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Information technology’due south happened to many of u.s.a.: you’re out taking photos when suddenly your Instax stops working for no apparent reason. Maybe the lights kickoff flashing on the brightness adjustment dial, or the red light beside the viewfinder won’t get off. You lot might even find that the camera won’t plow on at all.

If y’all’re in this situation, we’re glad you’re hither. Below we’ve listed the pinnacle five reasons the Instax Mini nine tends to cease working, and the adept news is that only ane of them requires y’all to band upwards Fujifilm for help!

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one. The batteries are dead or dying

The number ane reason most Instax cameras cease working is that the batteries need replacing. According to the transmission, you lot can accept an boilerplate of 100 shots with two new AA batteries (or around 10 rolls of motion-picture show) so it is worth keeping track of simply how many you’ve used up and then that yous tin avoid any nasty surprises.

Fujifilm also advises buying batteries of the same brand/type and only using alkaline batteries.

If the batteries are dead or dying, one of two things can happen: all the lights on the adjustment dial will blink simultaneously or the ruddy lamp will low-cal upwardly abreast the viewfinder.

When all the lights glimmer, you lot must replace the batteries with brand new ones while the lens is extended (on other words, with the photographic camera turned on). Notation that if you supervene upon the batteries while the lens is retracted, the lights will go on to blink.

If only the red lamp comes on, simply turn the camera off past pushing the lens back into the trunk and supercede the batteries. Provided that the photographic camera isn’t damaged, this should do the play tricks.

ii. The motion picture was damaged or loaded incorrectly

Sometimes the camera isn’t the culprit – it could likewise exist the moving picture.

In some unfortunate cases, you might finish upwards buying a faulty or damaged bundle of film but well-nigh problems are usually the result of improper loading or handling techniques.

First, when you lot load the picture show, never press the rectangular holes on the back or betrayal information technology to direct sunlight.

how to load instax mini 9 film

Second, practice not open the dorsum of the camera until you’ve used up all ten shots. Doing so will expose the frames y’all have left, turning them white.

Finally, whenever you load a new picture show pack, make sure to slide it straight into the back with the xanthous marks on the film aligned with the yellow marks on the camera.

>> Check out our full instructions on how to load Fujifilm Instax moving-picture show.

3. Yous’re too close to your subject

If many of your shots are out of focus, you could be also close to your subject field.

The Instax Mini 9 has a minimum focus distance of 60cm (or between 50cm and 35cm with the provided close-up lens attached), and then if you lot get whatsoever closer than that, the lens won’t be able to focus properly. This is particularly of import to keep in mind if you like taking selfies or semi-macro shots.

>> Check out our article about using the close-upwardly lens on the Instax Mini nine.

4. Your camera needs a skilful make clean

Equally with any electronic device, grit and dirt can accumulate in the various nooks and crannies of the Instax Mini 9, then it is a proficient thought to keep it make clean.

Every now and and so, check to come across that strange objects haven’t go lodged inside the film ejection slot and that the lens is free of fingerprints, dust and smudges.

Our advice is to invest in a unproblematic lens cleaning kit that contains items like a blower castor and lens cleaning fabric. The one we employ for the Mini 9 is the affordable Camkix kit (Amazon).

The Camkix cleaning kit we use for our cameras

5. The photographic camera was dropped or knocked

If you driblet or knock the camera against something hard, there’south a good risk the camera will start to malfunction. You’ll know it’s a malfunction if all the lights on the lens adjustment dial go along to blink or if the red lamp by the viewfinder doesn’t get off even after inserting make new pair of AA batteries.

The part of the body that is most likely to suffer damage is the lens unit. You lot might notice that the lens unit of measurement doesn’t extend or retract smoothly due to plastic parts having get dislodged, or the blackness lens cover doesn’t open. You may too discover that your images are out of focus.

Other vulnerable parts of the trunk are the optical viewfinder, wink bulb or the mechanical film roller used to eject the film.

To avoid damaging the camera, be as gentle as possible when pressing the lens unit of measurement back into the body and employ a wrist or neck strap at all times to avoid dropping it.

If you’re good at fixing things, yous can refer to this helpful replacement guide. (It’s for the Instax Mini 8 just you can follow the aforementioned steps for the Mini 9.) Otherwise the best option is to contact an authorised Fujifilm repair middle.

Tried everything above and it’due south even so not working?

Sometimes y’all may come across a more unusual issue with your Instax Mini 9. These include:

  • the camera failing to displaying the number of shots left
  • the photographic camera ejecting all ten shots at once
  • the camera failing to turn on

In any of these cases, you should contact an authorised Fujifilm repair centre for assistance.

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