover until the exposure counter reads “0.”

How to Use the Instax Mini Cocky Timer?

When you desire to take a self portrait, Instax Mini’s cocky-portrait timer is a great feature. Here’s how to get started taking instant selfies:

  1. Mount your camera on a tripod or make sure it’s counterbalanced on a flat surface.
  2. Locate the self-timer push on the back of the camera. It looks like a clock dial with 1 hand and is located adjacent to the Style push button.
  3. Press the button once to brainstorm a ten-second countdown for the shutter. The LCD window will brandish the countdown, and then you’ll know the self-timer has started.
  4. Arrive position for your shot.

If yous want to take two selfies, press the cocky-timer button twice. You lot’ll see a small number 2 appear side by side to the cocky timer icon in the LCD window, and the countdown will begin. The commencement shot will fire after seven seconds and the second shot will fire 3 seconds later on.

Tips for Taking Great Pictures with Your Fujifilm Instax Mini Photographic camera

Now that yous know how to take photos with your Instax camera, here are some helpful tips to ensure that you become consistently great photos with every single click!

Find skilful lighting.

The Instax Mini 8 will automatically choose the right setting for any given lighting situation, and it likewise has a built-in wink to aid illuminate the subject or scene you’re trying to photo. Yet, information technology is best to take photos in areas with sufficient lighting to ensure that your photos don’t come up out underexposed.

Don’t stand up too shut or too far from your subject.

For best results, call up to maintain a proficient working distance from your subject—about two to 9ft. Your camera’southward congenital-in flash has an constructive range of around 0.6m (one.97ft) to 2.7m (viii.86ft), so stay within this range to ensure that your photos are properly focused and correctly exposed.

Play effectually with the suggested effulgence setting.

If y’all’re a newbie, and then by all means, follow the photographic camera’s suggested setting. But in certain situations, you lot can choose to set the effulgence yourself if you want a brighter or darker outcome.

But starting time, you need to know about your camera’southward different effulgence settings. The brightness of the motion picture depends on how wide the photographic camera’s aperture opening is. If y’all aren’t besides familiar with photography and how an aperture works, hither’due south a fairly uncomplicated explanation—the larger the opening, the more light it tin permit in.

Also, keep in mind that aperture is measured by f-numbers. The smaller the number, the larger the opening.

  • Hi-Cardinal – brightest setting; makes your photo softer and brighter
  • Indoors, Night – second brightest setting; aperture of f/12.7
  • Cloudy, Shade – tertiary brightest setting; aperture of f/16
  • Sunny, Slightly Cloudy – fourth brightest setting; aperture of f/22
  • Sunny and Bright – fifth brightest setting; discontinuity of f/32

Now, allow’south say you’re shooting outdoors, and the sunday is extremely vivid. The camera will suggest the lowest brightness setting, which is represented by the bright sunday icon. But if you want a much brighter photo, ignore the suggested setting and “trick” your camera into letting in more calorie-free (thus brightening your photo even farther) past choosing the sun icon or the cloud icon.

Conversely, if the photographic camera suggests the cloudy setting, but you desire your photo to come up out darker and more underexposed, then choose the lord’s day icon for a dramatic effect.


The Fujifilm Instax Mini eight is i of the

all-time instant cameras around
, merely information technology’s substantially a signal and shoot. Therefore, you won’t have much command over anything. You lot can control only two things when taking photos with this camera: the exposure (to an extent) and your photograph’due south composition.

If you want better pictures, the best thing you can do is experiment with unlike compositions. Attempt shooting from different angles or vantage points. Take photos of unusual subjects.

In other words, get creative!

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